GPS tracking software

TrackingTheWorld recently announced considerable price reductions on the firm’s GPS tracking software, allowing aspiring GPS dealers and high tech entrepreneurs to more affordably launch GPS tracking businesses in 2016.

“Our unlimited GPS tracking software licensing option now reflects a discount of more than 40-percent.  It’s a smart choice for starting your own business with minimal cash investment and unlimited earning potential,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld.

TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking software licenses authorize individuals to access the company’s web-based tracking software under their own business name while setting subscription prices for their customers.   “The more software activations and monthly subscriptions generated by the business owner, the more he or she will earn as monthly recurring income,” said Walz.

Often utilized by law enforcement and government agencies for covert tracking applications, personal protection, fleet tracking, and private industry, GPS tracking software appeals to a broad variety of businesses, and public institutions.  Licensees may choose to market monthly GPS tracking services to a general audience or specialize in providing services to more specific niche markets, including private investigations.

The software is compatible with nearly all GPS trackers, licensees also receive the best available wholesale pricing on TrackingTheWorld GPS trackers and accessories. This benefit offers the opportunity to sell GPS devices at a considerable profit.  “We’re committed to providing the support necessary to launch and manage successful GPS tracking businesses,” said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld offers two licensing packages, including the option to track up to 50-assets for $3,495, and an unlimited tracing option for $4,995.  After purchasing the 50-asset option, at any time a licensee may select to upgrade to the unlimited option for the cost difference of just $1,500.

TrackingTheWorld, based in Burlingame, California, exclusively specializes in GPS tracking software and devices.  Founded in 2003, the firm offers a wide variety of GPS tracking devices, accessories, and revenue sharing plans for GPS tracking dealers.  For more information call 650-692-8100, email, or visit

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