Here is your guide to simple to use tracking systems.

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Choosing the right GPS device for your personal or business needs can be a smart investment. There are many great aspects to finding a streamlined tracking device system from our team at Tracking the World. One of the biggest benefits is how simple to use our devices are compared to other companies, makes, and models. When it comes to learning the ropes of our tracking devices, everything from purchasing and choosing a device to installation, activation, and general upkeep is simple. 

Plus, we have a wide selection of simple-to-use GPS systems. We even offer devices that are tailored to specific needs such as asset tracking, motorcycle tracking, lone workers, and even your furry friends. This means finding the best device for your needs has never been easier. Learn more about the services and products we provide on our website now!

Here is why our Tracking the World devices are so simple to use. 

Shopping for the Right Device Made Easy

When you decide that a GPS tracking device could benefit your family or place of business, the search begins. Some tracking device companies make it hard to find the right device for your needs by trying to upsell you on more expensive products, or they dodge your questions. We make it simple. Our products are all listed on our website for you to review basic information about each option. Plus, we welcome questions via phone or our online support system 24/7. 

Either way, we want to help you find the best match for all of your tracking needs, and that means a user-friendly shopping platform on our website. Connect with us to learn more about locating the best device for your needs for an affordable cost from Tracking the World

Compact and Portable Simple-to-Use Devices 

The way we design our devices makes them convenient and simple to use. Our devices are not big or bulky, which could make it hard to attach them for portable use. Many of our devices easily attach to all types of moving vehicles, and we offer compact devices that fit on the ankle or collar of pets. Ask us more about our lone worker and pet ankle tracking options. 

Furthermore, our company and portable designs give you a lightweight, user-friendly GPS device that transmits real-time data to the device of your choosing. In short, you get a convenient bundle for your tracking device with extended battery life for all of your tracking needs. 

Simple to use tracking devices for your needs.

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Easy Activation Process 

After you purchase your device, we make the activation process simple. Some companies require a lengthy process which can leave you frustrated. Even worse, you could be on hold with customer service for hours, unable to use your new device. Not us! We make our activation process easy, just like our simple-to-use devices. We even offer a step-by-step guide on our website which walks you through the quick and easy activation of your device, plus our fast response team can help you if questions arise. 

Safety Made Simple with Our Devices 

In case of emergency, it’s good to know you’re in the right hands. Our tracking devices make that happen. Our devices offer greater emergency support ranging from fall-down alerts to emergency call services. Fall-down alerts help alert loved ones or emergency responders if you are injured. Call services also connect you with emergency responders and alert them to your exact GPS location for a quick response. We make safety easy with our simple-to-use devices that protect you and your loved ones 24/7. 

Real-Time Data Transmission 

Finally, our devices make it easy to document real-time data and analyze it later. Our team can walk you through setting up your real-time data transmission for the device of your choosing. Then, you can review this information on the spot to make informed choices. This can help with everything from reducing commute time to saving your business money. Learn more about data analysis and how we can help at Tracking the World. 

Get Started with Tracking the World’s Services

If you are ready to take your daily tracking game to the next level, we are here to help. At Tracking the World, we have over a decade of experience in the tracking industry. We want to help you make the right investment for your business or individual needs today. Don’t wait to begin using our simple-to-use tracking technology. Give us a call now or visit our website to connect with us, shop our line of tracking devices, and get started now!

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