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Your guide to comprehensive innovative tracking systems.

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When it comes to innovative technology and cutting-edge systems, working with one of the nation’s leading tracking companies is a wise choice. Here at Tracking the World, we are proud to offer some of the most robust, reliable, and real-time data collection-compatible devices on the market. Learning the ropes of the latest and greatest breakthroughs in the tracking world is a surefire way to stay on top of all your tracking needs. 

Whether you are an individual, a company, a fleet owner, or even a teenager who is interested in safety tracking features, we can help. Contact us today to speak with a team member. We can pair you with the best tracking system for your individual needs.

Here are just three of the numerous new innovations in the tracking device world.

Tracking Devices That Allow Real-Time Data Collection & Monitoring

Tracking devices are often employed for both safety purposes and to collect vital information. This can be important business info like shipping routes, employee efficiency, and employee accountability information. However, it can also be everyday info which the average homeowner might want to access.

As a parent, for example, you might invest in a tracking device or two for your children. This could be your way of ensuring their safety at a sleepover, on the way to school, away at an extracurricular activity or summer camp, etc.

Having access to any of this information when you need it the most is critical, whether you are operating a massive shipping fleet or ensuring the safety of your children. 

Therefore, innovative tracking systems now offer even faster access to this information through real-time data collection. At Tracking the World, these systems get you the information you need most in real-time, transmitted to the device of your choosing. With a quick and simple installation process, our devices make it easy for you to track data on a laptop, cell phone, or tablet. With this close monitoring and real-time data collection capability as a recent breakthrough in innovating tracking systems, you can get greater assurance and peace of mind. 

Innovative Tracking: Robust Tracking Software Protection 

Another new aspect of innovative tracking technology is advances in robust software and software protection systems. Software and hardware in the tracking world are the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that keep everything operating smoothly. When it comes to robust tracking systems, the importance of a reliable system can’t be overstated. Without proper software protection, your information could be at risk or infiltrated by others. 

Therefore, when shopping for the best tracking system for your needs, keep in mind the software systems in place behind the scenes. Ask your Tracking the World team all about our innovative tracking software systems. You can rest assured we’ll always use the best software for every tracking device. 

Fast Tracking Connection Speeds and Greater Reliability

Finally, when it comes to innovative tracking, you will want to consider how reliable your systems are. You will also want to know connection speeds. These final two factors guarantee you a fast and precise pinpoint of your device’s whereabouts. If they’re off by even a small fraction, these results can make a major difference in the safety of a loved one or the efficiency of a shipping route. We test every device configuration and design and are always calibrating our software systems to ensure precision for your devices. If you ever have concerns or need help troubleshooting a problem, we are easy to reach. Our team provides online 24/7 support, and you can also call to speak with a team member. 

More on innovative tracking at Tracking the World Services.

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Our Line of Innovative Tracking Products 

At Tracking the World, we have a product for everyone’s needs. Our line of innovative tracking devices includes devices specific to certain applications. Examples include motorcycle usage, lone workers, pets, young children, and multi-purpose devices. We can help you narrow down your search further if needed. Our team posts descriptions of each device on our website. These include dimensions, battery features and battery life length, as well as other notable connection capabilities. When shopping for your future device, we recommend reading through our website. You can reach out to a team member if you have questions. No matter which device you choose, our team can guarantee innovative tracking systems that have your back. 

Learn More About Innovative Tracking from Tracking the World

If you are in the market for a new tracking device or GPS system, we can help. Our innovative tracking technology, software, and device selection make it easy to get what you need in one place. From shopping for a device that suits your exact needs to installation and beyond, our team is here for you. We use innovative tracking software to ensure a robust, reliable, precise, and secure connection in real-time. Furthermore, some competitor companies might have lag time or unreliable data collection. 

If you are ready to find your next cutting-edge GPS tracking device, don’t wait. Contact us today or shop our products now!

Here is your guide to fleet delivery tracking systems and technology.

