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Enduro Pro GPS Tracker Packages!

TrackingTheWorld recently announced the availability of all-inclusive GPS tracking packages for the New Year featuring the firm’s best-selling EnduroPro GPS tracking device.

Available through January 31, 2014, the packages include the EnduroPro, an extended life battery pack, choice of mini-magnetic case or ankle bracelet accessory, and three, six, or twelve months of GPS tracking service depending on the selected package (ranging in cost from $345-$545) .

“This offer is a convenient and very affordable way to get started in GPS tracking systems, or add to your current tracking devices,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.  For the New Year’s offer, TrackingTheWorld is also waiving its standard $69 activation fee.

The EnduroPro GPS tracking device included in the package offers is designed to provide reliable real time tracking data in extreme weather conditions, and is water resistant to IPX-5 standards.  The professional-grade tracker is used for a broad range of applications, including asset tracking, covert tracking, personal protection, and law enforcement.

 Time to first fix for the Enduro Pro is 29-seconds from a cold start, and less than one second from a hot start. The tracker includes a built-in motion sensor to extend battery life, which powers down the tracker when it is not in motion, resulting in one of the longest battery lives available for trackers of similar size. 

 The EnduroPro device is equipped to operate for up to 16-days on a single charge based on five minute reporting intervals and one hour of reporting per day, and can operate for up to 60-days using the dual-layered Lithium ion battery pack included in the limited time package offers. The magnetic battery pack is housed in a waterproof, crushproof Pelican™ case.

 Each package offer also includes choice of either the Mini Mag Pro compact magnetic mounting case or the Enduro Ankle Case which allows the user to simply insert the EnduroPro into an adjustable bracelet designed to be worn around the ankle. 

 For more information about the above package offers, or to order, please call 650-692-8100. Phone orders only please.


Correctional  News is reporting an increase in the number of paroled SC offenders tracked via GPS.  Numbers are up from 400 tracked offenders in 2011 to 600 tracked offenders in 2013, all of whom must pay a weekly $40 fee for tracking.  The report states that most of South Carolina’s tracked parolees are sex offenders, citing the state’s passing of Jessica’s Law in 2006 which mandates GPS tracking of specified sex offenders based on their crimes against minors.  The state employs 160 individuals to monitor the tracking devices via GPS tracking software, respond to violations, and make home visits if necessary.

See the EnduroPro GPS tracking device with optional ankle case.


Enduro Pro GPS Tracking Device

Enduro Pro GPS Tracking Device

TrackingTheWorld’s all-weather EnduroPro GPS tracker offers an ideal choice for extreme weather conditions, from recent summer heat waves to below zero temperatures.  Designed to provide accurate and reliable reporting in the most extreme conditions ranging from -40° to 185° Fahrenheit, the EnduroPro is also water-resistant to IPX-5 standards.

The Enduro Pro offers features not typically found on GPS tracking systems in the same price range and of comparable size. Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld, said the tracker is also known for its versatility.  “The EnduroPro tracker is used for a number of applications, including asset tracking, covert tracking, and personal protection.”

Time to first fix for the Enduro Pro is 29-seconds from a cold start, and less than one second from a hot start. The tracker includes a built-in motion sensor to extend battery life, which powers down the tracker when it is not in motion, resulting in one of the longest battery lives available for trackers of similar size.  The device is equipped to operate for up to 16-days on a single charge based on five minute reporting intervals and one hour of reporting per day.

An ultra-compact tracker, the EnduroPro weighs 60-grams, and measures 67.5mm x 40mm x 21mm.  Additional technical specifications include Quad-Band 850/900/1800/190MHz operation, GSM phase 2/2+ compliance, a 1300mAh, 3.7V Li-polymer backup battery, 50-channel all-in-view tracking, and a uBlox 6 GPS receiver.  Designed for use with TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking software, the Enduro Pro provides fixed-time reporting, geo-fencing, emergency alerts, and customized reporting options.

Interface options include a mini-USB port for PC connection, an LED indicator for power, GSM, and GPS statuses, power and function buttons, and an MMCX RF connector for utilization of an external GPS antenna.

Our newly released Enduro Ankle Case is now available as an accessory for EnduroPro GPS trackers!

Visit the Enduro Ankle Case product page here:  http://www.trackingtheworld.com/products/enduroanklecase/

View the Enduro Ankle Case press release:  http://www.prlog.org/11718795-trackingtheworld-offers-ankle-bracelet-case-for-enduro-pro-gps-tracker.html

Most of us work hard to earn the extra “toys” we enjoy, such as four wheelers, boats, snow mobiles, and other sports vehicles.   Are you worried about protecting your hard investment in your sports vehicle?

Consider the TrackingTheWorld’s Enduro Pro GPS tracking system for your sports vehicles.  With its compact design, optional extended life battery pack, and all-weather durability, the Enduro Pro GPS tracker is a smart choice for sports vehicles, including  ATVs, RVs, and more.

Learn more about the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker Here.


