GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices

Learn more about GPS tracking device basics today!

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A GPS tracking device can help improve your daily safety, productivity, and connectivity. However, finding the most reliable and affordable GPS device for your needs is critical. Working with a GPS tracking company you can rely on is your best way to invest in a built-to-last and cutting-edge GPS tracking device system. We are happy to help at Tracking the World. 

We are one of the nation’s leading tracking companies, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Our team prides itself on crafting innovative, reliable, and compact GPS devices for everyone’s needs. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom looking for a device to ensure your children’s whereabouts at sleepovers or a shipping fleet owner, we have you covered. 

Learn more about our tracking technology, systems, and devices by exploring our website or connecting with us. You can also shop our line of GPS tracking devices on our products page today. Let’s connect and make meeting all of your tracking needs a reality today!

The Purpose of a GPS Tracking Device

You might be wondering what the purpose of a GPS tracking device actually is. In fact, there are many applications and reasons to invest in a GPS system. Some of the most common reasons people search for a reliable GPS device are safety, protection, monitoring employee productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind on all of your adventures. Tracking devices are great for both the ordinary ins and outs of life as well as the extraordinary adventures, vacations, and deviations from your normal routine. 

The purpose of a GPS device can really be whatever you need it to be. If you are concerned about your children’s safety, a GPS device is a great investment. If you are a business owner who wants to keep close tabs on the daily productivity and work ethic of your employees, GPS devices can also be used for that. The beauty of investing in a reliable, cutting-edge GPS system is that they are versatile and come with many options. 

Further device customization to suit your exact needs means that whatever the purpose of choosing a GPS system is for you individually, you can guarantee there is a suitable fit out there. We conveniently break our devices down by category, which makes shopping for your ideal fit even easier. 

Safety and GPS Tracking Devices 

Safety and GPS tracking systems go hand-in-hand. Purchasing a GPS device to ensure greater personal safety, family safety, or employee safety is common. GPS devices can help ensure greater safety in multiple ways, like knowing the real-time whereabouts of a loved one with live data transmission. With newer updates in technology, you can now review real-time data for the exact GPS location of a device owner on your cell phone or laptop. This allows you to locate a loved one when needed or in case of emergency. Furthermore, these GPS advancements offer greater capabilities, such as fall-down alerts and emergency call alerts. Fall-down alerts make it simple to alert help to your exact location with the press of a button. Emergency call services allow the user to contact first responders in case of emergency as well. 

Here is your GPS tracking device guide.

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A GPS System for Specific Needs

At Tracking the World, we understand that you need a GPS device to suit your specific needs. We make it simple to shop on our website for the best fit with categories and tabs to narrow down your search. You can also speak directly with one of our friendly representatives to find the best match for your needs. Our team offers multiple devices that are compatible with moving vehicles to track speed, location, and productivity in real time. 

Furthermore, if you are seeking a device for a specific vehicle, we have options such as motorcycle trackers and fleet trackers. Our team also offers ankle trackers, which work well with lone workers and even pets. Make your search for the ideal GPS tracking device simple with Tracking the World today! 

Other Considerations with GPS Devices 

There are a few other things to consider with your GPS device selection process. First is finding a device which is durable and reliable. After all, if you are relying on this device for your safety and well-being, you need it to be dependable. This includes long battery life, compact and convenient design, and durable protection in case of rough adventures on the road or trail. For business owners, you need a device you know will be able to transmit the valuable insights you seek. Finding the right fit includes working with a company that is dedicated to providing the best in the industry. 

Shop Tracking the World Devices Now!

If you are ready to take your daily life to the next level of productivity, safety, and peace of mind, don’t wait. We are here to help with cutting-edge and innovative tracking technology and systems. Backed by the best GPS software and hardware systems, our devices offer you greater connectivity and reliability. Learn more about our devices, company, and other services on our website. Call us today to troubleshoot issues, find your best devices, or have any of your tracking questions answered at 650-692-8100. 

GPS tracking technology for the whole family.

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GPS tracking technology has reshaped the world of travel, safety, and everyday life for many families. Most people don’t even realize the far-reaching influence that GPS technology has on their lives. Nor are many people educated on the numerous options at their fingertips in the world of GPS tracking technology. It’s a whole new world that is yet to be explored, with possibility and adventure for the entire family. Learning all about what GPS tracking systems can do for your family is a great starting place. 

Once you know about the many applications, functions, and uses of GPS systems, you can begin searching for the right device(s) for your needs. Tracking the World is here to help you with every step of this process. Our GPS tracking technology experts can answer all of your questions and help connect you with a cutting-edge device. Learn more on our website, and call us for customer support anytime.

