As you know, we’re always scouring the Web for interesting GPS tracking news.  Here’s what we’re reporting for June 2016:

Indiana Detention Center Considering Reduction in Jail Overcrowding with GPS Trackers for Inmates


GPS tracking jail overcrowding

Vanderburgh County, Indiana is looking at GPS tracking options, and the transfer of some inmates to other jails to reduce over crowding in its own facilities.  Eligibility for the GPS tracking program will be determined by a judge if implemented.

Source: http://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/local-news/gps-tracking-program-aims-to-reduce-jail-overcrowding


GPS Tracking Reveals San Andreas Fault Activity

GPS tracking earthquakes

GPS technology has recently revealed some activity along the  San Andreas Fault in California.  The earth on each side of the fault has been found to be moving a few millimeters a year. While this movement was something scientists had predicted for some time, they had been unable to detect a particular pattern due to “noise” or interference in the feedback they were receiving.  A new GPS technology has helped eliminate the “noise” for a more clear understanding of tectonic movement, particularly the vertical movement around the San Andreas Fault.

Source: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/GPS-data-suggests-considerable-movement-along-8316050.php


China Moving Toward Its Own GPS Tracking 

China GPS Tracking


On June 12, 2016, China launched the 23rd GPS tracking satellite in the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System–China’s network of its own GPS tracking satellites. The BeiDou Satellite System has been regionally available for some time, but the Chinese government has recently been ramping up efforts toward a globally operational system similar to the global systems in place within the United States and Russia.  India and Japan are in progress on similar efforts.

Source: http://www.wired.com/2016/06/rocket-launch-brings-china-one-step-closer-gps/


Extended Life Battery Pack

TrackingTheWorld has released a powerful extended life battery pack for covert tracking with the firm’s Enduro Pro tracking devices. The external GPS battery pack has the capability to extend battery life from one to three weeks based on the user’s chosen reporting frequency, and the amount of time the tracker is in motion. The case is equipped with 4 recessed magnets to quickly and firmly mount on any car frame or other magnetic surface

The durable battery case contains an 8.5-amp/hr. lithium polymer rechargeable battery, and a space to insert the tracking device. The pack also includes a cable for connecting the tracker to the extended life battery and charger.

Water resistant, the undercover tracking battery case is compact, measuring just 2 X 3.6 X 4.3 inches. The device automatically conserves power by hibernating when the connected tracker senses no motion.

In addition to covert tracking applications, the battery pack may also be used for fleet tracking, asset protection, law enforcement applications, and personal use.

TrackingTheWorld, based in Burlingame, California, exclusively specializes in GPS tracking software, trackers, covert tracking, and accessories. Founded in 2003, the firm offers a wide variety of GPS tracking devices, accessories, and revenue sharing plans for GPS tracking dealers. For more information, please call 650-692-8100, email sales@trackingtheworld.com, or visit www.trackingtheworld.com.

GPS Tracking Bus Philippines

Philippines LTFRB Calls for GPS on Public Buses By April 30th

Manila officials are attempting to control excessive speeding among public transportation officials through fleet tracking.  Calling for GPS tracking devices in all provincial buses before the end of April, officials hope to utilize the GPS trackers and GPS tracking software to determine which buses are habitually speeding to improve the transportation.

Source: http://www.philstar.com/nation/2016/02/12/1552339/ltfrb-orders-bus-operators-install-gps-devices


gps tracking satellite

ULA Launches New GPS Satellite on February 5

The United Launch Alliance completed a successful launch of a new GPS tracking satellite on February 5, 2016.  This launch was the final of 12 new satellite launches, collectively known as the Block II-F series.  Built by Boeing, and monitored by the United States Air Force, the launch of the $131-Million GPS Satellite is intended to improve GPS tracking, including fleet tracking and covert tracking, worldwide.  30 of 50 orbiting satellites remain active, with the first launched in 1978.

Source:  http://techcrunch.com/2016/02/05/new-air-force-satellites-launched-to-improve-gps/


GPS Tracking Software Art


GPS Tracking Software Art

Here’s a new twist on the many uses for GPS tracking software.  Creative fitness enthusiast have begun creating GPS tracking art via their outdoor fitness running and biking routes. By planning an exact route, the resulting GPS software display will appear in a desired shape, likeness, or pattern.

