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Unparalleled GPS Tracking Expertise

Founded in 2003, TrackingTheWorld has exclusively specialized in GPS tracking for more than 13-years.  Through our corporate office located in Burlingame, CA, we offer our products and services to customers around the world.

As one of the first mainstream providers of civilian GPS tracking services, many of our customers, both local and abroad, have been with us since the beginning.

Henri Maramis Henri Maramis

World Class GPS Trackers and Software

Henri Maramis, CEO, and the entire TrackingTheWorld team proudly stand behind the high quality GPS trackers and software we provide.

As a TrackingTheWorld customer, you will receive the same professional-grade GPS tracking equipment, software, and service that law enforcement agencies and military entities rely on every day.  Whether you choose a single tracker or are preparing to equip an entire fleet, you can count on TrackingTheWorld for the most up-to-date equipment, software, and technical assistance within the industry.

Henri Maramis Henri Maramis

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TrackingTheWorld welcomes your comments and questions.  Our office hours are 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.  For general inquiries, please call 650-692-8100 or email at info@trackingtheworld.com.  For technical support, please call 650-692-2876 or email at support@trackingtheworld.com.