Here is more on the numerous benefits of investing in a GPS tracking system from Tracking the World. 

Better Safety for the Whole Family

The first reason that you might want to learn more about GPS tracking technology is for increased safety in your home. GPS systems are not always recognized as a means of ensuring safety and security for loved ones. However, this is one of their main benefits. Many devices come with additional safety features such as fall-down alerts and emergency call services. These features are in addition to the basic GPS device, which lets you track the whereabouts of the user at all times with real-time data transmission. Plus, GPS devices are great for all ages and stages in your home. 

Fall-down alerts will alert emergency responders with the push of a button to the exact location of an accident. Emergency call services also offer quick connection with emergency responders in case of accident or medical emergency. Together, these features can help save lives and help people get help when they need it most. 

GPS Tracking Technology Gives Parents Peace of Mind 

As a parent, it can be overwhelming worrying about the safety and whereabouts of your children at all times. It never gets easier, even as they grow up. Another thing a GPS tracking device can do for your family is create a deeper peace of mind for parents. Young children and teenagers alike can have GPS devices that alert their parents to their whereabouts. This is great for taking the bus or driving to school in the morning. It is also good for summer or sleepaway camps, sleepovers, or everyday adventures away from home. As a parent, nothing beats having peace of mind about your children’s safety. 

GPS tracking technology for your children's safety.

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GPS Tracking Technology Keeps Pets Safe on Their Adventures 

If you own pets, GPS tracking technology can also help you ensure their safety. Just like young children who might be away at summer camp or taking the bus, pets go on their own adventures. If you are out of town and hire a sitter, are taking them for a walk, or sending them to a boarder for a weekend away, pets could use a watchful eye as well. After all, pets are an integral part of the family. Using pet-friendly tracking devices, such as our line of wearable ankle trackers, you can use GPS technology to track your pets. This allows you to find them in case they get lost, injured, or are away in an unfamiliar place. Our ankle trackers are portable, compact, and lined with an inner padding which makes them comfortable for pets of all sizes. Learn more about finding the best tracking device for your furry friends today! 

Affordable, Convenient, and Reliable Technology

When it comes to GPS tracking technology for the whole family, convenience is key. At Tracking the World, we believe GPS tracking technology should be affordable, convenient, and reliable for everyone. Our devices are set at price points that make this technology accessible to all. We also want our devices to be realistically usable for everyone, which is why we design functional and comfortable devices. 

With our wearable devices, you can achieve both comfort and safety. Our multi-purpose devices are also all compatible with moving vehicles. Plus, we offer vehicle-specific trackers, such as our line of motorcycle tracking devices and fleet trackers. No matter who you are and what you seek for your home in a GPS device, we have you covered. 

Other Reasons to Consider a Tracking Device Investment 

Here are a few other reasons to consider investing in a GPS tracking device from Tracking the World. First, a tracking system is a small way you can keep track of your latest adventures. You can also share this data with others to pinpoint your exact trips for sharing fun travel ideas. In short, a GPS tracking system is not just about safety and functionality; it is also about fun, sharing with others, and planning your next adventure with ease. 

Get Started with Tracking the World

If you want to learn more about the latest and most cutting-edge technology, we can help at Tracking the World. Our team is eager to help your family find the right tracking systems for your needs. With over a decade of experience in the tracking industry, our team is dedicated to investing in the best tracking systems and software. This guarantees that no matter which device you choose, we can provide high-quality connections, real-time data transmission, and reliable information input. Learn more now and connect with us to shop for your ideal option!

Your guide to GPS tracking technology.

Ensuring your children’s safety is always a top priority. However, this sometimes feels easier said than done in our modern world. This can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and anxious about their kids whenever they are outside the home. Teaching your children the basics of tracking technology is one way you can get everyone on the same page. Children of all ages can use tracking GPS systems to stay safe in your presence, at school, away with friends, at camp or on vacation, or anywhere else on the go. With new advancements in the tracking device world, tracking technology has allowed greater safety overall. 

Here is your guide to introducing tracking technology and systems to your children. Learn more and get connected with the best devices for your family’s needs today on the Tracking the World products page. 

Explain the Purpose of GPS Devices

The best way to start the conversation with your family about tracking systems and technology is to explain the purpose of a GPS device. This will help them understand how important these systems can be to everyone’s safety. Depending on your children’s age, you can talk about other uses for these devices and go over individual safety measures. Most tracking devices come with standard security and safety functions such as emergency call buttons. This is a wonderful way to teach your children about tracking technology and overall personal safety. 

Teach Them How GPS Tracking Technology Works

Next, it can be interesting for individuals of all ages to learn the basics behind GPS tracking technology. GPS systems work by bouncing your location off of satellite systems orbiting in space. For younger children, this is a fascinating way to engage them with their newest safety technology. 