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When it comes to fleet management services, investing in a fleet delivery tracking device is a great place to begin. After all, if you are in charge of a shipping and delivery fleet of any scale, it’s critical to stay on top of routes. Tracking all of these important details helps your business operate smoothly. Furthermore, tracking these details can actually help you locate areas where improvements can be made by making smart shifts or changes. Therefore, investing in the latest fleet tracking technology from a company you can rely on is crucial. 

This is where we enter the picture at Tracking the World. Our fleet delivery tracking systems make it easy for you to track a fleet of any size. With our team working alongside you, you also get 24/7 support, troubleshooting assistance, easy installation, and the latest upgrades on devices for your fleet business. What more could you ask for when it comes to precise and expert fleet tracking systems? Learn more about all we have to offer, our devices, and how you can begin your fleet tracking journey today! Connect with us or shop online now! Here is how you can set up your fleet tracking systems at your delivery service in no time at all. 

Why Choose a Fleet Tracking Management System?

Fleet tracking management makes it easy for you to track all of your delivery and shipping routes. In fact, real-time data collection can show you where each vehicle in your delivery system is at every moment. Therefore, GPS fleet tracking systems offer greater precision and attention to detail when it comes to tracking management. 

You should consider investing in a fleet delivery tracking system if you are struggling to streamline delivery routes, need more accountability from your delivery team, are having delivery issues, or just want more insights into your delivery routes. Any of these are valid reasons to investigate and shop our durable line of convenient fleet trackers today!

Features of Fleet Tracking Devices 

There are many critical features of a reliable fleet tracking device. Our devices are compatible with moving vehicles of all types, which is essential for precise tracking that documents the location, speed, and route of each vehicle in your fleet. Furthermore, our devices are durable and meant to withstand a wide range of conditions. After all, your fleet could be out in bad weather or get into an accident.

When these things occur, you still need to be able to rely on your GPS systems to locate your fleet and make important decisions regarding transportation of products. Therefore, real-time data collection is essential from reliable devices with a robust battery life. Finally, compact devices are ideal because they can be easily installed in fleet vehicles in a variety of ways. Working with our team at Tracking the World is the best way to ensure you have properly installed and set up your fleet tracking management systems.

Our Fleet Tracking Devices 

Fleet delivery tracking devices come in a few different styles. You might require fleet tracking devices for many purposes. Our devices are ideal for everyday shipping, cooler shipping, towing capabilities, trailers, vehicles of many types, and waste management companies. Furthermore, our devices can be used in tandem with dashcams, ambulance systems, school districts/school buses, and other electronic logging device systems. 

Our website’s product page has some great insights into which device could be the best fit for your needs. When shopping for a fleet tracking system, keep your needs in mind. It’s a good idea to look for a device that is portable, compact, has a long battery life, and is durable. We offer different multipurpose devices and devices compatible with moving vehicles, guaranteeing the right option for everyone’s needs. 

Learn more about fleet delivery tracking systems.

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Benefits of Fleet Delivery Tracking Systems 

There are many other benefits of choosing a fleet tracking system for your business – namely, streamlining business operations and ensuring happy customers and employees. After all, your employees’ time matters. You can easily waste time on inefficient routes or backtracking for delivery requests. Luckily, a GPS device helps you catch these things and make everything run more smoothly. This also allows quicker delivery of customer goods and products, resulting in positive customer reviews. Overall, making the switch to a GPS fleet system can make everyone happier. It can also save you money and streamline business operations. Finally, with fleet systems, you can cut your hours and spend more time focused on other matters. 

Get Started with Fleet Delivery Tracking Technology 

If you are ready to enter the fleet tracking game for your deliveries, don’t wait. We can help at Tracking the World. Investing in one of our fleet tracking devices means investing in your future and your business. With the right systems in place, you can make smart changes and expedite shipping routes. This can result in happier customers and employees, less wasted time, and higher profit margins all around. Make it happen with the right technology in your pocket. Shop our fleet tracking devices and connect with us to get started today! 

Learn more about tracking and travel.

