GPS Tracking for Alzheimer’s patients

Cutting his GPS Tracking Bracelet resulted in a Wisconsin sex offender heading back to jail.  Sentenced to wear the GPS tracker for life, authorities were alerted when the offender removed the bracelet.  He was found in his home with the GPS tracking bracelet loosely attached to his leg.   The man could face felony charges for tampering with a GPS tracking device.

TrackingTheWorld’s OFT-210 ankle bracelet GPS tracker is ideal for secure tracking of home based corrections individuals, high-risk populations such as Alzheimer’s patients.  The OFT-210 utilizes fiber optic technology for virtually tamper-proof GPS tracking.  In addition, the ankle tracker includes a hidden backup battery as an added measure of security.

The OFT-210 GPS tracker is waterproof, and offers remote tracking adjustment options- a cost effective feature, especially for law enforcement departments.  Here’s another post on our ankle bracelet GPS tracking unit.

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Here’s an excellent example of using GPS tracking devices to ensure the safety of the ones you love the most.  According to a recent New Jersey report, an 84-year-old woman who wandered away from home was located unharmed within 2-hours of her disappearance thanks to a GPS tracking bracelet worn on her person.   Located in a wooded area about 2-miles from home, the woman is a participant in a New Jersey program which provides free GPS trackers to at risk individuals unable to leave home alone due to medical conditions that may cause them to wander away.

Have you considered GPS trackers for the elderly loved ones in your life?  Compact and discreet ankle bracelet GPS trackers are an affordable and reliable option for Alzheimer’s patients, dementia patients, and others.

TrackingTheWorld’s OFT-210 GPS tracking ankle bracelet offers tamper proof fiber optic technology, and a battery back up system which provides an added layer of security for loved ones as well as peace of mind for caregivers.