Also, learning about how to access the location and data collected from the devices is critical. While most of your family might not be reviewing this information, it’s good for everyone to understand real-time data transmission. With our Tracking the World GPS technology, you can now view data in real-time on the device of your choosing, including smartphones and tablets. 

Here is your guide to tracking technology and devices.

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Speak at an Age-Appropriate Level

When teaching your children about GPS technology and tracking devices, it’s a good idea to speak at their level. Depending on their age, you may have to focus strictly on the basics. Teenagers are a great age to go more in-depth about the GPS systems and safety features. With teenagers learning to drive and gaining more independence, it’s important to ensure their well-being. As a parent, finding this balance of giving them more freedom but ensuring they are safe can feel hard. The peace of mind a GPS tracking system can offer you is one step toward less stress and more safety for everyone in your home. 

Shop for the Right Tracking Technology for Your Family

If you have children and want to find the best GPS tracking systems on the market, don’t wait. We are here to help at Tracking the World. On our website, we share the most cutting-edge tracking technology and devices. Shop our products page to find the device that best suits the needs of your family. We categorize our devices by use, from motorcycle tracking devices to ankle trackers, multi-purpose devices, and business-grade devices. 

If you are searching for multiple devices for every member of your family, our multi-purpose devices are the most robust and versatile. You can also call to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members. We can help you find the best investment for every member of your family, including young children and teens. 

Leave Room for Curiosity and Questions

A final tip for introducing children to tracking technology is to allow room for questions and curiosity. Just like any other new piece of technology or concept, it can take some getting used to. All of our devices are easy to install and use. We even map this step-by-step process out for you on our website. Plus, with our 24/7 support team, you can get the answers you need ASAP. 

Learn More About Tracking Technology Today!

For those who want to keep their entire family safe, there are newer advancements in the world of tracking technology. As the industry continues to expand, more research has created room for better GPS devices and software. Now it is easier than ever to ensure the security of our entire home with GPS tracking systems. Learn more, shop for your best GPS device match, and connect with us at Tracking the World to get started now. 


Learn more about tracking and travel.

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Traveling with a GPS tracking device is a wise way to stay safe and have better adventures. There are so many ways you can integrate the latest tracking systems into your next vacation. Whether you are going far from home or just around the corner, a GPS tracking device is a great way to add extra protection for any journey. Plus, with so many tracking systems to choose from, there is a perfect device for all types of adventures. You can get started on your next adventure with the protection and peace of mind of a Tracking the World device. Learn more and shop our line of current devices to get started.

Here is your guide to tracking and travel with GPS systems from Tracking the World. 

The Basics of Tracking Systems

Tracking systems work by communicating with satellites orbiting the Earth. This allows them to accurately pinpoint the location of any device in real time with precise data transmission. This can be very beneficial to vacationers everywhere, as well as their loved ones. Many people invest in GPS tracking devices to help ensure the safety of their loved ones in daily life or on longer trips away from home. Anyone can purchase a GPS device and begin using it for that extra peace of mind. Understanding the basic principles and functions of GPS systems is a great place to begin your search for the device that best suits your individual needs. 

Tracking and Travel: Choosing the Right Device

Choosing the right device for your needs is especially important when it comes to traveling. After all, certain features can prove more useful for long excursions and adventures. For example, a durable GPS device with a longer battery life could be something to look out for as you prepare for a longer hike through the mountains.

This device can track your journey and transmit real-time data back home to loved ones. That way, they can ensure you are on track (literally) with your journey and will be able to get help to your precise location if needed.

However, finding the right device is just as important for vacations where you are relaxing on the beach. Features such as waterproof capabilities, compact designs, and rechargeable batteries could be critical functions to seek when shopping for a vacation-friendly device. 

Travel Safety Features and Functions

Next, it’s important to consider what safety features are available for your tracking devices. Tracking and travel should go hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art safety and security features that help you stay safe on every adventure. Safety features might include fall-down alerts and emergency call services, among other functions. 

Fall-down alerts are designed to help a user call for help if they fall down, become injured, or are otherwise unable to seek help. The same applies to emergency call services, which can be linked to calls for emergency responders. The best part about both of these functions is the GPS device itself can transmit the exact location of the users. This allows emergency personnel to come to the aid of individuals in need of immediate help. So, even if you are traveling, help is never too far away. 

Learn more about our tracking and travel friendly devices.

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A Wide Selection of Devices for Everyone’s Needs

At Tracking the World, we have carved out a name for ourselves as one of the nation’s leading tracking device companies. This is for a number of reasons, one of which is offering a wide selection of the latest tracking devices. We use cutting-edge innovations in tracking technology to power all of our devices with reliable, fast connections and robust software systems. 

