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GPS tracking software for asthma

Among what has to be one of the most interesting uses we’ve seen for using GPS tracking software is this:  Doctors are now using GPS tracking technology to teach patients how to get control of their asthma, and consequently, dramatically reducing their medical costs. Using inhalers outfitted with GPS tracking technology, the tracking devices monitor the location of the patient each time the inhaler is used.  By tracking when and where the patient requires the inhaler, doctors can help their patients find patterns related to their exposure to different environments with the goal of reducing overall asthma attacks and inhaler use.


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gps tracking golf

As we have mentioned before, the GPS tracking industry continues to grow rapidly.  We just found a new CBS report that profiles some of the ways individuals and businesses are using tracking devices and GPS tracking software to their advantage.   Here are just a few mentioned in the article, plus some of our own:

Read the entire CBS report on GPS tracking.

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GPS tracking Excavator

Here’s a great GPS news story from Australia:

A man monitoring his excavator via GPS tracking software recently watched in real-time as a thief towed away the costly piece of machinery which he had equipped with a GPS tracking device .  During a trek of more than 30-miles, the GPS tracking software indicated the speed and location of the excavator as it was hauled by the tow truck.  After monitoring the entire episode via real time GPS tracking on his computer, the owner of the excavator called local authorities and told them exactly where to intercept the suspect as he continued to tow the excavator.  The suspect was taken into custody and the excavator was recovered without damage.

The above story is a great example of GPS tracking solutions at work for business owners.  Without the GPS tracking system installed on the excavator, and the sophistication of GPS tracking software, its possible the excavator might not have been recovered, resulting in considerable loss.