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Traveling with a GPS tracking device is a wise way to stay safe and have better adventures. There are so many ways you can integrate the latest tracking systems into your next vacation. Whether you are going far from home or just around the corner, a GPS tracking device is a great way to add extra protection for any journey. Plus, with so many tracking systems to choose from, there is a perfect device for all types of adventures. You can get started on your next adventure with the protection and peace of mind of a Tracking the World device. Learn more and shop our line of current devices to get started.

Here is your guide to tracking and travel with GPS systems from Tracking the World. 

The Basics of Tracking Systems

Tracking systems work by communicating with satellites orbiting the Earth. This allows them to accurately pinpoint the location of any device in real time with precise data transmission. This can be very beneficial to vacationers everywhere, as well as their loved ones. Many people invest in GPS tracking devices to help ensure the safety of their loved ones in daily life or on longer trips away from home. Anyone can purchase a GPS device and begin using it for that extra peace of mind. Understanding the basic principles and functions of GPS systems is a great place to begin your search for the device that best suits your individual needs. 

Tracking and Travel: Choosing the Right Device

Choosing the right device for your needs is especially important when it comes to traveling. After all, certain features can prove more useful for long excursions and adventures. For example, a durable GPS device with a longer battery life could be something to look out for as you prepare for a longer hike through the mountains.

This device can track your journey and transmit real-time data back home to loved ones. That way, they can ensure you are on track (literally) with your journey and will be able to get help to your precise location if needed.

However, finding the right device is just as important for vacations where you are relaxing on the beach. Features such as waterproof capabilities, compact designs, and rechargeable batteries could be critical functions to seek when shopping for a vacation-friendly device. 

Travel Safety Features and Functions

Next, it’s important to consider what safety features are available for your tracking devices. Tracking and travel should go hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art safety and security features that help you stay safe on every adventure. Safety features might include fall-down alerts and emergency call services, among other functions. 

Fall-down alerts are designed to help a user call for help if they fall down, become injured, or are otherwise unable to seek help. The same applies to emergency call services, which can be linked to calls for emergency responders. The best part about both of these functions is the GPS device itself can transmit the exact location of the users. This allows emergency personnel to come to the aid of individuals in need of immediate help. So, even if you are traveling, help is never too far away. 

Learn more about our tracking and travel friendly devices.

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A Wide Selection of Devices for Everyone’s Needs

At Tracking the World, we have carved out a name for ourselves as one of the nation’s leading tracking device companies. This is for a number of reasons, one of which is offering a wide selection of the latest tracking devices. We use cutting-edge innovations in tracking technology to power all of our devices with reliable, fast connections and robust software systems. 

Whatever your needs, our wide selection of GPS systems makes it possible. When you shop our line of products, we also break it down for you. We have different categories to make it simple to locate the best options for your needs. Our team is happy to help answer your questions and connect you with your optimal device. When it comes to tracking and travel, your best GPS device awaits. Let the search begin!

Putting It All Together

After you have asked the right questions and searched for your ideal device, you can put it all together. After you  receive your state-of-the-art tracking device, it is time for activation. We make our activation process simple. On our website, you can find the step-by-step activation process. This allows you to set up your device with the device of your choosing. Then, you or a loved one can receive real-time data transmission for every adventure connected with that device. Our devices are compatible with moving vehicles of all types, which makes it easy to receive information no matter how you are on the go. If you have questions during the activation process, just reach out. We are always happy to be of assistance. 

Tracking and Travel with Tracking the World: Connect with Us!

If you are seeking the best device for tracking and travel this year, we can help. Our team is dedicated to providing the latest tracking devices and technology. Plus, we love to share resources to help you locate the best device for your needs and utilize all of its functions. To learn more and get started with tracking and travel, contact us today or explore our website to learn more.

Your guide to GPS device shopping.

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GPS tracking devices have so much to offer users from all walks of life. Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, a parent, an elderly individual, a teenager, or a pet owner, there is a GPS device for your needs. However, searching for the best device for your needs can sometimes seem daunting, especially when there are so many options on the market. Luckily, the process can be simple when you take it step by step. 

When it comes to finding the best GPS device for your needs, we are always happy to help at Tracking the World. With over a decade of tracking device expertise under our belts, we are experts at finding the best device for everyone’s needs. Learn more about how we can aid you in your search.

