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Safety functions for everyone's protection.

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Your GPS device is a valuable tool for everyday tracking needs as well as business-grade tracking responsibilities. However, did you also know that a reliable GPS tracking device is a great way to add extra safety to everyday life? Safety functions are a major selling point of many of our GPS devices here at Tracking the World. From basic built-in safety functions to features that add an extra element of safety to your daily routine, the possibilities are endless when it comes to staying safe with your new tracking technology. Everyone can truly benefit from the safety functions integrated into the latest tracking devices on the market today.

At Tracking the World, we are proud to serve the nation with the latest tracking technology, software, and devices. We have some of the highest ratings for tracking reliability, durability, and safety functions. We invite you to experience our tracking technology firsthand with high-tech, waterproof, vehicle-friendly tracking devices on our website. Our portable and safety function-equipped devices come in a wide selection and range of price points. Let us help you get started today with three ways a GPS tracker improves your safety. 

Emergency Call Safety Functions

One of the biggest ways a GPS tracker can improve overall safety is with an integrated emergency call safety function in place. Many GPS devices on the market today automatically come standard with GPS emergency call functions. For parents of young children or families caring for elderly individuals, these functions are a must-have. 

However, everyone can benefit from the added safety of reaching emergency services with just one button on their GPS tracking device. GPS devices are designed to track location and movement. Therefore, it’s simple to connect with responders who can get the help you need anywhere, whether you are at home or out exploring. 

Vehicle-Tracking Capabilities & Safety Functions 

Second, vehicle-friendly trackers are a great investment for everyday life on the move. In fact, they can add essential safety by tracking your journey, movement patterns, and location. As a parent, for example, using a vehicle-friendly tracker compatible with your child’s bike is a great way to keep a watchful eye on them when they are on a ride. Furthermore, motorcyclists and motorsport enthusiasts will fall in love with the easy-to-use motorcycle-friendly tracking devices such as the MT-100 at Tracking the World. 

Every vehicle-friendly device on our website offers users an added element of safety on all their latest adventures. Therefore, if you live a life on the move, it’s with exploring our wide selection of GPS tracking devices! 

Safety functions for the entire family.

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Ankle Tracking Devices 

Finally, we want to highlight our numerous ankle tracking devices at Tracking the World. These are a great way for anyone to add safety to their pet’s lives too. We love our pets like family, and now with the functions of an ankle tracker for your pet, you can keep track of them 24/7. Our ankle tracking device includes our line of CAT tracking devices. Additionally, ankle trackers can be an added safety measure for lone workers who might be by themselves for extended periods. They’re easy to wear and track your whereabouts in case of emergency. We also recommend these devices for Alzheimer’s patients and elderly individuals who could use some extra safety functions.  

Safety Functions & Our Tracking Technology

When it comes to safety functions you can rely on in your tracking device, Tracking the World has you covered. Get the peace of mind you deserve when you invest in our state-of-the-art tracking devices equipped with full safety functions today! 

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We live in a fast-paced world that can seem unsafe and dangerous a lot of the time. Unfortunately, there are always threats to your safety. However, there is also a lot you can do to protect yourself, loved ones, and friends this year. Purchasing a reliable GPS tracking device equipped with the latest safety functions is one measure you should be taking. Tracking the World delivers a wide selection of tracking devices equipped with safety functions on our website today. Shop now and learn more by connecting with us online or via phone at 650-692-8100!

GPS tracking

GPS tracking devices offer a variety of ways to stay on top of personal and business safety, development, and tracking. However, outdated GPS tracking systems or devices can create lag or inaccurate data collection. With slow signals or unreliable data, you can’t get the vital information you rely on for everyday security and operations. Therefore, it’s important to recognize the warning signs of a GPS tracking device that could use an upgrade. Furthermore, staying in the loop with your tracking device software company is a great way to learn when newer devices are released or software upgrades will occur. 

Here at Tracking the World, we make it our mission to keep our clients informed with all the latest insights, developments, and upgrades in the tracking community. Now you will never miss out on essential software upgrades or device developments that help you achieve more with your device every day. Learn even more by visiting our website today. You can shop all of our devices, activate your device, or reach out to a customer service representative. In the meantime, here is some more helpful information on when you might want to upgrade your GPS tracking device from Tracking the World.

Your GPS Tracking Device is Acting Up 

The first sign that you might need a tracking device upgrade is when it starts acting strange. When systems begin to phase out and are no longer supported by certain tracking software, lag, slow connection, and unreliable collection of data can result. If you notice a sudden shift in any of your data trends, it could be an indicator that your device is due for an upgrade. If you have had your device for a while, it’s probably time to switch to a newer, more accurate device that is supported by the latest software systems.

