Investing in a GPS tracker for vehicles, assets, and employees can help a business to be more efficient, logistically proficient, and secure.

If you own a business with many moving parts, it’s a great idea to invest in a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker can help business owners track and manage their vehicle fleet, assets, and employees. Trackers help improve logistics, supply chain management, employee safety, asset security, and more! If you are interested in improving processes and security at your business, check out how a GPS tracker can help.

Vehicle Tracking

Many companies own a fleet of vehicles that they use in their daily business operations. For example, a transporting company typically has a large fleet of trucks. A maintenance/repair company has vehicles they drive to various homes and businesses. A taxicab company has a fleet of cars used to pick up and drop off customers. The goal of any business is to be as efficient as possible. Management often spends hours trying to figure out the best routes for their vehicles to take in order to save the most time. For example, did you know that UPS trucks rarely make left turns? By avoiding left-hand turns, the company saves millions of gallons of gas each year and reduces emissions equivalent to over 20,000 cars!

While eliminating left turns might not be in your business plan, tracking when and where your fleet is driving can magnify certain inefficient transportation areas. Invest in a GPS tracker for each vehicle in your fleet. Spend time tracking their daily movements and use that data to create better routes and practices.

Reckless Driving?

In addition to logistics, a vehicle tracker can also give an employer essential data about how their employees are driving. Have you ever seen a truck drive by with the words “Call this number to report reckless driving”? With a GPS tracker, there is no need for that! The tracker can provide information about speed and aggressive driving. You will know if your employee isn’t driving safely. Just knowing the vehicle is equipped with a tracking device will make your employees focus on safe driving practices. The vehicle GPS tracking devices also have a crash detection alert, which collects data during a car accident for later reconstruction and analysis.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are at Any Moment

Finally, a GPS tracker allows companies to keep track of all their vehicles to ensure that they are safe and sound. While we hope this never happens, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for vehicle theft. If you have a tracker on the vehicle and it gets stolen, the police will be able to get a live location of where the vehicle is located to get it back and catch the thief.

Asset Tracking

In addition to keeping track of your vehicles, you likely have assets that you want to track as well. Examples of trackable assets include containers, pallets, crates, machinery, inventories, and more. With so many assets, it can be nearly impossible to know if something gets stolen. By investing in GPS trackers, you will be able to track down your assets if, in fact, they are stolen. Some companies rent out things like machinery or equipment. A GPS tracker allows you to know where your equipment is.

Another benefit of asset tracking is that you can see where your assets are at any given time. If you are trying to track one container without a tracker, it could be a challenge. With a GPS tracker, you can see exactly where the container is located, whether it is in your warehouse storage facility or in transit on a truck.

Tracking assets can also help companies manage supply chain logistics by looking at idle time data. Through GPS tracker data, companies can analyze how their inventory moves and where processes can become more efficient.

Employee Tracking

Last but not least, personal GPS tracking devices help track employees. Many companies use trackers to increase employee safety. Do you have employees, such as security guards or network monitors, who work the night shift alone? A GPS tracker is perfect for helping to keep these lone workers safe. At any time, the employer can check on the location of the employee. In addition, if the employee feels unsafe, they can press a speed dial emergency call button.

A GPS tracking device is also helpful if any of your employees do high-risk work. Through the person-down alert feature, employees will know if an employee is hurt on the job.

GPS Tracker Features

At Tracking the World, our GPS trackers are durable so that they can handle any sort of situation. Features such as long battery life and the ability to operate at both low and high temperatures are extremely helpful. Various alerts, such as the person down alert or the crash detection alert, can help notify companies if there is an unsafe situation. Also, all of our devices are as lightweight and compact as possible, meaning they won’t get in the way.

If your company invests in GPS trackers, you are sure to see a return on your investment. The trackers can be used in many different facets of a business. From your fleet of vehicles to your assets and employees, a GPS tracking device helps ensure productivity, logistical efficiency, safety, and security. For more information about GPS tracking devices and how they can help your business, contact Tracking the World today.

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