Signing up is simple, just follow these 3 steps.

Step 1: Cellular Service Options

  • Best Value - UNLIMITED Service from
    $69.95 per Month for 3 months ($209.85 prepayment required)
    $49.95 per month 6 Months ($299.70 prepayment required)
    $39.99 per month 12 months ($399.90 prepayment required, 2 Months Free!)
  • $149.95 per year for tracking your own (privatly purchased) Data SIM card. (No Prepaid T-Mobile)

Step 2: Tracking Website Access

  • Activate your Personal Tracking Page, $69.95. (One time fee)

Step 3: Track using your Cell Phone (optional)

  • See your tracking device on your cell phone!! Click HERE for more information
    Activate your Cell Phone Tracking Viewer, $59.95 one time fee. (Optional - non-refundable)

Setup 4: Hardware Activation

  • Provide your personal and SIM card information to

Monthly and yearly costs are recurring fees. Service may be discontinued at any time. It is the customer's responibility to cancel payment through PayPal.

Let's get started...

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