Whatever your needs, our wide selection of GPS systems makes it possible. When you shop our line of products, we also break it down for you. We have different categories to make it simple to locate the best options for your needs. Our team is happy to help answer your questions and connect you with your optimal device. When it comes to tracking and travel, your best GPS device awaits. Let the search begin!

Putting It All Together

After you have asked the right questions and searched for your ideal device, you can put it all together. After you  receive your state-of-the-art tracking device, it is time for activation. We make our activation process simple. On our website, you can find the step-by-step activation process. This allows you to set up your device with the device of your choosing. Then, you or a loved one can receive real-time data transmission for every adventure connected with that device. Our devices are compatible with moving vehicles of all types, which makes it easy to receive information no matter how you are on the go. If you have questions during the activation process, just reach out. We are always happy to be of assistance. 

Tracking and Travel with Tracking the World: Connect with Us!

If you are seeking the best device for tracking and travel this year, we can help. Our team is dedicated to providing the latest tracking devices and technology. Plus, we love to share resources to help you locate the best device for your needs and utilize all of its functions. To learn more and get started with tracking and travel, contact us today or explore our website to learn more.

Learn more about the best tracking device use now.


There are many ways you can implement the latest tracking technology in your life with a GPS device. Tracking device use has been increasingly on the rise over the past few decades. Tracking systems can help increase citizen safety, peace of mind, and overall security. Plus, they can be a great asset for businesses of all types, especially those with asset or fleet tracking. Furthermore, children, elderly individuals, and pets all can benefit from tracking device use. Tracking technology has taken the world by storm, making it a safer and more adventurous place for all. 

 Tracking the World Services is happy to be part of the growing popularity of tracking devices across the nation. We have set ourselves apart from other competitors with over a decade of industry expertise, innovative devices, and unique designs. Learn more about what we have to offer by connecting with us today.

Here are three amazing ways you can put your tracking device to good use this year. 

Keep Your Children of All Ages Safe Year-Round

One of the most critical ways that you can implement your latest tracking device system is to keep your loved ones safe. This is especially helpful for tracking the whereabouts and safety of children. Tracking device use for children of all ages can increase well-being and safety and provide peace of mind for parents. 

For example, parents of teenagers who might lead busy social lives, work, or having their first days behind the wheel can be anxious and worried. These are difficult times for parents, as their children are testing newfound independence in a world that can be scary. As a parent, it can be comforting to have that extra assurance from a tracking system you can rely on. Our tracking devices are compact, portable, and durable. That means they can easily be attached to moving vehicles, on backpacks, in your loved one’s purse, etc. Now when it comes to letting your teenager test their freedom, you don’t have to worry thanks to the extra peace of mind from tracking device use. 

The same goes for younger children who may be away at a sleepover, school, or camp. Now, you can track their whereabouts in real time to know they are safe when they’re away. Learn more about some of the best tracking device systems for all ages by speaking with our team of friendly representatives today!

Your Pets Matter, Too: Tracking Device Use for Animals 

Another tracking device option that often gets overlooked is tracking systems for pets. Our pet-friendly and -compatible tracking devices make it easy to keep an extra eye on Fido or your feline friends. In fact, our devices can be used for a variety of pets of all sizes. So whether you have a Great Dane or a Goldendoodle, we have you covered at Tracking the World. Our line of ankle tracking devices are great for lone workers and people who work in remote locations. However, they are also ideal for tracking pets and ensuring they are safe on all their indoor and outdoor adventures. Many pet owners like these for when they are out of town and hiring a pet sitter or boarder. This gives them that extra peace of mind they need to enjoy their vacation and know their pet is safe back at home. 

Learn more about tracking device use with our team.

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Business Applications for Tracking Systems

Finally, there are numerous business applications for tracking systems. Learning which tracking device uses could be the most applicable to your business is a great place to begin making smart changes to help your business excel. One application for our business-grade tracking systems is asset tracking. 

Asset tracking devices are devices that you can put on assets or in shipping containers, etc., to track the shipment of assets. Whatever your most valuable investments and assets are at your business, we can help you keep them secure with real-time data tracking sent to the device of your choosing. Now you can review the real-time transmission and routing of all of your assets from your cell phone. 

Furthermore, we offer vehicle-compatible tracking systems that are meant for fleet tracking. Therefore, if you are a fleet owner of a shipping company, you can keep a more accurate eye on every vehicle in your fleet. You can also use this information to streamline routes, increase employee efficiency, decrease fuel usage, and so much more. All of these choices combine to make your business a smooth operating system with more success on your horizon. 

