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The use of global positioning systems (or GPS) has been expanding substantially over the last several years. With the use of cellular phones, the limitations of location have been greatly reduced. There are many industries that would benefit from adding GPS tracking systems to a business model. Here’s a closer look at these five groups that might surprise you.

GPS Tracking System Industry #1: Colleges and Universities

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, one of the most impacted industries has been education. While K-12 institutions have control over how students will behave when on school grounds, the same cannot be said for colleges and universities. In some cases, institutions of higher learning have remained in virtual teaching models. However, many others have begun shifting back to fully or partially face-to-face teaching. The usage of GPS tracking systems can go beyond location services. In the case of college students, smartphone applications can be used to trace contacts on campus.

Colleges and universities can use the data collected from GPS devices to develop response plans quickly. When students, faculty, or staff are asked to quarantine due to illness, access to campus services can be continued with low-risk, low-contact usage. For example, quarantined students can place orders for meals to be delivered by dining services. Notifications can be shared with applicable campus personnel to update them confidentially about status.

GPS Tracking System Industry #2: Retirement Communities

Similarly, retirement communities have experienced an incredibly difficult period. GPS tracking systems can be used to monitor overall health and wellness, encourage healthy choices, and provide guidance in the event of illness or injury. In many retirement communities, more intensive care is provided to residents who suffer from Alzheimers, dementia, and other conditions that require around-the-clock monitoring. With enhanced GPS monitoring, caregivers can establish boundaries that will provide alerts for any residents in restricted areas quickly, preventing injury or death. Additionally, the data collected by GPS devices can be shared with family members to prepare them for upcoming visits. 

GPS Tracking System Industry #3: Courier Services

Courier services have seen a significant rise in activity for customers with the advancement of smartphones. It is hard to imagine how courier services, otherwise known as “gig economy” jobs, could exist without GPS tracking tools. Gig economy companies like Uber, DoorDash, and others provide instant gratification for customers. They also provide instant money-making opportunities for the couriers. In this industry, GPS provides the customer with up-to-the-moment updates on their orders. Additionally, the worker is provided job offers, navigation, and a security net in the event of a dangerous situation.

Data can be used from GPS tracking devices to enhance the overall performance of the courier and the service as a whole. GPS data can be used to provide in-the-moment feedback to each gig economy worker. Using location information to update routes and best practices can prove incredibly fruitful on all sides.

GPS Tracking System Industry #4: Fine Arts Organizations

Fine arts organizations, like museums and other public cultural institutions, have untapped potential with respect to GPS tracking. From a logistical perspective, tracking devices can be utilized to protect priceless artifacts and other elements of the facility. Adding an ongoing ability to have instantaneous location information can assist if an item is stolen or misplaced. Many fine arts museums will purchase, trade, loan, or otherwise traffic items between institutions. Having an added safety net to protect against loss or theft can lower the overall costs of insurance and facility operations.

Additionally, using GPS tracking for patron traffic can be used to increase revenue and provide a richer engagement with the facility itself. When museums are looking for ways to develop new educational and financial streams, adding audio and video narration can enhance patron engagement. GPS devices can be issued or rented to each patron for use in the museum. As they visit a particular area, the patron can learn about the work. This will also allow employees to use it effectively without being bombarded with the same questions repeatedly.

GPS Tracking System Industry #5: Parents of Young Drivers

Parents of young drivers are always looking for new ways to ensure their safety. Installing a GPS device in the vehicle itself or on the teenager’s phone can provide that added level of support. Using GPS tracking software will maintain an ongoing log of activities that can also be used to train and reinforce good driving practices.

Many insurance companies can lower the premiums paid by young drivers using GPS data. An ongoing record of driving actions such as braking, use of devices, and maintaining a good adherence to speed limits, can be kept. Providing a foundation for responsible decisions behind the wheel can set drivers up for a lifetime of successful driving.

Tracking the World: GPS Tracking Systems Going Above and Beyond

Now that you’ve seen a few of the industries that can benefit from the use of GPS, why waste another moment? At Tracking the World, our experts actively look for new ways to keep people safe, secure, and on the move. While every business is different, we believe that enhancing your current protocols can benefit all parties involved. When you’re ready to add GPS tracking to your best practices, contact us right away!