We can help you decide whether you need a quick upgrade or to shop for an entirely different tracking device. Just reach out with your device model number and some information about the issues you have been experiencing. Your expert tracking device professionals can help you troubleshoot issues, discuss your needs, set a budget, and make the right decision. 

Moving to 4G Tracking Devices

The biggest reason you might be experiencing issues is the move from 3G to 4G tracking devices currently happening across the market. Networks such as T-Mobile have shut down their 3G networks entirely as of early July 2022. As a result, any devices connected to these 3G networks may be experiencing serious lag issues or failing. Luckily, 4G is even better than 3G, with faster connection speeds resulting in more precise and rapid data collection across the nation. Even better, many of the latest 4G tracking devices are tailored to suit specific tracking needs. Therefore, everyone can shop for the right GPS tracking device for their unique applications without compromising on reliable 4G connections. 

The Enduro Plus 4G

The first device you might be interested in upgrading to includes the Enduro Plus 4G. The Enduro Plus 4G offers real-time and periodic tracking via a secured back-end server and is water-resistant. It has an available connection to DC power. However, there is also an external battery with a capacity of up to 2600 mAh. It even saves power through motion detection. Additionally, it is Verizon, AT&T, PTCRB, and FCC certified with 4G LTE bands. It’s compact, lightweight, and easy to travel with. The Enduro Plus 4G is an upgrade from the Enduro Plus 3G. It offers even better lightning-fast connections and more precision. You can use it for a wide variety of applications, including personal and business tracking needs.

AVL-50 4G

Next up are the AVL-50 4G upgrades from the old AVL-50 3G. This GPS tracking device offers 4G LTE emTC bands and is specifically for monitoring vehicles. It’s a great option for individuals but is even better for business owners interested in fleet tracking. It can support multiple I/O interfaces for precise monitoring and control in one platform. It is easy to install and you can hook up multiple systems to one viewing interface for business tracking needs. Finally, the AVL-50 4G is FCC and Verizon certified, guaranteeing you accuracy that can’t be surpassed.

4G technology for your GPS tracking device.

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AVL-75 4G

We have so many tracking devices featuring the latest 4G technology that it’s impossible to highlight them all in today’s post. However, we did want to mention the AVL-75 4G, because it’s a quite popular device for motorcycle tracking. It’s great for personal motorcycle usage as well as motorsports tracking and rentals. The AVL-75 4G has a 4G LTE eMTC band and supports multiple GARMIN FMI sensors. Furthermore, the device is waterproof. 

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Living with old, outdated, and unsupported GPS tracking software or devices will only create bigger issues for you. As a result, it’s a good idea to stay in the loop with the latest in tracking device technology. We can help at Tracking the World. Our website always has the latest GPS tracking devices on the market at an affordable cost. We also provide easy installation and activation. Shop for a new 4G line of GPS tracking devices today and learn more by visiting our website. . You can also give us a call anytime at 650-692-8100 for more information.

GPS trackers from Tracking the World are reliable and durable.

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GPS trackers are becoming more popular every day. They are reliable tools for efficiently keeping track of business operations, employees, and other tasks. As a business owner, you might think that a GPS tracker is not essential for daily operations. However, GPS trackers are a beneficial resource for business owners of all types. Most trackers have unique features that enable business owners to streamline processes. Additionally, they allow business owners to monitor information about shipping and other duties.

With the most reliable trackers at affordable prices, Tracking the World is one of the nation’s fastest-growing GPS tracking companies. We offer unique tracking solutions for small and large businesses owners alike. Are you a business owner interested in learning more about the best tracking devices on the market from Tracking the World? If so, visit our website today to see what we offer. Here is a brief guide. It will get you started choosing which type of GPS tracker is the best choice for your business. 

Multi-Purpose Trackers

Multi-purpose trackers are one of the best investments business owners can make. They cover a wide range of applications, making it easy to purchase a few trackers and cover many bases simultaneously. 

Typical applications of multi-purpose trackers that business owners might be interested in include surveillance and covert tracking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, employee and personal safety tracking, and even bicycle tracking for specific business operations. We will look at each of these in more depth to see how a multi-purpose tracker can give business owners all they need in one handy device. 

Uses for Multi-Purpose Trackers

  • Surveillance/Covert Tracking

As a business owner, protecting your assets is one of your top priorities. With multi-purpose tracking, you can perform covert and surveillance monitoring. This might be useful if you are worried about break-ins. Similarly, you can use it to monitor crime near your business operations. While you would hope never to need this feature, already having it in one handy GPS multi-purpose tracker makes it easy to use if it’s ever needed. 

  • Bicycle Tracking

While this might only be useful to businesses with employees who bike to work or use bikes for their jobs, bicycle tracking should not be underestimated. For example, consider a restaurant that uses food delivery services with bicycles. This is one way to ensure your employees are on time and safe in one convenient device. 

