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GPS trackers used to be unattainable for many businesses and consumers because of the cost. Now, this sophisticated technology has become much more affordable. GPS trackers help you know where things are at all times. Unfortunately, motorcycles are easy targets for thieves. GPS for motorcycles helps you keep tabs on your motorcycle and protect your property. Besides that, this technology also allows people to know where you are for your own safety. We have written before about the benefits of GPS tracking for travel and safety. Keep reading to find out some more benefits of GPS tracking and how to choose the right GPS tracker for your motorcycle.

GPS for Motorcycles

There are a variety of GPS tracker products available. Originally, GPS tracking technology was mainly used for the trucking industry. Companies could use the technology to keep track of their fleets. These GPS trackers were large and powerful. Of course, a motorcycle is much smaller. When you are looking at a motorcycle GPS, the size should be in proportion to your vehicle. First, you need a small, sleek design that will not be an eyesore. Second, you need to make sure that it has a low energy drain. Vehicle GPS trackers are usually powered by the vehicle. Therefore, a GPS for motorcycles will not take too much energy from your motorcycle. Some of these devices are also used for similar small vehicles such as boats.

Key Features

The motorcycle GPS tracker can be installed in multiple places. Some of these are water resistant. Others are fully waterproof. Therefore, you will need to think through your climate, bike design, and placement to determine if you need a waterproof tracker or whether water resistant will suffice. Additionally, one other key feature is an immobilization option because of the risk of theft. Many motorcycle GPS trackers can be installed with an engine shut-off option. This would allow you to immobilize the motorcycle from afar.


The final factor you should consider has to do with communication. How does the GPS tracker communicate with your tracking software? The GPS trackers use bandwidths similar to mobile phones or other devices. For motorcycles, there are quad band and 3G GPS tracking devices. Knowing where you might potentially store or be traveling with your motorcycle can help you make the right decision regarding this feature.

Finding the right GPS tracker for your motorcycle is important in order to get the best experience. TrackingtheWorld offers a range of GPS tracking solutions, including several products specifically designed for motorcycles. Check out our products to explore the options.

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