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Does GPS tracking teenage drivers really make them better drivers?  According to a recent study, the answer is YES.  While some parents may feel awkward  using GPS tracking to monitor their child’s driving habits, it
turns out that use of GPS tracking devices do, in fact, improve teen driving habits–especially if the teenage driver is aware that there is a GPS tracker in his or her vehicle.

A new study released by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety showed that
when teens know that their driving was being monitored by their parents they
perform better behind the wheel than their non-monitored counterparts.

Source: http://autos.aol.com/article/teen-tracking-devices/

If  you’re looking for a GPS tracker for a teenager, we recommend the Enduro Pro GPS Tracking Device, and sharing with your teen that the tracker is in his or her vehicle.  Read more about the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker.

World Tracker Enduro Pro GPS Tracker

Enduro Pro GPS Tracker

Read more about the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker here.


Enduro Pro GPS Tracker

Whether you’re choosing a GPS tracker for business or personal GPS tracking, it’s important to choose a tracker that meets your current and possibly your future needs.   For versatility, reliability, and affordability, TrackingTheWorld recommends the Enduro Pro GPS tracker.

The Enduro Pro GPS tracker has received excellent reviews by the GPS tracking experts at GPS Magazine, as well as spot on CNN Newsroom in June.   Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing the Enduro Pro GPS tracker:

  • All-Weather Reliability for any GPS tracking application
  • Smaller than a credit card
  • An alert (SOS) button for added security in personal GPS tracking
  • Affordability:  The Enduro Pro GPS tracker is priced lower than any other GPS tracker in its class
  • 3D Motion Sensor for power conservation and enhanced motion sensitivity for the most reliable GPS tracking.
  • MMCX connector for utilizing an optional GPS tracking antenna

Visit TrackingTheWorld.Com for more information about the Enduro Pro GPS tracker and other GPS tracking options for business, personal, and vehicle GPS tracking.



Enduro Pro GPS Tracker

GPS tracking systems are a great way to expand your current business, especially for those who are already electronics dealers, or law enforcement supply providers.   TrackingTheWorld makes it easy and affordable to sell GPS trackers to your own customers through our distributorship program.

As a distributor you can set your own prices on TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking devices, maintain your own inventory, or even have them drop-shipped directly to your customers from our facility. Our GPS tracking distributors also have the option to carry a broad variety of GPS trackers, or focus on single model.

Some distributors choose to market to the general public, while others choose to target a  niche market such as GPS trackers for law enforcement and private investigators, fleet tracking, personal protection, and more.

For more information on TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking distributor opportunities, please visit our website at http://www.trackingtheworld.com

Shown above:  The WorldTracker Enduro Pro GPS Tracker, recently featured on CNN Newsroom.  Click on the image to learn more.


CNN recently featured our newest GPS tracker, the WorldTracker Enduro Pro, on a segment of CNN Newsroom. Describing the Enduro Pro as “about the size of a pack of Tic Tacs”, and “what the real private eyes use”, the segment discussed the versatility of the GPS tracker as both a vehicle tracker and a tracking device that can easily be worn on the person.   As shown in the CNN video, the Enduro Pro GPS tracker works with GPS tracking software to provide real time GPS tracking via satellite mapping.

Click Here to View CNN Newsroom’s GPS Tracking Video!

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GPS Tracking for College Students:

For most of us, the school year is coming to a close and summer is on the way. High school graduates are headed to college, and away from home, perhaps for the first time in their lives.   During this memorable time, one of the most common concerns for parents is the personal safety of their young adult on campus.

In recent years,  GPS tracking technology has become a very common added safety measure for the personal safety of campus students.  GPS trackers have become more portable, incredibly reliable, and more affordable for families to use on a daily basis.  Here is our best advice on choosing a GPS tracking device for your college student.

Choosing a GPS Tracker

Portability: When it comes to GPS tracking and college students, portability is an important factor.   Students on the go want a GPS tracking devices that is small enough to fit in the pocket of their jeans, in a purse,  or backpack.  When using GPS tracking for your college student’s personal protection,  assure that it is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Durability: Busy college students need durable GPS trackers built to withstand the abuse of being carried around campus everyday and ocassionally tossed on a dorm room floor. Look for a tracker with a sturdy housing, and perhaps one that is water resistant to help you get the most return on your GPS tracking investment.

Reliability: A GPS tracker for personal protection purposes must be reliable.  When selecting a tracker, ask the dealer about its ability to reliably work in low signal areas such as parking garages, theatres, and large campus buildings, it’s battery life, and how accurately the GPS tracker can pinpoint a location.  In addition, shop for a GPS tracking unit that includes a panic button, which allows the user to send  an SOS message which will automatically update you via cell phone in the event of an emergency.

Software: GPS tracking requires the use of GPS tracking software via the Internet.  Your service provider will supply you with the login information necessary to monitor the location of your student’s GPS tracking device.

For More Information: For more information about GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software, visit www.trackingtheworld.com, email sales@trackingtheworld.com or call 650-692-8100.