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Officials in the city of Warren in Macomb County Michigan have agreed to add GPS tracking technology, a nearly $600-thousand dollar investment, to city vehicles including snow plows, and sanitation trucks.  The fleet tracking initiative will provide an extra convenience to citizens such as knowing when to expect services, and the city hopes to recoup their investment in efficiency by eliminating manual mileage reporting, and more carefully watching the location of city assets.

With real time GPS tracking updates every 2 minutes via GPS tracking software, supervisors will know when a city vehicle has left its predetermined set of boundaries, a process known as geo-fencing, and will receive reports when city vehicles are traveling at excessive speeds or when brakes are operated abruptly.  The city expects that the savings gained by automated reporting, and eliminating the excessive or unauthorized use of city vehicles will be well worth the investment.

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Here are two of the latest GPS tracking news updates we’ve found around the Web today:


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Just when Samsung is making James Bond-ish watches popular again, AT&T has announced it will release a GPS tracking equipped smartwatch for kids which will use geo-fencing to alert parents when a child leaves his or her predetermined safe zone, and will enable parents to see their child’s location at any time provided the child is wearing the tracker. Known as the FiLIP, the GPS tracking device for kids is also capable of voice communication with up to 5 numbers which are preprogrammed by parents.  There’s also a panic button that, when pressed for 3 seconds, will cause the device to begin dialing contact numbers.


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China to Use GPS Tracking on Government Cars

In an effort to curb abuse by public officials, China will begin installing GPS tracking devices on thousands of government vehicles.  The move comes partly in response to criticism for supposed widespread corruption and flamboyant lifestyles among government officials.   Guangzhou, a city in southern China, took on a similar project for fleet tracking of government vehicles in 2011.  The city now reports that it saves more than $6 million dollars per year due to the GPS tracking systems.

Source: http://www.voanews.com/content/reu-china-to-install-gps-in-government-cars-to-track-misuse/1767568.html



One of the many ways GPS tracking devices are used for fleet tracking is city bus tracking.  Over the last decade, communities have found that the utilization of GPS tracking systems not only improves efficiency in public transportation operations, but also encourages citizens to take advantage of the transportation resources available to them.  Here are the top four reasons why GPS tracking improves public bus systems:

Location and Schedule Monitoring

Transportation dispatchers using GPS for fleet tracking are easily able to monitor the location of each bus in real time through the use of GPS tracking software.  If a particular route or driver is causing delays within the transportation system, the problem is easily isolated and fixed in a manner that saves time, financial resources, and maintains satisfaction for the public.

Increased Ridership

Simply stated, every public transportation system wants more commuters.  Some community bus systems have found that GPS tracking systems which allow patrons to monitor the location and estimated arrival time of their bus via a smartphone application actually increase the overall ridership within the system. For example, if rushed commuters can verify their bus is running on time, or know it is running late,  they are much more likely to align their schedules with bus arrival times, resulting in more riders overall.

Fuel Dollars Saved

With fuel costs rising, bus system administrators are becoming increasingly aware of this threat to their bottom lines.  As an industry dramatically affected by fuel costs, public bus systems possibly have the most to gain from the use of GPS tracking systems allowing them to identify and remap the most inefficient routes within the system.

Pleased Riders

GPS tracking provides an effective tool for maintaining a city-wide bus system that is hassle free and reliable for patrons, resulting in satisfied, returning public transportation customers.

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Maryland wildlife conservation officials are considering the use of fleet tracking via GPS tracking technology to track fishing boats with the goal of reducing maritime poaching (fishing for species not in season).  “Better compliance”  is how one official described the goal of a possible voluntary GPS tracking program.

The possible addition of a GPS tracker program is partially the result of officials uncovering illegal poaching of 13-tons of striped bass which caused disaster for the legal striped bass season.

Source:  http://gpstrackinginfo.com/pilot-gps-tracking-program-may-be-launched-in-md/2509

Another Innovative Use for GPS Tracking

According to the BBC, a Scotland man is using GPS tracking technology to track his herd of cattle, after the request was made by a local agency managing wildlife preservation. The GPS tracking project’s goal is to make the cattle’s grazing area more suitable for birds and other wildlife, in an attempt to increase their populations.

Here at TrackingTheWorld, we enjoy reading about how people put GPS tracker devices and GPS tracking software to use for their businesses and livelihoods.  But one question remains…is this considered fleet tracking?

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-15257849

GPS Tracking for a Greener Business

Did you know that GPS tracking technology, particularly fleet tracking, can help make your business a greener business? It’s true, GPS tracking is an excellent way to make your business a greener business. Here’s how:

Reduced Fuel Consumption: GPS tracking allows you to reduce fuel consumption (and costs) through efficiency and reduced driving speeds.   With GPS tracking software, business owners can easily determine the most efficient routes of travel for their drivers, determine which vehicle is in the best position to respond to service calls, and monitor employees’ driving speeds.   Reduced fuel consumption equals a reduced carbon emission which means a reduced carbon footprint for your business.

Reduce Your Paper Trail: GPS tracking systems can help you achieve a paperless office through the automated reporting options offered with GPS tracking software.   From automated mileage reports, service logs, and attendance monitoring, GPS tracking systems allow you to operate your business efficiently and effectively while reducing the amount of paper required.

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GPS Tracking for Employees

With GPS tracking and fleet tracking becoming an everyday component of businesses everywhere, business owners who have or plan to implement GPS technology have a lot of questions about how to encourage their employees’ support of GPS tracking technology.   GPS tracking actually provides your employees with several great benefits.

Recognition for Outstanding Work : With fleet tracking technology at work for your business, it’s simple to determine which employees are going the extra mile.  With GPS tracking technology installed in every vehicle of your fleet, you’ll have the accurate data you need to recognize excellent performance–something appreciated by employees who are performing their jobs well, and who may otherwise go unnoticed.

Fewer Liabilities: With GPS fleet tracking,  employees are far less likely to be falsely accused of being involved in accidents, traffic violations and more. Fleet tracking provides you and your employees with their exact locations at all times.

Accurate Payroll: For some employees, there is always the question of whether their pay fully compensates them for their hours worked.   GPS tracking for businessses provides an excellent method of tracking how long your employees spend on the job, assuring that everyone receives the compensation they’ve earned.

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