Learn More About Tracking Device Use with Our Team!

If you are ready to learn more about tracking device use and get started with cutting-edge tracking systems, don’t wait. We are eager to make all of your tracking needs become a reality here at Tracking the World. Our mission is to make tracking systems affordable and accessible to all. So whether you are looking for the right device for your business, your family, or your pets, we have you covered. Shop our line of current products online and reach out with questions. Our team is always happy to help pair you with the most compatible device for your needs. 

Learn more about our earth-friendly features on our tracking devices.

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When it comes to investing in a tracking device, there are many options on the market today. However, finding a device and a company you can rely on and whose practices align with your values matters. With our earth-friendly tracking devices at Tracking the World, we care about more than just making a sale. In fact, our mission is about supporting people who require the latest and most cutting-edge tracking technology without having a negative impact on the planet.

Learn more about all of our services, products, and our company on our website. We invite you to shop online and reach out to our friendly representatives for more information on the right tracking device for your needs. In the meantime, keep reading to stay in the loop about the latest earth-friendly features with our innovative tracking device systems today! 

Collect Data in Real Time & Transmit to Secure Devices

Our devices at Tracking the World are designed to use the latest technology to streamline your tracking process. This results in less wasted energy and makes it simpler to get the data you want. Our real-time data collection systems collect data as it happens and quickly transmit it to the device of your choosing. This way, you never have to wait to receive the information you need for personal or business tracking services.

Devices That Help Your Journeys Be More Environmentally-Friendly

When it comes to earth-friendly features, our devices make it easy for you to streamline your personal trips. Now, you can make more eco-conscious trips by finding the quickest route and learning from past journeys, all while ensuring the safety of loved ones. Streamlining your journeys offers more environmentally-friendly routes and new adventures that allow you to explore safely. 

More Efficient Business and Shopping Routes

As a business owner, you can also make a positive impact on the planet just by investing in a Tracking the World device. Our devices come with earth-friendly features that make it easy to streamline shipping and distribution routes. When you review the data your device collects, you can find ways to make your routes more efficient. Not only does this save time, reduce employee hours, and ensure faster customer satisfaction ratings, but it also uses less fuel. In short, with your GPS tracking device you can streamline routes and have a positive impact on your business and the planet at the same time. 

Here is your guide to business earth-friendly features.

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Robust and Durable Devices That Last Longer

Another earth-friendly feature is durability and long-lasting solutions. We design our devices to withstand most natural wear and tear. As a result, our device lasts longer and won’t require replacement after a year or two. Not only does this make your investment more worthwhile, but it also reduces the amount of waste created from devices that break and need to be replaced frequently.

Furthermore, it creates less initial waste with less manufacturing required. And it allows our device team to focus on crafting the most robust, reliable, and cutting-edge devices. Instead of creating higher numbers of devices, we are able to focus on crafting a wide range of reliable devices that will be reliable for years to come. So, if you are looking for our next tracking device system and environmental impact is important to you, then look no further than Tracking the World. 

Other Earth-Friendly Features at Tracking the World

At Tracking the World, we take a multifaceted approach to crafting earth-friendly features for our devices. Other features can help reduce the amount of energy used in production, usage, and lifespan of our products. This creates a greater positive impact on our planet. Everything from longer battery life with shorter charging periods to protective coating on our device will make them last longer. Plus, our smart devices don’t require paper printouts. 

How You Can Become Your Own Tracking Provider 

Tracking the World also makes it simple for you to register to start your own tracking entity. With our unparalleled  tracking expertise, you can now launch your own tracking company in a few easy steps. By doing this, we are expanding the services we provide to help a wider range of people without creating a negative environmental impact. We can increase the range of people and communities we positively impact through your services. Learn more about becoming your own tracking entity today. 

Investing in Our Products: Contact Us

If you think an earth-friendly device could be in your future, don’t wait. We love working with people and businesses from all walks of life. After all, anyone and everyone can benefit from the most cutting-edge technology in the tracking device community. You can always shop our line of products on our website and reach out to us with questions. We love helping you find the best device for your needs. Our team is here to answer your questions and help troubleshoot issues. With earth-friendly features, durability, and the latest technology in place, our devices are unparalleled when it comes to reliability. 

See for yourself the difference a device from Tracking the World can make in your life. Call us today or shop now to get started! 

Your guide to GPS device shopping.

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GPS tracking devices have so much to offer users from all walks of life. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, a parent, an elderly individual, a teenager, or a pet owner, there is a GPS device for your needs. However, searching for the best device for your needs can sometimes seem daunting, especially when there are so many options on the market. Luckily, the process can be simple when you take it step by step. 