Use your GPS tracking device to help you locate your vehicle, track your loved ones, or plan your destination.

Whether you’re locating a lost pet or trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city, a GPS tracking device can help navigate you toward your desired destination. Originally developed by the military, a GPS, or a global positioning system, has been adapted by people to help them pinpoint specific locations or loved ones. You can use a portable GPS device by placing it in your car or using a handheld one. Here are four different ways you can use this device during the fall season. 

Traveling on Road Trips 

Fall break is coming up. Pack up the kids and take a road trip to see the family for the Thanksgiving holiday, or just discover a new area over the weekend. Wherever you’re going, use a GPS system to help get you there. It’ll provide step-by-step instructions on where to turn and which exits to take. Using a GPS navigation and tracking system ensures no one gets lost on your way to and from your destination. Many of these systems are reliable and easy to view. You can easily place these systems in your vehicle and display your route right on the screen. This helps keep you on the right path without taking your eyes away from the road.

Hiking and Biking on Different Trails

On cool fall nights when you’re in the mood to camp alone or with the family, head out on biking or hiking trails. You can mark the spot of your campsite on your GPS device and it’ll remember your starting location. When you’re ready to head back, just hit a button on your system. You can then walk or bike right back to where you started. You can also record the exact trail you walked using your tracking system and play it back next time you want to venture down that same path again. 

Locating Your Children

Fall weather often brings football games and bonfires, which is where your kids may spend most of their evenings with friends. GPS tracking devices help you worry a little less about their whereabouts. Install these systems in their cars or have them carry around a handheld device. Most systems make it easy to alert others of their exact location if they’re lost or their car breaks down.

Finding Your Parked Vehicle at Busy Events

Whether you’re attending a state fair, sporting event, pumpkin patch, or any other crowded fall festivity, you may lose sight of your car in a sea of vehicles. By placing your tracking system in your car, you can easily spot where your car is from your handheld device. Some even let you connect to the device using your mobile phone. This helps you leave the event quickly and without wandering around searching for your vehicle.

A GPS Tracking Device Helps You Navigate to and from Destinations

Many GPS tracking devices use global positioning satellites to help others find their specific location. These satellites pick up the signal of the location and the GPS system helps navigate you to that area. Contact us today to learn more about how a GPS tracking device can help successfully get you from point A to point B in no time.

GPS tracking systems are great to have on road trips. They can be used to track the locations of your car, family member, and pets while on vacation.

photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash

GPS tracking systems are awesome investments for your next family road trip. Get a vehicle tracking device for the car and personal trackers for your family members. You can even get an ankle tracker for your dog! A GPS tracker can help keep you and your family safe during road trips. Read on to learn more about what a GPS tracker does and how you can use it on a road trip.

First Things First: Navigation Systems vs. GPS Tracking Systems

When you hear “GPS,” you may think, “I already have one of those in my car and on my phone.” It is important to note that a navigation system is separate from a GPS tracker. Both are good to have on a road trip for different reasons. A navigation system helps drivers to reach their final destination. Simply enter an address, and the system will give drivers step-by-step directions on how to get there. A lot of cars have built-in navigation systems, and most mobile phones have them as well.

A GPS tracker, on the other hand, will not tell you where to go. Instead, it will help you locate the position of a person, animal, or vehicle. For example, a vehicle tracker can tell you where your car is parked. A GPS tracker comes with several different alerts and notifications so that users can know if their family members or vehicles are safe.

Keep Track of Where You Park Your Car

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A vehicle GPS tracker will help you keep track of where you park your car on vacation. While on vacation, you may park your car, jump out, and go sightseeing. Hours later, it could be difficult to remember where the car is. A GPS tracker will give users the real-time location of their car. Here are a few examples where this could be helpful:

  • City Road Trip: You have reservations at a restaurant, but can’t find parking nearby and end up parking blocks away. After dinner it is dark, and you can no longer remember where you parked. The GPS tracking device on the vehicle will help you find the car.
  • Beach Road Trip: Beaches are very crowded during the summer! Often this means that parking lots are full, and tourists need to park their cars blocks away from the beach. Beach streets can all look the same, and it can be confusing if you decide to walk even further once you get down to the beach to stake out a spot. At the end of the day, you may have forgotten whether you parked on 12th Street or 21st Street. Have no fear! Your GPS tracker will lead you right back to the location of your car.
  • Mountain Road Trip: A mountain vacation is all about exploring! If you are driving and spot a trailhead, park the car and hop out! After spending hours hiking around the forest, you may become disoriented about where you began and where your car is. Luckily, a GPS tracker will help you find the car.