However, larger companies with employees who bike to work might also consider investing in this device. It will allow you to regulate your employees’ commutes. Plus, it will help you keep a watchful eye on their safety at all times. Additionally, offering incentives for biking to work promotes environmentally friendly practices. All of these actions are now completely safe with a GPS tracking system. 

  • Personal/Employee Safety Tracking

Overall, GPS trackers are ideal for ensuring the safety of yourself and those who work for your company. With a GPS tracker, you can keep track of employee whereabouts without worrying. While you hope you will never need this feature, it has proven to save lives, keep people safe, and help your business operate more efficiently. 

Choose a GPS tracker from Tracking the World today!

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  • Vehicle Tracking Services

You can employee vehicle tracking services with any multi-purpose tracker from Tracking the World. Vehicle tracking is helpful in shipping products. Additionally, it is useful for managing information about valuable items for your business.

Furthermore, it can also help you gauge employee travel and delivery times. Plus, it may even help expedite processes for your clients. There are usually some nifty applications for a vehicle tracking system with a reliable multi-purpose tracker, no matter what your business type is. 

  • Asset Tracking

Never lose sight of what makes your business run smoothly: your assets. Asset tracking is one of the most common applications of Tracking the World’s multi-purpose business trackers. 

A GPS tracker with this function allows you to always stay informed about your business’s assets, locations, movements, shipments, and other details. 

Tips for Choosing the Right GPS Tracker 

Choosing the right tracker for your business might seem daunting. Tracking the World offers business owners so many multi-purpose trackers to choose from. And we also have other, more specific trackers, which might also be helpful to your smooth business functions. However, these three quick tips are the best advice you can take for choosing the right tracker for your needs. 

First, choose a tracker that offers you multi-functions for flexibility. Second, select a tracker that is within your budget and reliable. Finally, you should choose a tracking device that you can monitor  from any location. Any multi-purpose GPS tracker from Tracking the World brings all of that and more to the table. 

GPS Trackers Available from Tracking the World

There is a device for every business owner’s needs. With over twelve years of tracking experience, Tracking the World is the GPS tracking component to trust with all your tracking needs. It does not matter if you own a small business or a larger company. Tracking the World has your back today. Learn more about our cutting-edge GPS tracking devices today by visiting our website.  

A GPS tracking device, despite its now common place in society, continues to change our perceptions of safety and convenience. Prior to GPS innovation, people had to rely on maps to find one another or to relocate across the globe. Much like cell phones are now a staple of American life, tracking devices are available for teenagers to use. 

But what are the perks of gifting a teenager with a GPS tracking device? Founded in 2003, TrackingTheWorld specializes in GPS tracking for families large and small. We offer our products and services to customers around the world. As one of the first mainstream providers of civilian GPS tracking services, we provide teenagers with tracking devices to help with directions, safety, convenience, and driving.

Directional Support

While directional support might seem like an obvious perk, it remains one of the most important. GPS tracking devices are easy to program and, depending on the device, can serve multiple purposes. GPS tracking versatility includes Personal/Employee Safety, Surveillance/Covert Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Bicycle Tracking, and Sports Tracking. After all, teenagers might be traveling via a variety of methods. Biking cross-country can be a fun journey, but obviously, you want to avoid losing your way. Not everyone has a good sense of direction, which is why TrackingTheWorld specializes in providing the most adaptable technology on the market.

As a TrackingTheWorld customer, you will receive the same professional-grade GPS tracking equipment, software, and service that law enforcement agencies and military entities rely on every day. Whether you choose a single tracker or are equipping an entire fleet, you can count on TrackingTheWorld to provide you with reliable equipment, software, and technical assistance. No matter where their journey takes them, your family members will have peak directional support.

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Safety with a GPS Tracking Device

Safety is the number-one concern when it comes to teenagers on the go. Most parents want to keep an eye on their teenagers, but even when they can’t, they want their kids to return home safely. A GPS tracking device warns drivers of changes related to accidents and bad weather. Traffic jams occur constantly on highways, often leading to more accidents before everything is shut down.

With an AVL-55, featuring Quad band GSM/GPRS, users have multiple I/O interfaces for monitoring and control. This way you will know what lies ahead, and where to go to avoid the issue. Our tracking devices are E, FCC, E-Mark, and Antel certified. With TrackingTheWorld, your teenagers will arrive safely at any destination they choose.

GPS Tracking Device Convenience

As with most technology, convenience plays a big role in our modern choices. Devices like personal trackers make it easier to keep track of teens. In fact, most devices can accommodate existing technology like mobile phones, creating a support system that’s easily portable without taking up space. 