When it comes to finding the best GPS device for your needs, we are always happy to help at Tracking the World. With over a decade of tracking device expertise under our belts, we are experts at finding the best device for everyone’s needs. Learn more about how we can aid you in your search.

Here is your in-depth guide to finding the best GPS device for your individual or business needs today!

Know Your Needs

The first step in finding your perfect GPS device is to know your needs. Sometimes this feels easier said than done. If you have never invested in a GPS device before, you might not realize which features or functions you need. However, you probably have a firm idea of why you are searching for a GPS tracking system in the first place. Start here. 

For example, if you are seeking a device to help elderly family members who live on their own, then you know you need a device with safety features. Most Tracking the World devices come with automatic safety features like fall-down alerts and emergency call services. 

In contrast, a business owner might be less concerned about safety features and more worried about a durable device that can be attached to their fleet vehicles. So, knowing what your needs are is the best place to begin your search for the perfect tracking system. 

What Type of Device Do You Need?

After you know your general needs, you can begin to get a little more specific in your search. Options could include a multi-purpose device that offers a wider range of applications in one device. These are quite popular because they can apply to various people or functions.

However, sometimes you know you require a device only for a very specific need. In this case, you should shop for the best device to suit that exact need in order to get the best data collection and transmission. 

For example, motorcyclists often look at our line of durable motorcycle trackers for all their road adventures. These devices ensure reliability and convenience for riders everywhere. On the other hand, a pet owner will need to look for a device that works with animals, such as our line of ankle trackers. 

What Features Are Important to You?

Next, it’s critical to make sure the device you choose has all the features you might require. These range from reliable connections on the go to a long battery life, waterproof capabilities, a compact design, or being compatible with vehicles or pets. Making sure that the top two devices in your search meet all your non-negotiable requirements can help you make that final decision. 

Learn more about finding your next GPS device.

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Who Is the Device For?

One final thing to consider is who the primary device user will be. Many parents will invest in tracking systems for their children’s safety on the way to school or away at camps. So, having a device that is reliable is critical as well as durable as children can sometimes break things.

After considering all of these factors, you should have a fairly clear picture of what type of device is best for you, even if you have not made the final selection. That’s where our team comes in and is always happy to help. When you chat with our expert tracking team members, you can get all of your questions answered. Hopefully, this final step helps you select the best device for your needs. 

Shop Our Current Products GPS Device Page

When you are ready to shop for your next GPS device, Tracking the World can help. Our current products website page is a great place to browse all of our devices. We list devices in categories so you are able to see all of your options together. You can compare features, sizes, and other important details and reach out with questions anytime. Plus, we outline our simple activation process on our website so you can immediately get started with your device after purchasing. 

Contact Us for Your Next GPS Device

If you are ready to take the leap and find a GPS device that suits all of your needs, we are here to help. Shopping for reliable, durable, and cutting-edge technology in your GPS investment has never been easier than with our team. Tracking the World is one of the nation’s leading tracking companies for a reason. Let us be a part of your tracking journey. Connect with us, shop our website, or give us a call for support anytime! 


Learn more about tracking the world prices today.

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2024 is here, and with it comes amazing sales and price reductions in every industry. The tracking industry is no different. Here at Tracking the World, we are dedicated to bringing affordable prices on the latest and most cutting-edge tracking devices. We pair the most innovative technologies with durable, reliable, and compact devices for everyone’s needs. From our multi-purpose devices to specialized trackers, we have what you are seeking this year. Learn more about Tracking the World’s services and how we can help you by exploring our website or contacting us to speak with a friendly representative. In the meantime, here is a little more information on ringing in the New Year with amazing price reductions from Tracking the World.  

Savings for All Tracking Needs

When it comes to saving money, we try to make our tracking technology affordable and easy to access for all. That is why we offer specialized lines of tracking devices, so whatever your tracking needs or goals might be, we have a device for you. Many people seek tracking devices for safety purposes for themselves or loved ones, such as elderly parents or young children. Our devices are portable and compact and function well for these needs. 

Elderly parents who live on their own or far away could benefit from the security and peace of mind an affordable device provides. Our tracking devices come with security features like fall-down alerts and emergency call features. These features allow anyone to get help in case of emergency, especially if they are unable to move or get up. 

Pet Trackers & Tracking the World Prices

With Tracking the World prices, you can find the right tracking device for your furry friends. Many people seek a pet tracker to track their animals on a walk or running loose. Others want to keep tabs on their pets when they are away on vacation or just want to have that extra peace of mind. Whatever your reasons for seeking a pet tracker from Tracking the World, our affordable prices make it simple to find an investment that adds extra safety for your smallest family members. 

