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As a licensed GPS tracking software service provider you'll have everything you need to launch your own successful business.  Individual and business demand for GPS tracking services is increasing daily for fleet tracking, covert tracking, vehicle tracking, personal safety, and more.  Our software is a complete tracking system: you can start your business immediately.

Sales of personal GPS tracking units and applications are forecast to grow 40%, reaching one billion dollars by 2017.

How it Works

Purchase a private label GPS tracking software license from TrackingTheWorld and you'll be authorized to provide monthly GPS tracking services to your own customers under your own business name.  Through your private label server, you will have the ability to create your own brand, register subscribers, and provide them with online access to their individual tracking accounts for tracking GPS devices.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

As a subscription-based monthly service, our GPS tracking software allows you to build monthly recurring income based on the number of subscribers registered in your tracking system. As one of the fastest growing markets, tracking GPS units is a service in high-demand by businesses and individuals. Simply stated, the GPS tracking industry a smart choice for those ready to start their own business or add to their current services. View the table below for potential income information.

As a Licensed TrackingTheWorld Software Owner, You'll Receive:

  • Training and documentation for setup/operation.
  • Software capable of using Worldwide mapping coverage.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Regular tracking system upgrades as features and enhancements are added.
“Some of the best location reporting I've ever seen.” - GPS Magazine

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Potential Net Income Per Month
Number of Subscribers + Estimated activations Net Income
50 $2,506.50
100 $3,814.50
250 $7,738.50
500 $14,278.50
1000 $27,358.50
5000 $131,998.50
* Based on $29.95 per month subscription charge, with a cost to the operator of $3.79 per month for each device and a $39.95 activation fee based on 30 new subscribers per month.

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Choose from the Following License Options Based on Your Business Goals:

Starter Package:

Track up to 50 vehicles or assets


Unlimited Package:

Track an unlimited number of vehicles or assets


Additional Important Information about our GPS Tracking Software:

Required Components for Standalone Server:
  • Computer Hardware (customer supplied)
  • Dual Core 1.8 GHz or better
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB Hard Drive
  • Windows Server 2016 or newer
  • GSM SIM Card
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • GSM/GPRS wireless modem

* Please note:  This package includes only software and the training necessary for system operation.  The actual server, which can be any PC running Windows Server 2016 or newer, must be supplied by the customer. Can also use cloud instead of stand alone server.  A yearly maintenance fee, 15% of list price applies to all packages.  Maintenance covers all technical support, training and upgrades.

Features of the Mapping Server:  GPS Tracking Software
  • Mapping Compatibility:  Bing!, Google Maps, MapQuest, Shape and JPG files.  (Additional licensing may be required.)
  • Easy User Access:  Creation, deletion, and modification for tracking GPS units accessible anytime.
  • Geo Fencing:  When a vehicle enters or exits a geo fence (a predetermined virtual boundary), the server will send a text message and email to a designated e-mail address or cell phone via text message.
  • Reporting:  Detailed activity reports of each track with full street addresses.
  • Historical Data:  Historical data-logging on the server allows users to view tracks from previous days, months, or years.
  • Convenient and Versatile CSV Files:  All tracking system data is archived as .csv files, which are easily imported using Excel, Access, and other database programs.
  • Customized Configuration Options:  Options include on demand generation of reports for mileage, drive time, speeds, etc.
  • Easy Organization of Customer Accounts:  Subscribers are easily divided into “groups” Members of a subscriber group will only see tracking system data that belongs to their group.  In summary, our software tracking system supports simultaneous use by multiple groups for tracking GPS devices.  Each company (group) may have any number of accounts within their own group which will appear as a private server/ login portal for each company.  However the entire tracking system is actually running on a single server.

“BCC Research Analysis Projects Global Market for Mobile Location Technologies Worth $48.8 Billion by 2012.”
- Business Wire

“Vehicle and People Tracking Revenues to Reach 3.3 Billion Euros in Western Europe by 2012, Driven by Business Efficiency Requirements and Concerns over Personal Security.”
- PR Web


Three Important GPS Tracking Software Features

Three Things to Know about Starting a GPS Tracking Software Business

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