Personal GPS trackers can be integrated with existing cellular phone technologies. There is no discounting the value of using GPS technologies for tracking teenagers while you are at work or otherwise unavailable. Having a way to check their locations at a moment’s notice can provide reassurance to caregivers in any situation. GPS tracking devices come equipped with an emergency button that summons help when needed. During an emergency, ease of use is important to get the quickest response possible.

With TrackingTheWorld, GPS is convenient not just for teens, but for adults. We offer ways to keep tabs on where your loved ones are. You can utilize accessories like Family Vehicle Tracking, Teen Driving, Vehicle Sports, and others. In addition, each tracker has the best combination of tech and ease. For example, the WorldTracker PLD (Personal Locator Device) strikes just the right balance between GPS sensitivity and battery life. As a result, this tracking device is one of the most useful, practical, and powerful real-time tracking systems on the market.

GPS for Your Car 

Teenagers often start with either a cheap first car or a smaller vehicle, such as a motorbike. The choices are generally based on finances or safety, but regardless, parents want their teens to be equipped with good safety measures that accommodate their vehicles. Thankfully, GPS trackers are known for being versatile. 

For example, if your teen has an OBD port in their car, then the WT-OBD 4G model is a perfect choice. The AVL-540 4G model allows GPS antenna connections, supports a wide variety of external peripherals and I/O options, and is FCC and Verizon certified to meet your teenager’s needs. The AVL-300 model is CE, FCC, and E-Mark certified and allows external antenna connections. It also has voice support and quad-band GSM/GPRS technology. TrackingTheWorld takes pride in providing our customers with relevant, modern choices that match their choice of vehicle. We have multiple models to choose from, each with its own specific features, such as Person Down alerts, 4 Configurable speed dial buttons, 1 Configurable emergency call button, and inbound SMS messaging displays. 

TrackingTheWorld Equips Families with GPS

TrackingTheWorld can equip your teens with the right tracking devices to support their travels and keep you informed at the same time. For the best directions, safety, convenience, and vehicular adaptability, we have a large selection of GPS tracking devices. If you just need accessories, we have the Enduro Plus family of external batteries, all capable of magnetic mounting. These batteries are extremely durable: crushproof, dustproof, and watertight. In fact, they can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Longevity is key to keeping your teenagers safe and prepared for emergencies.

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Our experienced team welcomes your comments and questions. If you have experience with GPS tracking devices, we can give you the support you need. If you are new to tracking devices, we can answer any preliminary questions about the various devices that you can use. Our office hours are 8 AM – 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Contact us now at or call us at 650-692-2876 today.

Gps tracking devices for you next road trip.

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Road trips are a popular way to vacation in the summer months or get away throughout the year. However, road trips can be hard to navigate when you’re exploring new territory. Nobody wants to spend their road trip flipping through old maps, trying to make sense of where they are. 

There is an easier way to find your way in our modern world and have new adventures in a carefree manner. This is why you should invest in a reliable GPS tracking device from Tracking the World for all your road trip exploration. Furthermore, our cutting-edge GPS trackers make it easy to track your voyage and never lose your way again. Here are just some of the benefits of using a GPS tracking device on your next road trip.

Ways to Use a GPS Tracker on Your Next Road Trip

Before you hit the road, hook up your new GPS tracker from Tracking the World. You can use GPS trackers for multiple purposes on your journey. Share your information with loved ones back home if you run into car trouble or get lost on your journey. Those back home will never have to worry about your whereabouts with the peace of mind a GPS tracking device can give them. In worst-case scenarios, you have a backup from your GPS tracking device. 

You can also use your GPS tracking device to help with navigational purposes. Enjoy off-roading adventures, camping, or exploring new territory? If so, then a GPS tracking device is a great way to retrace your steps should you get lost in areas that aren’t well-marked. GPS trackers make it easy to go off-roading, explore trails, camp in wooded areas, and do it all without worrying about getting lost. 

Another way to use your GPS tracker on your next road trip is to keep track of your miles traveled. Some people enjoy creating detailed travel logs, journals, or scrapbooks. Now this is easier than ever with data collected from your vehicle’s GPS tracking device.

Enjoy the journey with your GPS tracking device,

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Benefits of Using a GPS Tracker

With almost a dozen vehicle-specific tracking devices, Tracking the World makes tracking your road trip easy. Using a GPS tracker means the designs specifically monitor your car on the road. This is compared to other devices, which might be inaccurate. Phones have built-in tracking technologies, but these are less reliable because they might turn off based on your settings, fail if your phone dies, and not be able to accurately pick up your car’s movement.

Family-friendly GPS trackers make it easy to protect what matters most to you on the road. With a GPS tracker installed in your car, you never have to worry about emergencies putting your loved ones in danger. 