Here is your in-depth guide to finding the best GPS device for your individual or business needs today!

Know Your Needs

The first step in finding your perfect GPS device is to know your needs. Sometimes this feels easier said than done. If you have never invested in a GPS device before, you might not realize which features or functions you need. However, you probably have a firm idea of why you are searching for a GPS tracking system in the first place. Start here. 

For example, if you are seeking a device to help elderly family members who live on their own, then you know you need a device with safety features. Most Tracking the World devices come with automatic safety features like fall-down alerts and emergency call services. 

In contrast, a business owner might be less concerned about safety features and more worried about a durable device that can be attached to their fleet vehicles. So, knowing what your needs are is the best place to begin your search for the perfect tracking system. 

What Type of Device Do You Need?

After you know your general needs, you can begin to get a little more specific in your search. Options could include a multi-purpose device that offers a wider range of applications in one device. These are quite popular because they can apply to various people or functions.

However, sometimes you know you require a device only for a very specific need. In this case, you should shop for the best device to suit that exact need in order to get the best data collection and transmission. 

For example, motorcyclists often look at our line of durable motorcycle trackers for all their road adventures. These devices ensure reliability and convenience for riders everywhere. On the other hand, a pet owner will need to look for a device that works with animals, such as our line of ankle trackers. 

What Features Are Important to You?

Next, it’s critical to make sure the device you choose has all the features you might require. These range from reliable connections on the go to a long battery life, waterproof capabilities, a compact design, or being compatible with vehicles or pets. Making sure that the top two devices in your search meet all your non-negotiable requirements can help you make that final decision. 

Learn more about finding your next GPS device.

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Who Is the Device For?

One final thing to consider is who the primary device user will be. Many parents will invest in tracking systems for their children’s safety on the way to school or away at camps. So, having a device that is reliable is critical as well as durable as children can sometimes break things.

After considering all of these factors, you should have a fairly clear picture of what type of device is best for you, even if you have not made the final selection. That’s where our team comes in and is always happy to help. When you chat with our expert tracking team members, you can get all of your questions answered. Hopefully, this final step helps you select the best device for your needs. 

Shop Our Current Products GPS Device Page

When you are ready to shop for your next GPS device, Tracking the World can help. Our current products website page is a great place to browse all of our devices. We list devices in categories so you are able to see all of your options together. You can compare features, sizes, and other important details and reach out with questions anytime. Plus, we outline our simple activation process on our website so you can immediately get started with your device after purchasing. 

Contact Us for Your Next GPS Device

If you are ready to take the leap and find a GPS device that suits all of your needs, we are here to help. Shopping for reliable, durable, and cutting-edge technology in your GPS investment has never been easier than with our team. Tracking the World is one of the nation’s leading tracking companies for a reason. Let us be a part of your tracking journey. Connect with us, shop our website, or give us a call for support anytime! 

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When it comes to aiding emergency responders in doing their jobs safely, Tracking the World can help. In fact, tracking devices have been used in all types of emergency response services for over a decade. There are many ways that our devices can safely help responders conduct their jobs and maintain citizens’ safety at the same time. We also have certain devices which are more applicable for emergency responders’ use. 

At Tracking the World, we have over a decade of experience in the tracking industry. We produce and sell tracking devices of all types, from multipurpose devices to specific options such as our ankle trackers, motorcycle trackers, and asset trackers. Our job is to help individuals, families, and businesses of all types find the right tracking technology for their needs. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and also encourage you to explore the many resources on our website.

Here are some more helpful insights into how emergency responders can employ our tracking devices at Tracking the World. 

Users Can Enable Emergency Features

One of the first ways that emergency responders can work with tracking technology is by responding to individual calls. If a user enables the emergency call or fall-down alert features on their Tracking the World device, this can alert emergency responders. As a result, responders can react to these initial calls and warnings sooner. In some cases, this can make the difference in getting help to someone who might not otherwise reach a phone or another person for aid. 

Asset and Vehicle-Specific Trackers

Emergency responders can also choose devices that allow them to track vehicle movements and assets. Let’s take the example of a local police department. They could invest in asset and vehicle trackers to monitor all police cars, which are assets of the police department. 

