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Understanding Real Time GPS Trackers

With the important advancements in GPS tracking technology, real time GPS trackers are more popular, more useful, and more affordable than ever before.  If you're considering the purchase of GPS trackers for business or personal use, consider one of the many real time GPS trackers on today's market.  This article provides a brief overview of real time GPS tracking systems and the many uses for them.

What They Do:

Real time GPS trackers continuously log and report location information at predetermined intervals usually ranging from every few seconds to every few hours.  Using a computer with Internet access and GPS tracking software, users can immediately access the continuous feed of location and movement information.  Real time GPS trackers require a subscription-based GPS tracking service.

Information Provided by Real time GPS Trackers:

Real time GPS trackers, sometimes called active GPS trackers, can be used to track people, vehicles, or other assets with amazing accuracy.  Information provided by these trackers can include, miles traveled, speed, stops, idle time, etc.  Unlike passive GPS trackers which only log and store information, real time trackers provide continuous updates which allow for additional features such as geo-fencing, alarms, and voice communication options.

Is a Real time GPS Tracker Right for Me?

For the parent who wants immediate and constant access to the location of a teen driver, or for business owners who seeks to view the locations of each vehicle within their fleet at any time of day, real time GPS trackers are certainly the best choice.  Real time GPS trackers require the use of GPS tracking software for processing the reported data and generating reports using satellite mapping technology to provide very detailed, street level views.

Compact and Affordable

Advancements in GPS technology have resulted in the development of real time GPS trackers which are no larger than a credit card.  Users may choose to carry the device on their person, or place it in a handbag or automobile glove box.

Real time GPS trackers are affordable enough for almost any budget.  For $100-$200, you can purchase a sophisticated GPS tracker suitable for business or personal use.