Vehicle Tracking Devices Available

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a GPS tracking device for your next road trip. The AVL-50 4G is easy to install and is designed for vehicle monitoring. This model is FRCC and Verizon certified. Similarly, the AVL-55 3G is also simple to install and is currently in the process of being approved. It is designed for multiple I/O interfaces. 

Along those same lines, the AVL-55 CDMA model has dual-band CDMA2000 technology, is FCC and Verizon certified, and installation is also simple. Perhaps you want a model with a plug-in to OBD port in your car. If so, then the WT-OBD 4G model is an attractive choice for you. The AVL-540 4G model allows for GPS antenna connections, supports a wide variety of external peripherals and I/O options, and is FCC and Verizon certified. 

The AVL-300 model is CE, FCC, and E-Mark certified and allows for external antenna connections. It also has voice support and quad-band GSM/GPRS technology. Learn more about all of our models by visiting our website today. 

Contact Us for More Information on GPS Trackers

With over a decade of tracking experience, Tracking the World is the place to trust with all your tracking needs. We have multiple tracking device options available, so you will find the one that suits your needs. Enjoy your next road trip with the peace of mind having a tracking device from Tracking the World in your pocket can give you. Sign up for our newsletter. Give us a call at 650-692-8100 for more information about what we can do for you. 

gps tracking device

A GPS tracking device has a million uses that go beyond telling a traveler which direction to go on a trip.  Business owners have gained new incentives for adapting to advanced GPS technology. Up-to-the-moment asset tracking can keep tight control over business operations. Here are four different assets that can be protected by adding a GPS tracking device.

GPS Tracking Devices and Vehicles

If your business uses vehicles to make money, installing GPS devices in each vehicle will allow management to keep a constant eye on the vehicles at all times. Using these devices can protect valuable equipment from theft, loss, or other types of damage. GPS tracking information can help the police recover a stolen vehicle. Key stakeholders in your organization can also utilize GPS data to provide ongoing training, development, and coaching for other employees.

This is possible when you enable a GPS tracking device at all times. New employees can learn more about their job and improve their overall performance through carefully monitored performance. This is not to say that employers should micromanage, but being efficient can be a huge time- and money-saving process for the entire organization. Using driving efficiency as a KPI (or key performance indicator) allows the entire team of drivers to operate with confidence and professionalism at all times.

GPS Tracking Devices and Technology

Similar to vehicles that can deliver products, GPS tracking devices can keep an invisible eye on smaller inventory and work supplies. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and tools are at risk of walking away when there’s no clear way to track their movements. Installing GPS tracking applications and other covert tools can help maintain accountability for these expensive mobile items.

Electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be replaced, but the loss of sensitive information cannot be. Depending on the level of such a loss, there can be a lot of negative press. Many organizations, both large and small, have experienced data loss or theft that resulted in a loss of customer confidence. GPS technology protects sensitive information simply by tracking the location of equipment. Some IT organizations can secure these devices and even clear their hard drives remotely if the item cannot be found in time.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Devices and Health Monitoring

When it comes to important assets, there is no more unique asset than the human beings doing the work. GPS tracking devices can keep an invisible eye on your employees. This has never been as important as it has become in the face of COVID-19. Over the last year, COVID-19 has put some incredible challenges on our world. Due to the difficult nature of tracking and controlling the pandemic, using a GPS-enabled phone can allow employees and managers to proactively track health and wellness. 

Many compatible applications exist, including some that provide up-to-the-moment connection with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Built into these applications are ways that employees can record key metrics of their health and wellness, such as temperature. These, along with a checklist of symptoms of the Coronavirus, can aid decision-making. Tracking such data can also be incredibly helpful if the employee falls ill while at work.

GPS Tracking Devices and Inventory

The first three devices that we’ve discussed build to the most financially important one: inventory. For businesses that make their money through delivery systems, keeping an accurate accounting is essential to remaining solvent.  Keeping a firm grasp on this process will be complicated, even with advanced GPS tracking systems in place. Partnering with Tracking the World can make this process more efficient and easier to manage.

When you use a GPS tracking system, you can manage the inventory process from product creation clear through delivery. Devices can track access to doors, monitor movement of equipment, orders, tools, and batching of inventory. Management can use tracking reports to get a better understanding of productivity, to provide accountability documents, and to make changes.

Tracking the World

When it comes to adding greater safety and security to business assets, GPS tracking devices make the process easier. It adds another layer that can assist management in keeping things moving as needed. When you partner with Tracking the World, our experts will work on a plan to safeguard your business assets. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” situation. We will cater our GPS tracking device strategy to what your team needs to be safe, secure, and efficient. When you’re ready to learn more about the devices we offer and how we can assist you, contact us right away!