Investing in tracking technology for a police force allows all officers’ movements to be recorded. This could help pinpoint the location of an incident, make writing official reports easier, reduce travel time, and other important data collection. Using this data will help emergency responders make smarter choices that could have vast impacts in their community. 

Reduce Emergency Response Windows

One such impact is reducing emergency response windows. With the ability to get information on crimes or other situations at a precise location sooner, responders can act faster. Plus, having the ability to tracker a location in real time allows for people to be guided to a precise location with greater accuracy. Streamlined routes used to get people to a hospital, for instance, by learning traffic patterns as well as average route times can make a major difference. For one thing, it shortens the time responders need to get to a scene. 

Tracking devices for emergency responders help save lives.

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Save Lives and Prevent Crime with Tracking Devices Systems

Another way to think about how emergency responders employ tracking devices is by their impact. This is because tracking technology can have a far-reaching impact that can’t always be visibly measured. In the examples above, for instance, we see how getting to a scene faster could potentially save lives. 

Plus, it could put a criminal in jail, reduce vandalism, and make a community safer overall. People who trust in their community’s emergency response times will feel safer. This can build a sense of trust with their local responders. All of these impacts could stem from implementing reliable tracing technology for emergency responders everywhere. 

Tracking Devices for Emergency Responders

There are many possible devices that emergency responders can choose from our website. As we mentioned, devices for vehicles are a critical choice, including our AVL-50 4G, AVL-55 3G, AVL-55, and AVL-300 devices, among others. You can shop these devices and learn about what each has to offer on our products page. 

Learn More About Our Tracking Devices

Working with emergency responders is something that we believe can make a difference in our communities and lives everywhere. We want to help emergency responders make smart investments in tracking systems that will make an impact. Responders can help by reducing response windows and allowing people to get help when they need it most. Furthermore, they can help by creating faster routes and building community trust. Our asset and vehicle trackers are all great investments for emergency responders everywhere. Learn more about us, our mission, and our tracking devices today. Call us for troubleshooting issues or questions anytime at 650-692-8100.

When it comes to the tracking community, learning everything you can from your tracking system provider is wise. We love helping our clients get the most out of their GPS tracking devices and systems. On our Tracking the World website you can review helpful resources including regular blog content that keeps you in the loop with the latest in tracking technology. If you need assistance shopping for a device or learning about device features, we are also here to help . Between our streamlined website design and our 24/7 customer ticket support system, you can rest assured we are here for you whenever you need assistance. 

Tracking the World has been one of the nation’s leading tracking providers for over a decade. We are passionate about providing business owners and individuals with the right tracking equipment for their needs. We also offer the option for you to become a tracking host yourself with a simple process. Here are just five of the many resources on tracking the Tracking the World website for you to learn about. Contact us anytime to get your consultation phone call started or to explore even more helpful tools from our website. 

Information On Activating Tracking Devices 

One of the first places you should stop after purchasing a GPS device is our activate tracker page. This page walks you through the simple measures you need to take to activate your tracking device. Our Tracking the World website outlines this process step-by-step so you aren’t wondering what to do to get things working properly. Plus, our tech support can step in if you do run into issues with any device activation. On the side, this page also breaks down which devices you have to make sure you are following the correct measures with a compatible GPS device. Of course, we are happy to answer any questions that might arise regarding activation anytime. 

Tracking the World Website: Support Page

As we have mentioned, we offer 24/7 support for all of your tracking needs. This can easily be accessed on our support page. There you will see information regarding phone and email support options. Further down, we even link information on each of our devices including user manuals. Sometimes, paging through these can help you resolve issues instead of calling or emailing tech support. However, we have seen all types of issues over the years and are happy to help troubleshoot in real time to resolve problems if they arise. 

Learn About Us In More Detail 

You can also learn more about us from our Tracking the World website. On this page you can learn about the history of our company, our mission statement, and the services we offer in depth. After all, we don’t just want to be another company on the horizon, we want to actually help our customers receive excellent customer care. Now you can learn all the ins and outs of our world class tracking team in one streamlined page. 