Vehicle Safety

In addition, the vehicle tracker provides families with reassurance that their car is safe. Sometimes on vacation, you might have to park your car far away from your hotel or get it valeted. When the car is out of your sight, you will still know the location via the GPS tracker. This is especially nice to have during city vacations, because you may not know the safety or crime rate of the street you are parking your car on. Worst case scenario: your car gets stolen, but the police will be able to instantly track it down thanks to the GPS tracker.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Vehicle GPS trackers can monitor the behavior of the driver and track car crashes. If you are the parent of a college student who is heading on a spring or summer break road trip, you will want to equip the vehicle with a GPS tracking device for a couple of reasons. First, the device can detect poor driving behavior. It can track things like harsh braking and acceleration to help users know if their family member is driving too aggressively. Another reason to get a vehicle tracker for your kid’s car is that it can detect crashes. You can relax about your kid taking a road trip, because the vehicle GPS tracker will alert you if they are being unsafe or have gotten into an accident.

Keep Track of Family Members

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A personal GPS tracker is the perfect way to keep track of a family member on a road trip. Do you have family members who like to be adventurous on vacation? Give them a personal ankle tracker to wear so that you can track their location while they are out on their adventures. Here are some vacation activities where people might need ankle GPS trackers:

  • Hiking
  • ATV riding
  • Dirt biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Trail running
  • Surfing

These devices are waterproof so they can hold up against the elements. The ankle tracker comes with an SOS emergency call feature so you can rest assured that your family could call for help if they needed to. Know that your family is safe by tracking their real-time whereabouts on their vacation adventures.

Keep Track of Pets

Last but not least, GPS tracking systems can keep track of pets on vacations. Do you like to bring your dog with you everywhere but are worried about him running away? Put an ankle GPS tracker around his leg or collar. This will give you peace of mind that he won’t run off without you being able to find him. Let your dog out to run free after a long road trip without fear of losing your pet.

GPS tracking systems are extremely helpful to have on road trips. From monitoring the location of the car to keeping your family members safe on their road trip adventures, these trackers are a must! Get one for your vehicle and for each member of your family (including your pet!). For more information about GPS trackers and how they can be used on a road trip, contact us today.


GPS tracking systems have changed the way we do things in today’s society. GPS systems were created back in the 1970’s and became usable in 1995. Since then they have changed and are becoming better every day. If you are looking for the best GPS tracking systems, Tracking the World has what you need.

They Have Amazing Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems

When you need to keep track of a vehicle, you need the most powerful and long ranged GPS tracking systems. Tracking the World offers many types of systems for all your vehicle tracking needs. Their trackers support Dual-Band GSM frequencies and have sensitive receivers that will pick up everything. One of their best GPS tracking systems for vehicles is the AVL-55. It has several different input and output interfaces that can monitor or even control other devices. Every bit of information is recorded and sent to the proper place such as when there is an emergency or just low backup battery. This is an easy system to set up and use.

Have Advanced Personal Trackers for Everyone

There are many ways personal GPS tracking systems can benefit you and your family. Staying safe can be hard in this day in age, but personal trackers can help make it a bit easier. One of the best GPS tracking systems to do this is the PT-301. It is a GSM/GPS safety phone that is designed so that everyone from seniors to children can operate it. Everything is documented and kept on record. You can see data relating to emergencies, geo-fence boundaries being crossed and much more. This safety phone also allows for up to 20 numbers to be stored as well as inbound SMS display. It is small, has a low power consumption, and even has configurable speed dial options. The PT-301 has many customizable options that make it easier for everyone in your family to know how to use it.