Source: http://www.sporttechie.com/2016/02/10/the-niche-internet-trend-of-gps-art-encourages-people-to-take-their-workouts-to-new-extremes/

Photo Credit: Architect.Com



GPS tracking software yacht

Coast Guard Warns Mariners About GPS Jammers

The coast guard recently cautioned mariners of the possible risks of GPS jamming devices, noting cases where vessels were without GPS tracking navigation for some time.  In the absence of GPS tracking software, mariners rely on terrestrial navigation, and magnet compass information.

Source: http://www.maritime-executive.com/article/coast-guard-warns-on-gps-jamming


GPS tracking for vultures

Peru Cleaning Up Trash with Help of GPS Tracking Equipped Vultures

GPS tracking is for the birds in Lima, Peru where officials have declared war on trash dumping, and are relying on GPS equipped vultures to lead them to problem dumping sites.  Future plans also include outfitting the feathered environmental monitors with cameras.

Source: http://siliconangle.com/blog/2016/01/22/gps-equipped-vultures-lead-perus-war-on-trash/



GPS WORLD Reports 8-Million GPS Tracking Devices Used for Fleet Tracking

If you’ve ever doubted the critical role GPS tracking software plays in today’s business world: According to a study released by C.J. Driscoll and Associates, GPS World reports that a staggering  8M GPS trackers and wireless devices are in use for fleet management applications.  By 2019, this number is expected to reach 14 million units, with service revenues projected to reach $4.7 Billion.

Source: http://gpsworld.com/eight-million-gpswireless-devices-in-use-for-fleet-management/

GPS Tracking Bracelet

Future Indiana restraining orders may come with GPS trackers.  A new proposal may give judges the authority to issue  GPS ankle bracelets in cases where the alleged abuser is forbidden from contacting the party requesting the order.  Given that many subjects of restraining orders ignore them, the added security measure of GPS trackers may provide victims the opportunity they need to escape an alleged abuser.




GPS tracking software

TrackingTheWorld recently announced considerable price reductions on the firm’s GPS tracking software, allowing aspiring GPS dealers and high tech entrepreneurs to more affordably launch GPS tracking businesses in 2016.

“Our unlimited GPS tracking software licensing option now reflects a discount of more than 40-percent.  It’s a smart choice for starting your own business with minimal cash investment and unlimited earning potential,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.

TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking software licenses authorize individuals to access the company’s web-based tracking software under their own business name while setting subscription prices for their customers.   “The more software activations and monthly subscriptions generated by the business owner, the more he or she will earn as monthly recurring income,” said Walz.

Often utilized by law enforcement and government agencies for covert tracking applications, personal protection, fleet tracking, and private industry, GPS tracking software appeals to a broad variety of businesses, and public institutions.  Licensees may choose to market monthly GPS tracking services to a general audience or specialize in providing services to more specific niche markets, including private investigations.

The software is compatible with nearly all GPS trackers, licensees also receive the best available wholesale pricing on TrackingTheWorld GPS trackers and accessories. This benefit offers the opportunity to sell GPS devices at a considerable profit.  “We’re committed to providing the support necessary to launch and manage successful GPS tracking businesses,” said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld offers two licensing packages, including the option to track up to 50-assets for $3,495, and an unlimited tracing option for $4,995.  After purchasing the 50-asset option, at any time a licensee may select to upgrade to the unlimited option for the cost difference of just $1,500.

TrackingTheWorld, based in Burlingame, California, exclusively specializes in GPS tracking software and devices.  Founded in 2003, the firm offers a wide variety of GPS tracking devices, accessories, and revenue sharing plans for GPS tracking dealers.  For more information call 650-692-8100, email sales@trackingtheworld.com, or visit www.trackingtheworld.com.

GPS Tracking for School Buses


GPS tracking software school bus

With kids everywhere returning to school, we’re finding many stories of school districts using GPS tracking devices to track every bus in their fleets.  In Texas, Leander School District recently installed GPS tracking for each of its 161 bus routes.  The GPS devices allow administrators to track the location of any bus at any time.  The district hopes to add a mobile app for parents in the future.

