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While most larger police departments in Oklahoma already utilize GPS tracking systems, rural police departments in the state are realizing a need for GPS tracking systems in police cruisers due to an increase in vehicle theft. Some small departments are seeking federal grants to have the systems installed.

Thefts of police cruisers have even included SWAT vehicles, by thieves seeking the arsenal of weapons inside, which can be both dangerous and expensive.   The most significant barrier for obtaining GPS tracking systems  for small departments is budget constraints leaving department heads searching for federal funding and grants.

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As one of the most convenient options in GPS tracking today, TrackingTheWorld just launched the WT-OBD GPS tracker.  The device plugs into the diagnostic port of any vehicle for instant tracking using TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking software.  The device comes with built in motion detection, real time tracking and G-force monitoring.  The device is compatible with any GSM carrier and requires a data SIM card to operate.

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We’ve written several times in the last year about cities around the world utilizing GPS tracking devices to improve their public transportation systems.

Our latest news find on the topic details a GPS tracking initiative for public transportation GPS trackers in Pullman, WA as a result of a stimulus grant which will also fund the purchase of a camera for each bus.

The GPS tracking system is currently in testing, and is expected to be available to patrons in 2012.



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Increased traffic and the overall safety of children on Halloween night is always a challenge for parents,  but can be dramatically improved through the use of a GPS tracker.  Tossing a GPS tracking device in any Trick-or-Treat bag coupled with the use of GPS tracking software gives parents the abilitiy to set boundaries for their older Trick-or-Treaters and pinpoint their exact locations at any time.

For younger ghouls and goblins, GPS tracking systems act as an additional safety measure in case  parents become accidentally separated from their child, and can be programmed to send an alert if  a child leaves a predetermined area.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Does GPS tracking teenage drivers really make them better drivers?  According to a recent study, the answer is YES.  While some parents may feel awkward  using GPS tracking to monitor their child’s driving habits, it
turns out that use of GPS tracking devices do, in fact, improve teen driving habits–especially if the teenage driver is aware that there is a GPS tracker in his or her vehicle.

A new study released by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety showed that
when teens know that their driving was being monitored by their parents they
perform better behind the wheel than their non-monitored counterparts.


If  you’re looking for a GPS tracker for a teenager, we recommend the Enduro Pro GPS Tracking Device, and sharing with your teen that the tracker is in his or her vehicle.  Read more about the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker.

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A second round of research by the Kiawah Conservancy, located in Kiawah Island of South Carolina, is using GPS tracking technology to monitor 35-bobcats in the area. The data gained from the study will
provide critical information on the bobcats’ habitat area, and create a virtual boundary for preserving it .The GPS tracking systems helps  builders on the island to avoid building over the habitats of the native species.

Wildlife preservationists feel the GPS tracking program is important, because human development on the island has already resulted in the deaths of 2 bobcats, both struck by cars.




GPS tracking systems are proving to be beneficial to the environment through their help in exposing and preventing  illegal garbage dumping.  The following details GPS tracking systems installed in garbage trucks in Abu Dhabi.

About 85-percent of garbage collection trucks in Abu Dhabi emirate are equipped with GPS tracking transmitters. It seems that the simple addition of a GPS tracking systems has resulted in  radical, and much improved, changes in
the amount of waste that is dumped at improper locations.

Before the installation of the GPS tracking systems,  illegal
dumping was a serious issue, including complaints about collection trucks dumping sewage water into deserts in the
Western Region.  This dumping was a serious problem, as it was contaminating local farms.

It is reported that the GPS tracking systems have significantly recucedthe number of complaints within the area.


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We’ve often blogged about the use of GPS trackers for municipalities, including GPS tracking for school districts and police departments.   Here’s another story from Bergen County, NJ that provides an excellent example of how cities and towns are using GPS tracking systems to cut costs and increase efficiency.

In August, the county implemented the use of 100 GPS tracking systems in county vehicles and is considering the installation of 100 more.   Since the county police department had previously installed GPS tracking units, the new GPS trackers were spread among multiple county departments, including the public works and parks departments.

County officials cite that they are pleased with the results of the GPS trackers, reporting that the GPS tracking units save time, and result in greater employee attention while driving a county vehicle.

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Here on our GPS tracking blog, we’ve often discussed the benefits of GPS tracking systems for kids, including GPS tracking for teenage drivers, GPS tracking for school buses, and GPS tracking systems for child security.  According to a recent news article, daycares in Sweden are now utilizing GPS tracker devices for keeping track of students on outings.

Some of the GPS trackers used in Swededn are incorporated into special vests worn over each child’s clothing. The GPS tracking vests allow teachers to view all students on one screen and quickly be aware of students tempted to wander away from the group.

While some parents and other cite concerns of GPS tracking devices replacing staff members, daycares insist the GPS trackers are used as an added measure of security implemented in the best interest of the children.


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