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Ah, the feeling of the wind in your hair out on the open road. Nothing beats a relaxing ride for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. However, safety is also key when it comes to riding. After all, motorcycle accidents are often fatal or cause serious injury. If you are riding alone in a semi-remote area, the dangers increase. Therefore, it’s critical to think of ways to stay safe while enjoying your favorite hobby. Wearing the right protective gear, following traffic rules, staying alert, and investing in GPS motorcycle trackers are all ways to stay safe when riding your bike. 

However, there are so many options on the market when it comes to shopping for the best GPS device. That’s why our team is here to help at Tracking the World. We take the stress and guesswork out of shopping for your motorcycle tracking device. Our team has a wide selection of affordable top-of-the-line GPS motorcycle trackers to choose from. Plus, we make installation and activation simple. Learn more about all we have to offer for your tracking needs at Tracking the, or give us a call to speak directly with a friendly team member.

Here is a deeper comparison between our motorcycle trackers on our products page. 

Reasons for Choosing a Motorcycle Tracker 

There are many reasons to consider investing in a GPS tracking device if you are a motorcyclist. First and foremost is added safety and security for all your adventures. With a tracking device, you can add emergency response features to your safety plan. This means if an accident occurs, you can get help with the press of a button right at your location or someone else could get you help ASAP. 

Furthermore, having a device will make it easier for loved ones to locate you in case of emergency or just have some extra peace of mind when you are on the road. Whether you like short motorcycle excursions, use your bike as a commuter vehicle, or cross the country on longer adventures, a GPS motorcycle tracker can keep you safe. Furthermore, you might be interested in a GPS device to help you streamline your routes or find new adventures by reviewing past rides. It’s a great way to find your next adventure and make smarter choices overall. 

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If you are shopping for your next motorcycle tracker, you’ve come to the right place. Tracking the World makes it easy to find your next tracker on our products page. You can review specifications and details of each device to help you make your selection or contact our team for some guidance. We do offer multipurpose devices that are compatible with moving vehicles such as motorcycles. However, we also have a line of devices designed just for motorcyclists. Each device comes with standard features as well as being compatible with other accessories from our website. Our four principal motorcycle tracking devices include the MT-100, AVL-75 4G, the AVL-75, and the AVL-74 3G. 

Here is your guide to motorcycle GPS tracking systems.

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MT-100 Motorcycle Trackers

First up is our MT-100 motorcycle tracking device. We have different options in our MT-100 line, but all of them come standard with a few critical features. You get quad band GSM/GPRS software backing each of these devices. Furthermore, our devices are designed for the open road, all types of weather conditions, and with compatibility in mind. This device is specifically designed for motorcyclists; however, it has the added bonus of being compatible with other moving vehicles as well. The MT-100 line also has I/O monitoring and control, is water-resistant, and is CE and FCC certified. 

AVL-75 Motorcycle Trackers

Next up we have our AVL-75 device. This device boasts 4G emTC bands connectivity with the same features as our AVL–75 4G and 3G devices. It might be a better option for some motorcyclists because it is slightly more compact. Finally, it comes with quad band GSM/GPRS compatibility. 

AVL-75 3G & 4G Devices

Finally, our AVL-75 line also offers 3G and 4G options. The 3G option is a great investment, but the 4G has a wider range of connection if that is a critical aspect for you. All of the AVL-75 options come with standard safety capabilities, so choosing between the 3G and 4G is really about the range of connection. The 4G model also provides GARMIN FMI multiple sensor support and a CE and FCC certification. 

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Living life on the open road should not be a pastime you have to give up because of safety concerns. Just like wearing the right protective gear can help protect you in case of an accident, so can investing in a motorcycle tracking device. Our team is eager to help. Shop anytime on our products page and reach out to us with questions. We are happy to assist you in all of your motorcycle adventures at Tracking the World. 

GPS tracking device

There is nothing like the feeling of riding your motorcycle out on the open road. However, staying safe when riding is critical. Of course, there are many simple steps you can take to stay safe on a motorcycle. Adding a motorcycle GPS tracking device is just one way. With so many new types of technology on the market today, finding the right motorcycle tracking systems isn’t too difficult. Tracking the World is here to help with many options for motorcycle-friendly tracking devices. Here are three popular options for motorcycle GPS tracking systems. 

Tracking the World is one of the nation’s leading tracking device and software companies. Our wide selection includes specialized devices that are safe for moving vehicles, including motorcycle trackers. Whatever your needs for adventure on the open road might be, we can help with our motorcycle GPS tracking systems. Shop now and explore our website for more helpful resources in the tracking community. 

Why You Need a Motorcycle GPS Tracking System

You might be wondering why you need a specialized tracker for your motorcycle adventures. In fact, there are many reasons to consider investing in a motorcycle tracking device, including convenience, safety, and portability. When it comes to your adventures on the road, safety should come first. Motorcycle trackers are portable and designed to fit on your moving vehicle. They can withstand all types of weather conditions and transmit real-time data back to the device of your choosing. This way, loved ones can keep an eye on each other when they are on the road. Furthermore, our trackers can be enabled for safety alerts and emergency call features. With these options in place, specialized motorcycle trackers are a smart investment in your safety, whether you ride everyday or just every once in a while. 

Our Line of Motorcycle Tracking Devices

When it comes to GPS tracking devices, we offer many types that can be used on moving vehicles. However, we also have certain trackers which we especially recommend for motorcyclists. Our line of motorcycle GPS tracking systems includes four principal devices. We are happy to speak with you to help you make the best choice for your needs. Our four principal motorcycle tracking devices include the MT-100, AVL-75 4G, the AVL-75, and the AVL-74 3G. We will look at three of these today in more depth, as they are our most popular investments for motorcyclists across the nation. 

The MT-100 Motorcycle GPS Tracking System

Diving into one of the most popular options we offer: the MT-100 system. The MT-100 system includes a quad-band GSM/GPRS software system. We designed these devices to handle low current drain for motorcycles; however, they are also useful for other types of vehicles, which makes this a versatile investment. The device provides multiple I/O monitoring and controls. Furthermore, like almost all of our moving vehicle-compatible devices, it is compact, water-resistant, and CE- and FCC-certified. With the MT-100 device, you receive a convenient, durable, and portable option.

Here is your guide to motorcycle GPS tracking systems.

Photo by Glen Alejandro on Unsplash

The AVL-75 4G Device

Our AVL-75 series provides both 3G and 4G options. The 3G option is a great investment, but the 4G offers a wider range of service and connectivity. We recommend any of our AVL series of motorcycle trackers for added safety features and emergency response systems. Some of the things the 4G system provides include GARMIN FMI multiple sensor support and CE and FCC certification. With our software and hardware behind all of your tracking adventures, you can’t get any better protection than a Tracking the World motorcycle GPS tracking system. 

The AVL-75 Motorcycle GPS Tracking Device

Of course, sometimes you want 4G EMTC bands connectivity with all of the same features as our AVL–75 4G device in a different model. That is where our AVL-75 device might be the better choice for you. This compact and portable choice boasts many of the same features as other options in our AVL series but also comes with Quad Band GSM/GPRS compatibility. Learn more about this and all of our device features on our website or by reaching out to one of our customer service representatives now!

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Enjoying the open road year-round doesn’t have to be dangerous with the help of motorcycle GPS tracking systems.  Tracking the World is eager to help you find the right GPS tracking device for your motorcycle adventures. Shop our selection today, contact us to learn more, and start enjoying the road safely now!