Business Devices & Tracking the World Prices

Business owners can also benefit from our affordable Tracking the World prices. Our business-grade devices are great for fleet and asset tracking. Ask us about which devices would be the best investment for your unique business model and review our current products page for more insights on each option. 

When it comes to businesses, many things can be critical to track, including your assets. Large machinery, shipping freight, and other valuables are all essential assets, and ensuring their safety 24/7 can be vital to your overall success. 

Furthermore, if you are in the shipping or fleet industry, tracking your fleet is imperative for safety, productivity, and customer assurance. Tracking is now easier and more efficient than ever before with specialized devices compatible with moving vehicles. You can collect valuable data for your business with ease. 

We are here to help at Tracking the World with our low prices for all.

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Simple Activation Guaranteed 

Another bonus of choosing Tracking the World for your next device is our simple activation process. We believe that activating your device should not be a hassle. Therefore, we make the process simple with an online outline of our step-by-step process. So, now in no time at all you can be using your GPS system to transmit valuable insights about your safety, travels, and business to your phone or laptop. If you run into any issues, just let us know – our troubleshooting team is happy to help anytime. 

Other Ways to Save on Tracking Technology

There are so many ways to save some money when it comes to affordable tracking devices. Our aim is to make tracking safe, affordable, and reliable for all. With over twelve years of industry experience, we are happy to help you begin your tracking journey in 2024! Another way you can save some money on tracking is to buy the device this is most suitable to your needs and upgrade down the road if needed. Watch for sales or price drops and stay in the know by following us online. 

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Contact us or visit our website to learn more. We share lots of resources on our blog. Posts range from the latest breakthroughs in the tracking industry to how to activate your tracking device. Furthermore, we are always updating our products page when our new devices launch so you can be sure to have the latest in the tracking technology world. For life’s adventures big and small, Tracking the World is here for them all!

Motorcycle trackers for everyone's needs.

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Ah, the feeling of the wind in your hair out on the open road. Nothing beats a relaxing ride for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. However, safety is also key when it comes to riding. After all, motorcycle accidents are often fatal or cause serious injury. If you are riding alone in a semi-remote area, the dangers increase. Therefore, it’s critical to think of ways to stay safe while enjoying your favorite hobby. Wearing the right protective gear, following traffic rules, staying alert, and investing in GPS motorcycle trackers are all ways to stay safe when riding your bike. 

However, there are so many options on the market when it comes to shopping for the best GPS device. That’s why our team is here to help at Tracking the World. We take the stress and guesswork out of shopping for your motorcycle tracking device. Our team has a wide selection of affordable top-of-the-line GPS motorcycle trackers to choose from. Plus, we make installation and activation simple. Learn more about all we have to offer for your tracking needs at Tracking the, or give us a call to speak directly with a friendly team member.

Here is a deeper comparison between our motorcycle trackers on our products page. 

Reasons for Choosing a Motorcycle Tracker 

There are many reasons to consider investing in a GPS tracking device if you are a motorcyclist. First and foremost is added safety and security for all your adventures. With a tracking device, you can add emergency response features to your safety plan. This means if an accident occurs, you can get help with the press of a button right at your location or someone else could get you help ASAP. 

Furthermore, having a device will make it easier for loved ones to locate you in case of emergency or just have some extra peace of mind when you are on the road. Whether you like short motorcycle excursions, use your bike as a commuter vehicle, or cross the country on longer adventures, a GPS motorcycle tracker can keep you safe. Furthermore, you might be interested in a GPS device to help you streamline your routes or find new adventures by reviewing past rides. It’s a great way to find your next adventure and make smarter choices overall. 

Shop Our Products Online Anytime

If you are shopping for your next motorcycle tracker, you’ve come to the right place. Tracking the World makes it easy to find your next tracker on our products page. You can review specifications and details of each device to help you make your selection or contact our team for some guidance. We do offer multipurpose devices that are compatible with moving vehicles such as motorcycles. However, we also have a line of devices designed just for motorcyclists. Each device comes with standard features as well as being compatible with other accessories from our website. Our four principal motorcycle tracking devices include the MT-100, AVL-75 4G, the AVL-75, and the AVL-74 3G. 

Here is your guide to motorcycle GPS tracking systems.

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MT-100 Motorcycle Trackers

First up is our MT-100 motorcycle tracking device. We have different options in our MT-100 line, but all of them come standard with a few critical features. You get quad band GSM/GPRS software backing each of these devices. Furthermore, our devices are designed for the open road, all types of weather conditions, and with compatibility in mind. This device is specifically designed for motorcyclists; however, it has the added bonus of being compatible with other moving vehicles as well. The MT-100 line also has I/O monitoring and control, is water-resistant, and is CE and FCC certified. 