GPS Tracking Systems For Everything

When you need one system to do a little bit of everything, you need the Enduro Plus 3G. It is a waterproof GPS locator that is designed to work for vehicles, personal trackers, assets, and even pet trackers. It will track everything in real time and full documentation is provided for emergencies and much more. The Enduro also has a thumb-sized button that helps in emergency situations or when setting up geo-fenced areas.

You can clearly see that the best GPS tracking systems are available through Tracking the World. They have spent over 13 years specializing in GPS tracking systems. They focus on making sure that you will receive GPS tracking systems that are the same quality as military grade systems. To keep everyone and items as safe as possible, you need Tracking the Worlds GPS tracking systems today.


GPS tracking systems have been helping people for years. They have kept families safe and have kept track of assets, fleets, and even animals. But there is a lot that most people don’t know about them and what they can actually do. In this article, you will learn what you need to know about GPS tracking systems.

Photo by Linda Söndergaard on Unsplash

Photo by Linda Söndergaard on Unsplash

View Live Tracking Data Anywhere

You can view live tracking data on any device no matter how far away you are. This means that you can always know when your kids are leaving the house or are safe at home. It also means you can track when your assets are being moved and where they are being moved to. No matter what you are tracking, you can view the data on any smartphone or tablet while you are away.

Use Geo-Fences for Live GPS Tracking Systems

Live GPS tracking systems have an interesting feature available. They have something called Geo-Fences, where you can set up a “fence” on a map. Then, when the trackers enter or leave that area, you will receive an alert via text message or email. This is useful in myriad ways. For example, when your teen leaves school you can get a text message letting you know when he or she has arrived home safely.

Keep Your Customers Happy

If you are utilizing GPS tracking systems for your company’s vehicle fleet, you can use the systems to keep your customers happy. Most companies that require an employee to visit a customer’s home give the customer a time window, requiring the customer to wait around for hours. But with GPS tracking systems, you can track your fleet and give the customer an actual time when your employee will arrive to help solve their problem. This will improve the customer’s experience and overall view of your company and its brand.

Save Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

When you have GPS tracking systems installed in your vehicle, you can keep it safer than you ever thought was possible. If the unfortunate event of your car being stolen happens, you can keep track of it. You can even show the live updates via your smartphone to the police to make sure your vehicle gets back to you safe and unharmed.

Remember that you can view live tracking data anywhere and set geo-fences to alert you. Also, remember that you can keep your customer happier and save your vehicle from being stolen or damaged. GPS tracking systems have many uses. They can keep you and your family safe, as well as your assets, and make your business better. No matter what you need to protect, when you have GPS tracking systems, you know everything will be protected and easy to monitor. In the end, GPS tracking systems make your life easier.


Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless all of you and your family this Thanksgiving!

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Sapcorda Plans Centimeter-Scale GPS for Europe (August 15, 2017)

Germany’s Bosch and Geo++, U-blox of Switzerland, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric announced the establishment of Sapcorda Services last Tuesday, a joint venture to provide global navigation satellite system (GNSS) positioning services of centimeter-level accuracy via satellite transmission, mobile cellular technology, and the Internet.


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This expedition is trying to find out if the tallest mountain in the world shrank (January 26, 2017)

This week, India’s surveyor general announced that the government is going to re-measure Mount Everest, in a bid to determine whether the world’s tallest peak shrank (or grew) following a devastating earthquake in 2015.

A team of 30 scientists will use two methods to measure the mountain. The first involves placing a GPS transistor at its summit to measure the distance from sea level; the second involves more traditional on-the-ground triangulation, whereby researchers would determine the distance to the summit based on its angle relative to two baseline points.


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Implications of BeiDou explored in US congressional report (January 25, 2017)

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission has issued a staff report titled “China’s Alternative to GPS and Its Implications for the United States.”

The report examines the objectives behind Beijing’s decision to develop the system as an alternative to GPS, its efforts to build an industry around the system, and the effects this might have in security, economic and diplomatic terms for the U.S.