A personal GPS tracking device is a great piece of technology for many different types of people. From the lone security worker to the hiker, a personal GPS tracker provides a sense of security and safety to people in situations where they are alone. A good GPS tracker should have a variety of different features to keep people safe. These features include scheduled GPS positioning, geofencing capabilities, person-down alert, an emergency call button, and a long battery life. At Tracking the World, our personal PT-301 GPS tracker has all of these features and more! Check out more information about these features and how a tracker can be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Scheduled GPS Position (with cell ID reporting)

A feature that every good personal GPS tracking device should have is scheduled GPS positions. This allows loved ones to track your location any time they need to by viewing the scheduled reports. The timing of the position reports is preset by the user. Also, the device has scheduled GPS position updates as well as cell ID reporting. The cell ID reporting makes the position even more accurate. In addition, the PT-301 personal GPS tracker has a position accuracy (CEP) of <2.5m autonomous and <2.0m SBAS. The device works on GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It also has the ability to do a real-time location query.

Geofencing Capabilities

You can think of a geofence as an invisible digital fence. GPS users can set a geofence boundary around the area they are supposed to be in. For example, a geofence could be a boundary around a neighborhood, a hiking area, a warehouse, etc. The idea is that if the person crosses over the boundary, there is an alert. This allows loved ones to make sure the person they are tracking is safe and has not wandered off somewhere that might put them in danger.

This is a very helpful feature for elderly family members. The device gives them freedom to do things like go on walks or visit a neighborhood friend, but if they go further than they should, family will be alerted. It is also helpful for those going on hiking or camping adventures. Loved ones can make sure their hiker doesn’t wander away from the trail/route they are supposed to be on. In addition, the PT-301 has the capability to support up to five internal geo-fence regions.

Person-Down Alert

The person-down alert is an extremely important feature for a personal GPS device to have. Using an internal 3-axis accelerometer and a motion detection feature, the PT-301 can determine if a person has fallen. In other words, this is another great feature for elderly people. Loved ones often worry about whether their family member has fallen within their home and is unable to get up and call for help. With this feature, you will be alerted as soon as the device detects a fall. In addition, the person-down alert is a good feature for those adventurous family members who enjoy hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. These activities are fun – but don’t come without risks. The person-down alert will let you know if your loved one has fallen, meaning they could potentially be injured and need help.

Emergency Call Button

All personal GPS trackers should have an emergency call button. The purpose of this button is that a person can easily press it in case of an emergency to get help ASAP. The PT-301 device has one configurable emergency call button. In addition, it has 4 configurable speed dial buttons so that the user can call other preset numbers as well. The device also has an SOS button, which will sound an emergency alarm.

Long Battery Life

Another important GPS feature is battery life. It is crucial that a personal GPS tracker has a long battery life. What is the point of having a tracker that is always dying? The PT-301 uses an Li-ion 1000 mAh internal battery. Without reporting, the device has a standby time of 480 hours (that’s 20 days!) As a result, users won’t have to worry about having to charge it every day.

Who Can Benefit from a Personal GPS Tracking Device?

A good GPS tracking device should have many different features to keep your loved on safe. Check out our PT-301 personal GPS tracker.

There are many situations where a personal GPS tracker is a great idea to keep a loved one safe. Here are some people/situations where a personal GPS tracking device is helpful:

  • Elderly people living alone
  • Night shift security guards
  • Hikers
  • Campers
  • Rock climbers
  • Mountain bikers
  • Runners
  • Teenagers venturing off by themselves for the first time
  • Family members on vacation to prevent getting separated
  • Family member at a nursing home
  • Lone workers

As you can see, the list is full of people who would benefit from these trackers. Therefore, consider purchasing a few for your family; that way, you can use them whenever a situation arises where a tracker would be helpful.

A personal GPS tracking device is more than just a helpful piece of technology. It can be a lifesaving tool. Imagine your elderly mother falling alone in her home, only to be found thanks to the person-down alert and the emergency call button on her personal tracking device. Consider your spouse, hiking remote trails on the weekend and getting lost, only to be found by scheduled GPS reporting from his personal device. A personal tracker gives loved ones a moment to breathe and rest easy, knowing that this piece of technology provides endless safety features. From a long battery life to geofencing capabilities, it is important that the GPS tracking device you choose is full of important safety features.

At Tracking the World, we have created the PT-301 personal GPS tracker to keep your loved ones safe even in their most vulnerable moments. For more information about this tracker and how it can help you and your family, contact us today.



On the surface, many people view GPS tracking as an invasion of privacy. Many believe that outside forces can use it to track our every movement. While this is one function of GPS devices, there are many more possibilities for their use. Here are three ways that a GPS tracking device can be used to improve security.