AVL-75 Motorcycle Trackers

Next up we have our AVL-75 device. This device boasts 4G emTC bands connectivity with the same features as our AVL–75 4G and 3G devices. It might be a better option for some motorcyclists because it is slightly more compact. Finally, it comes with quad band GSM/GPRS compatibility. 

AVL-75 3G & 4G Devices

Finally, our AVL-75 line also offers 3G and 4G options. The 3G option is a great investment, but the 4G has a wider range of connection if that is a critical aspect for you. All of the AVL-75 options come with standard safety capabilities, so choosing between the 3G and 4G is really about the range of connection. The 4G model also provides GARMIN FMI multiple sensor support and a CE and FCC certification. 

Learn More About Our Motorcycle Trackers Online Now!

Living life on the open road should not be a pastime you have to give up because of safety concerns. Just like wearing the right protective gear can help protect you in case of an accident, so can investing in a motorcycle tracking device. Our team is eager to help. Shop anytime on our products page and reach out to us with questions. We are happy to assist you in all of your motorcycle adventures at Tracking the World. 

Learn more about our tracking systems.

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Investing in GPS tracking systems can make your life easier. There are so many ways everyone can benefit from a state-of-the-art tracking device from Tracking the World. We have over a decade of industry experience with cutting-edge technology and tracking systems. Our knowledgeable team of representatives is eager to answer your questions with just a quick phone call. 

Tracking systems can help with overall safety, better response time in emergencies, pet and child safety, and streamlining business operations. There are so many applications and types of tracking devices that everyone can find the right fit for their needs. Shop Tracking the World’s list of current products to find the right option for your individual, family, or business requirements.

Here are three people who might need a tracking system in their lives this year. 

Parents of Children of All Ages 

Parents are one of the top groups that can benefit from a GPS tracking device in their home. Why? Parents of children of any age are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of their kids, and tracking systems can help ensure safety. Tracking the World offers a variety of tracking devices on their website so you can find the device(s) that are best for your family. 

For example, if you have younger children who take the bus, a GPS system can give you the peace of mind you deserve about their safe travels. If you have older teenagers who are learning to drive independently, a GPS tracking system can assure you of their safety in real time on the device of your choosing. Therefore, if you have kids of any age, a GPS system is a wise investment for your reassurance as well as your loved ones’ safety 24/7. 

Lone or Remote Worker Tracking Systems

If you are a lone or remote worker, GPS devices can give you extra protection against crime or potential injury. For example, if you were to sustain a serious injury and were unable to walk, call for help, or drive to the hospital, your GPS device’s emergency features can help. 

Emergency fall down alerts and call services help keep you safe in the worst-case scenario. With a fall down detection system, you can alert loved ones to your location in real time if an injury occurs. Furthermore, GPS call services allow you to call for help with the touch of a button. Ask our team about the best options for remote and lone workers that are currently available at Tracking the World. 

Tracking Devices and Systems for Pet Owners

Pet owners might also want to look into GPS tracking systems. With ankle trackers that are easy to wear, your furry kids are safe at all times. These devices can be great for tracking pets on walks, in your backyard, at the dog park, at the vet, or when you are away on vacation. If you are ever worried about your pet, a pet-compatible device can help ease your fears. Our pet ankle trackers are also designed to fit gently around a pet’s ankle or connect to their collar without painful rubbing. This ensures that the device is easily secured and will not cause irritation or discomfort to your pets.

Here is your tracking systems guide.

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Bonus: Tracking Systems for Business Owners 

We wanted to add a bonus for business owners who might be considering tracking systems for their daily operations. Business owners of all types can benefit from GPS devices for their employees’ safety as well as asset tracking. We offer both asset trackers and moving vehicle-compatible tracking devices. We also have a line of standard personal tracking devices. You can shop our line of devices and reach out with questions regarding your specific business needs. 

Asset trackers are a great investment that help ensure the protection of your assets in transit and in warehouses. Many of our devices work with transport vehicles and can be installed discreetly. This enables you to track shopping routes, locations, and timetables of your employees. 

It also can help you make smart decisions about how to reroute shipping or delivery schedules. This could save your business time and money. Reviewing the information from your tracking device in real time can help you tweak your business operations in ways that translate to real and critical changes in your business. Our team is happy to help you learn how to review your real-time data collection and make these changes.

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Living without a tracking device could mean decreased safety and protection for your loved ones. As a business owner, the benefits of choosing the right tracking system are numerous. For everyone, there is much to be gained from systems from Tracking the World. We are eager to help. Call us today or visit our website online to learn more about the best and most cutting-edge GPS systems on the market.