Source: http://www.twcnews.com/tx/austin/news/2015/08/19/leander-isd-adds-gps-tracking-to-school-buses.html


GPS Tracking Device Deters Assailant


GPS tracking devices

GPS trackers for personal protection offer an added layer of security for anyone, but in the case of those with disabilities or at risk for exploitation they can be invaluable.  One mother  recently reported that her daughter that a personal GPS tracking device helped stop a sexual assault against her disabled daughter.  Through GPS tracking software and voice capabilities, the mother was able to hear the situation, and then drive directly to her daughter.  TrackingTheWorld highly recommends GPS trackers for elderly individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s patients, and other at risk populations.

Source: http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/features/2015/08/20/mom-says-gps-device-saved-daughter-during-sex-assault/32084551/


GPS Devices in Fake Elephant Tusks


GPS tracking poaching


GPS trackers placed in fake elephant tusks are helping  map routes used to smuggle ivory out of the Congo, which eventually makes its way to China after being traded in the Darfur region.  It is estimated that 30,000 African elephants are killed by poachers every year.






Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.57.26 PM

No matter where you live, garbage removal is an essential service. Not only is waste management important for ascetic purposes, but it is a health issue as well. Uncollected trash attracts rodents, promotes illness and causes a host of other problems. If you run a waste management company, you are providing a vital public service to the people and businesses in your area.

Doing such an important job as efficiently as possible is essential. If the garbage goes uncollected for even a day, problems will quickly arise. That is why so many waste management companies are incorporating GPS fleet tracking software into all their new trucks and retrofitting their old equipment to work with the new technology.

Once the GPS tracking software is in place, company managers can see exactly where each truck is on its route. They can reroute trucks as needed and choose the most efficient routes for their drivers. They can also make sure their drivers are working at maximum efficiency and that they are sticking to their assigned schedules and routes.

GPS technology can help waste management companies in another important way. Construction delays and issues with roadway maintenance may seem like small problems, but having a garbage truck stuck in traffic for 5 minutes could throw off the entire route for the rest of the day. With the GPS fleet tracking software in place, company owners can use mapping technology to see problem spots and route around them.

Safety is another important benefit of GPS fleet tracking software. Garbage trucks are large and unwieldy, and that makes hiring safe drivers and training them properly even more important. Fleet tracking technology allows company supervisors to make sure drivers are operating their vehicles safely and responsibly.

Running a waste management company is not easy, but it is important. Whether you run a small string of trucks or a statewide fleet, incorporating GPS fleet tracking software into your business can provide a host of benefits for you and your customers.


Fleet Tracking Software

Find out More About TrackingTheWord’s $15.99 Unlimited Monthly Fleet Tracking!

Every business has to maximize its profits and minimize its expenses if it wants to survive.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but one of the most effective ways is to incorporate fleet tracking software.  There are numerous benefits to its use.  For starters, it helps business owners save money.  It also has the potential to make operations more efficient.  Last but not least, it allows business professionals to spot problems early, before they can grow into bigger issues.

When it comes to saving money, fleet tracking software is one of the most effective tools that managers can use.  It helps them better understand the routes that drivers are taking and it also helps them develop more efficient business practices that can help them save a great deal of money over time.  Essentially, the software can make the entire operation flow more smoothly, minimizing the miles that are driven.  This in turn helps the company save money on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.  It also helps supervisors spot problems by giving them a heads-up when drivers are taking routes that are inefficient or when they are not doing the jobs they are being paid to do.  Things can be dealt with before these issues cost the company too much money.

New Fleet Tracking Devices from TrackingTheWorld–CDMA Capabilities–Verizon Certified!

With the use of fleet tracking software, business owners can take a company’s finances to the next level. The software is perhaps the ultimate tool to help companies make more money by reducing their everyday operating costs.  When all of these benefits are considered more in-depth, there is every reason to start using the software right away.  The benefits that are offered are measured in the profits that business owners can reap.


gps tracking software michigan map

A  bill proposing a pilot GPS tracking program for state vehicles is moving through the Michigan state legislature.   If approved, the bill would approve a pilot program for approximately a hundred of the state’s vehicles.  If the pilot program were proven to be successful, GPS tracking could then be installed on all state vehicles at an approximate annual cost ranging from $500K to over $1M.  The bill was drafted in part due to suspected misuse of state time, vehicles, and resources, including one case where state time and vehicle privileges were abuse on 84 occasions.   If enacted, officials expect the vehicle tracking devices and GPS tracking software to save fuel, eliminate mileage reporting, and assist in monitoring employees.


Interested in vehicle tracking?  Purchase GPS trackers directly from TrackingTheWorld distributors.