Additional info on BeiDou:

Additional info on the different GPS systems:

GPS tracking law enforcement

According to a 2014 study released by the Yale Law Journal, using GPS tracking for covert tracking operations for law enforcement departments is incredibly less expensive than utilizing officers for covert tracking operations.  In fact, the study estimated the cost of GPS tracking to be 1000 times more affordable than tracking vehicles the old fashioned way, with officers trailing behind their target in unmarked vehicles.

In the study, the cost comparisons are dramatic– covert tracking using the standard 5 car surveillance box strategy is estimated to cost $275 dollars per hour, yet the cost of GPS tracking for law enforcement covert tracking can range from just 36-cents to around $5 per hour.

GPS tracking for law enforcement has been described as a “game changer” in the law enforcement community for both its cost effectiveness and the number of vehicles that can be tracked simultaneously.

The study included both cell phone GPS tracking units, and GPS tracking systems mounted to target vehicles.


Visit for more information on professional grade GPS tracking systems.



GPS Tracking for a Greener Business

Recycling.  Upcycling.  Paper-free offices.   In today’s world it seems as if we’re bombarded multiple options and continuous pressure to maintain both green businesses and homes.  Here are a few ways that adding GPS tracking to your business can help you improve the overall environmental friendliness of your business. 

Reduce Fuel Consumption:  One of the most pressing environmental and fiscal issues with many business owners is monitoring and attempting to reduce the amount of fuel used, and its cost.    GPS tracking software for business vehicles allows dispatchers to easily select the most efficient route of travel—saving fuel, time, and money. 

In addition, installing GPS tracking on your business fleet can increase the miles per gallon you get with your vehicles, as GPS tracking software acts as a deterrent for employees tempted to exceed speed limits or drive recklessly.

Working Toward a Paper-Free Office:  GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software can help you reduce the amount of paper waste your business generates through automated reporting options, including work hours and mileage reporting.

GPS tracking kids

Entrusted with both the safety and education of our children, public school administrators seeking to more effectively manage student transportation are increasingly turning to GPS tracking devices and tracking software to help them efficiently manage bus routes, monitor drivers, and ensure child safety. 

Bus Route Planning

In both rural and urban areas, planning for pick-up and drop-off of hundreds, or even thousands of school children requires organization and efficiency.  Bus routes must be planned to maximize fuel efficiency, minimize mileage, and be timed perfectly to get students to school on time. 

GPS tracking software is beneficial in planning student transportation because of its ability to quickly assist administrators in determining the most efficient route of travel for every bus in a school’s fleet.

Safety First with GPS Devices

The most important responsibility of any public school system is to ensure the safety of its students, and GPS tracking systems have become an additional layer of security for students and drivers on bus routes.    With tracking devices installed on each school bus, and the use of GPS tracking software, school administrators are easily alerted if a bus leaves its intended route of travel, if a bus is stopped for any length of time, and direction of travel.

Staff Monitoring

While no one wants to think of the possibility of irresponsible school staff members responsible for the safety of school children, it is an unfortunate reality.  For these situations, GPS tracking systems provide a cost effective way to monitor school bus drivers for speed, location, and possible misuse of a school fleet vehicles.    

GPS tracking software can protect your drivers in the event they are falsely accused of disregarding speed limits or other committing other violations.  With GPS tracking devices, routes of travel are precisely recorded and are may be played back in real time.

Getting Started

For more information on incorporating the use of GPS tracking systems within your public school system, contact TrackingTheWorld, Inc., a leading developer of GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software for business, government, and private use. For more information, visit

GPS tracking firemen

In the aftermath of the tragic deaths of 19 Arizona firefighters, the Florida Forest Service is outfitting its firefighters on the frontlines with GPS tracking systems.  Using GPS tracking software, supervisors will know the location of each firefighter at any time, and be able to reach them more quickly in the event of an emergency.

The new GPS tracking program is being implemented in hopes of increasing the safety of those closest to potentially deadly blazes, including those using bulldozers to push back fire lines.   According to the forest service, the program is possibly the first of its kind for firefighters.  The GPS tracking program does not require cell phone or Internet service, but rather relies on “packets” of electronic information sent to supervisors’ laptops provided they are within a two mile range of the GPS tracking device.