What is a GPS Tracking Device?

A GPS tracker is a device that works with the global positioning system to actively monitor locations. Many items, such as cars and cellular phones, come equipped with GPS technology. A careful eye can be kept on these and other items simultaneously when GPS is active. Here are some useful ways that your family can use GPS tracking devices to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Why Should You Invest in GPS Tracking?

As we’ve already established, GPS tracking technology is a contentious issue for many individuals. However, investing in global positioning software can give your family some peace of mind. It’s not about monitoring every movement, but you can verify that all family members and pieces of property are safe. At Tracking the World, it is our belief that safety and security are of paramount concern for all parties involved. 

GPS Tracking Device and Security Way #1: Keeping Family Safe

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your family, there’s no better way to do it than using GPS tracking devices. There are benefits of using GPS to monitor all members of your family, from children to teens to seniors and even the family dog. Global positioning systems provide continuous monitoring regardless of the situation. At Tracking the World, we believe that tracking can be inconspicuous. 

For the youngest members of your family, you can use GPS tracking to verify that they got to school in the morning and arrived home safely at the end of the day. If your home includes young drivers, GPS can be used to monitor and coach them based on their driving skills. For senior citizens, regular monitoring can verify their safety, and many GPS solutions contain an SOS function that can summon emergency assistance in the event of a fall or other injury. In addition, GPS tracking has also been used for decades to help locate and return lost pets to their homes.

GPS Tracking Device and Security Way #2: Securing Property

GPS tracking devices provide an added level of safety and security for your property as well. Imagine walking out of your home and finding your car missing. Many late-model vehicles offer tracking technology that can aid the authorities in locating your car quickly. GPS tracking devices loaded onto cars, boats, and other important assets can help locate them if lost. Imagine a dead battery on your fishing boat in the middle of the ocean. Having a GPS device will make it easier for emergency services to assist you in getting back home.

GPS Tracking Device and Security Way #3: Health During COVID-19

The world has been grappling with the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, since early 2020. The United States hasn’t seen a wide-ranging pandemic like this for a century. The ways GPS can assist in managing the pandemic are growing by the day. While most smartphones are outfitted with health apps, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been using smartphone data to provide up-to-the-minute information on potential exposures. 

Helpful reminders about hand-washing, social distancing protocols, and other concepts are often a part of these applications. It’s also a great idea to use these applications to track your personal health data. If designated to do so by an employer or health professional, this data can be very helpful. Family members who become ill can use GPS tracking devices to get help.

Tracking the World: Adding Security in More Ways Than One

Now that you’ve taken a closer look at the three biggest ways, it’s time to learn more about our team at Tracking the World. Our team of skilled professionals is constantly learning about new technologies for one reason: to share them with our customers. When you contact us, we will work together to design a unique plan that meets or exceeds your expectations. At Tracking the World, we believe that keeping you, your family, and your possessions safe is goal number one. Don’t take any risks when it comes to safety and security. When you’re ready to learn more about the devices we offer and how we can assist you, contact us right away!

GPS trackers are very beneficial to college students and their parents. A GPS tracker will help parents know their child is safe.

Use your GPS tracking device to help you locate your vehicle, track your loved ones, or plan your destination.

Whether you’re locating a lost pet or trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city, a GPS tracking device can help navigate you toward your desired destination. Originally developed by the military, a GPS, or a global positioning system, has been adapted by people to help them pinpoint specific locations or loved ones. You can use a portable GPS device by placing it in your car or using a handheld one. Here are four different ways you can use this device during the fall season. 

Traveling on Road Trips 

Fall break is coming up. Pack up the kids and take a road trip to see the family for the Thanksgiving holiday, or just discover a new area over the weekend. Wherever you’re going, use a GPS system to help get you there. It’ll provide step-by-step instructions on where to turn and which exits to take. Using a GPS navigation and tracking system ensures no one gets lost on your way to and from your destination. Many of these systems are reliable and easy to view. You can easily place these systems in your vehicle and display your route right on the screen. This helps keep you on the right path without taking your eyes away from the road.

Hiking and Biking on Different Trails

On cool fall nights when you’re in the mood to camp alone or with the family, head out on biking or hiking trails. You can mark the spot of your campsite on your GPS device and it’ll remember your starting location. When you’re ready to head back, just hit a button on your system. You can then walk or bike right back to where you started. You can also record the exact trail you walked using your tracking system and play it back next time you want to venture down that same path again. 

Locating Your Children

Fall weather often brings football games and bonfires, which is where your kids may spend most of their evenings with friends. GPS tracking devices help you worry a little less about their whereabouts. Install these systems in their cars or have them carry around a handheld device. Most systems make it easy to alert others of their exact location if they’re lost or their car breaks down.

