A GPS tracking device, despite its now common place in society, continues to change our perceptions of safety and convenience. Prior to GPS innovation, people had to rely on maps to find one another or to relocate across the globe. Much like cell phones are now a staple of American life, tracking devices are available for teenagers to use. 

But what are the perks of gifting a teenager with a GPS tracking device? Founded in 2003, TrackingTheWorld specializes in GPS tracking for families large and small. We offer our products and services to customers around the world. As one of the first mainstream providers of civilian GPS tracking services, we provide teenagers with tracking devices to help with directions, safety, convenience, and driving.

Directional Support

While directional support might seem like an obvious perk, it remains one of the most important. GPS tracking devices are easy to program and, depending on the device, can serve multiple purposes. GPS tracking versatility includes Personal/Employee Safety, Surveillance/Covert Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Bicycle Tracking, and Sports Tracking. After all, teenagers might be traveling via a variety of methods. Biking cross-country can be a fun journey, but obviously, you want to avoid losing your way. Not everyone has a good sense of direction, which is why TrackingTheWorld specializes in providing the most adaptable technology on the market.

As a TrackingTheWorld customer, you will receive the same professional-grade GPS tracking equipment, software, and service that law enforcement agencies and military entities rely on every day. Whether you choose a single tracker or are equipping an entire fleet, you can count on TrackingTheWorld to provide you with reliable equipment, software, and technical assistance. No matter where their journey takes them, your family members will have peak directional support.

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Safety with a GPS Tracking Device

Safety is the number-one concern when it comes to teenagers on the go. Most parents want to keep an eye on their teenagers, but even when they can’t, they want their kids to return home safely. A GPS tracking device warns drivers of changes related to accidents and bad weather. Traffic jams occur constantly on highways, often leading to more accidents before everything is shut down.

With an AVL-55, featuring Quad band GSM/GPRS, users have multiple I/O interfaces for monitoring and control. This way you will know what lies ahead, and where to go to avoid the issue. Our tracking devices are E, FCC, E-Mark, and Antel certified. With TrackingTheWorld, your teenagers will arrive safely at any destination they choose.

GPS Tracking Device Convenience

As with most technology, convenience plays a big role in our modern choices. Devices like personal trackers make it easier to keep track of teens. In fact, most devices can accommodate existing technology like mobile phones, creating a support system that’s easily portable without taking up space. 

Personal GPS trackers can be integrated with existing cellular phone technologies. There is no discounting the value of using GPS technologies for tracking teenagers while you are at work or otherwise unavailable. Having a way to check their locations at a moment’s notice can provide reassurance to caregivers in any situation. GPS tracking devices come equipped with an emergency button that summons help when needed. During an emergency, ease of use is important to get the quickest response possible.

With TrackingTheWorld, GPS is convenient not just for teens, but for adults. We offer ways to keep tabs on where your loved ones are. You can utilize accessories like Family Vehicle Tracking, Teen Driving, Vehicle Sports, and others. In addition, each tracker has the best combination of tech and ease. For example, the WorldTracker PLD (Personal Locator Device) strikes just the right balance between GPS sensitivity and battery life. As a result, this tracking device is one of the most useful, practical, and powerful real-time tracking systems on the market.

GPS for Your Car 

Teenagers often start with either a cheap first car or a smaller vehicle, such as a motorbike. The choices are generally based on finances or safety, but regardless, parents want their teens to be equipped with good safety measures that accommodate their vehicles. Thankfully, GPS trackers are known for being versatile. 

For example, if your teen has an OBD port in their car, then the WT-OBD 4G model is a perfect choice. The AVL-540 4G model allows GPS antenna connections, supports a wide variety of external peripherals and I/O options, and is FCC and Verizon certified to meet your teenager’s needs. The AVL-300 model is CE, FCC, and E-Mark certified and allows external antenna connections. It also has voice support and quad-band GSM/GPRS technology. TrackingTheWorld takes pride in providing our customers with relevant, modern choices that match their choice of vehicle. We have multiple models to choose from, each with its own specific features, such as Person Down alerts, 4 Configurable speed dial buttons, 1 Configurable emergency call button, and inbound SMS messaging displays. 

TrackingTheWorld Equips Families with GPS

TrackingTheWorld can equip your teens with the right tracking devices to support their travels and keep you informed at the same time. For the best directions, safety, convenience, and vehicular adaptability, we have a large selection of GPS tracking devices. If you just need accessories, we have the Enduro Plus family of external batteries, all capable of magnetic mounting. These batteries are extremely durable: crushproof, dustproof, and watertight. In fact, they can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Longevity is key to keeping your teenagers safe and prepared for emergencies.

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