Finding Your Parked Vehicle at Busy Events

Whether you’re attending a state fair, sporting event, pumpkin patch, or any other crowded fall festivity, you may lose sight of your car in a sea of vehicles. By placing your tracking system in your car, you can easily spot where your car is from your handheld device. Some even let you connect to the device using your mobile phone. This helps you leave the event quickly and without wandering around searching for your vehicle.

A GPS Tracking Device Helps You Navigate to and from Destinations

Many GPS tracking devices use global positioning satellites to help others find their specific location. These satellites pick up the signal of the location and the GPS system helps navigate you to that area. Contact us today to learn more about how a GPS tracking device can help successfully get you from point A to point B in no time.

It is a double-edged sword to send your teenager off to college. On the one hand, it’s a ritual that signifies the passage from childhood into adulthood. It’s also a time of increased independence and growth. On the other hand, the current generation of children has grown up in unprecedented times – times that only seem to be getting more uncertain with each passing day. 2020 has been an unpredictable year. As your student arrives at campus for the first time or returns from summer break, there’s no better time to invest in a GPS tracking device. Here are some of the best reasons to consider a GPS tracking device.

GPS Tracking Device Reason #1: Vehicular Safety

The first reason that you might want to invest in a GPS tracking device for your college student this fall involves their commute. When your teenage driver was living under your roof, you might have had a ton of up-close and personal visibility about their driving habits. However, you have less access to that information if they live on campus. When you invest in a GPS unit for their car, you can know that their car is safe at all times.

Similarly, you can track their location in the event that something bad happens. A fender-bender or a serious car accident can be a harrowing experience for all involved. Being able to see the location of the vehicle can assist police and medical personnel in locating any injured drivers or passengers.

GPS Tracking Device Reason #2: Personal Safety

The second reason to consider investing in a GPS tracking device for your college student comes down to their personal safety at all times. Sadly, violence on college campuses is on the rise. Our GPS devices provide an SOS button. Your child can press this if they are in danger. It will alert local law enforcement to your student’s location and send help quickly. While being a victim of violence is not on anyone’s daily schedule, it’s important to be prepared.

Additionally, GPS tracking can be used to keep track of your student if they are away on a planned camping trip or other excursion where phone reception might fail. Keeping a silent, watchful eye can add a sense of serenity for all involved.

GPS Tracking Device Reason #3: Lost or Stolen Item Tracking

The third reason to consider investing in GPS tracking devices has to do with maintaining personal property. Theft and other non-violent crimes are prevalent on college campuses. Investing in geotags or another device management system will allow you and your student to locate lost or stolen items. For example, their backpack might be unzipped as they dash across campus to get to class. If that happens, their wallet can fall out. In many cases, it’s gone for good. However, if a GPS device was attached, it will be easier to locate the item or to have the item returned in the same condition it was in when lost.

GPS Tracking Device Reason #4: Health in the Time of COVID-19

The fourth reason to consider purchasing a GPS tracking system is particularly applicable in Fall 2020: COVID-19. Since earlier this year, the world has been grappling with the Novel Coronavirus (or COVID-19). Best practices for keeping safe from the virus have involved social distancing, wearing a face mask, and regular hand-washing. In many places, this has assisted with reducing the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, college campuses are very crowded. Between crowded lecture halls, common cafeteria spaces, and the close quarters of dormitory living, there is still an increased risk of the virus infecting your student or someone close to them.

In these times, a GPS tracking system can be used for contact tracing and other wellness monitoring functions. Additionally, some GPS-enabled watches can track symptoms and habits in the background. This data can be particularly helpful to healthcare professionals and college leadership as they continue battling COVID-19.

GPS Tracking Device Reason #5: It’s Not Just For the Kid

The fifth reason to consider investing in a GPS tracking system this fall is a bit more significant. It will allow your college student to keep in touch with you. You might think that you’re investing in a system for the student away from home, investing in a fuller GPS suite can provide peace of mind. It can also add an extra level of safety for the entire family.

You can use all these great features for everyone still living at home and beyond. If you have an older parent, providing them with an emergency device to summon you or medical assistance in a moment of need will add great value. You can also track family pets through GPS. We can secure the entire family for a great price, no matter how many people, places, and pieces of property are involved.

Tracking the World: Giving Peace of Mind to Families Around the Globe

Now that you’ve learned a few of the reasons to consider investing in a GPS tracking device, don’t wait another moment. At Tracking the World, we are ready to help you and your family make the best decision possible. Our experts have been designing custom GPS solutions for families and businesses for many years. When you’re ready to make Fall 2020 the safest semester of your college student’s life, we have your back. There’s no time to waste–contact us right away!