A deeper look at the Tracking the World website.

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Shop Tracking Devices With Guidance : Our Products Page

Next up, is our products page. This is probably one of the most important areas and resources on our website. This is the page you will go to when it comes time to shop for your future tracking device on the Tracking the World website. We have organized this page to make shopping for the right device for your needs easy. On the side we have categories by the types of trackers we offer including vehicle trackers, ankle trackers, motorcycle trackers, multi-purpose trackers, and asset tracking devices. We also sell a number of accessory products which can be viewed via the sidebar as well. See information clearly outline about what each device has to offer, dimensions and  unique features. If you are unsure of which device is best for your needs, no problem. Just call us and we will happily help you make the right selection. 

Tracking the World Website: Distributors Guide

Finally, our guide for tracking distributors is a recourse growing in popularity on our website. On this page you can see a list of distributors that we are affiliated with. Clicking on their webpages should take you directly to their sites where you can learn more about what they provide. This makes finding the right tracking distributors simple. 

Contact Us To Learn Even More!

Working with Tracking the World is a great investment for all of your tracking needs. Our Tracking the World website makes locating the information and resources you need simple. From our products page to our about page, we are constantly integrating new features and tools to make your tracking adventures run smoothly. Visit our website or call us at 650-692-8100 to learn even more and start your process now. 

live demo tracking system

Live Demo Tracking System: Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

Working with a tracking device company you can trust is an important part of your tracking for personal or business use. Furthermore, before launching your own tracking company, you need to know the ins and outs of tracking technology. One way to assess which systems and software are the best fit for your needs is by using a live demo tracking test or system. A live demo can help you test systems and software and make smart choices before you fully commit to your investment. 

Tracking the World GPS tracking services and products are here to help. We have over a decade of dedicated industry experience in the tracking world, which has made us one of the leading tracking companies in America. Learn more about what we can do for you on our website. Contact us for a consultation process and to learn about live demo tracking capabilities with our team.

Here is how you can live demo a tracking system at Tracking the World Services. 

Why Do Live Results Matter?

Live results matter because the sooner you get the information you need, the faster you can make smart business changes or ensure a loved one’s safety. When live results are transmitted in real time to your chosen device, you can act quicker. 

Real-Time Data Transmission

Tracking the World makes real-time data transmission simple. We can help you set up a data collection platform on the device of your choosing, including laptops and cellular devices. Then, collected data is automatically transmitted to this device. This way, you can view movements, track shipping routes, follow the path of loved ones for safety, and even keep track of furry friends. Whatever your use for a GPS tracking device, real-time data collection and transmission can have an impact. 

Your guide to live demo tracking system.

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Live Demos of Tracking Systems 

Live demos of tracking systems are one way to test tracking technology before making an investment. We offer live demo tracking at Tracking the World. Our live demos help illustrate the many uses of our tracking devices, including specialized devices. 

We offer a wide selection, including devices for moving vehicles, pet-compatible devices, and devices that are great for young children. During a live demo, you can also see technology such as fall-down alerts and emergency call services in action. Seeing these systems working in real-time helps you know you are committing to a company that can help you.

Working with Tracking Distributors

Our team also works directly with tracking distributors. We can live demo our tracking technology for distributors who might be interested in selling tracking products themselves. This is a good way to know the tracking game before you jump fully in. If you have questions about our live demo sessions or need more information as a distributor, we also offer a revenue sharing program, which can be a fantastic option for those new to the industry. You can learn more about revenue sharing on our website and blog. 

Shop Our Devices for Personal Use!

If you are an individual wanting to learn more about live demos, we also have your back. First, we suggest narrowing down your options when it comes to the best tracking product for your needs. Trackers range from pet ankle trackers to fleet trackers, lone-worker trackers, motorcycle trackers, and beyond. As a result, we have something for everyone’s needs.

After deciding, you can meet with our team to learn more. You can watch live demos for your top options to make a final selection.

Learn More Today with Tracking the World!

No time is the wrong time to make smart moves for your tracking future. We can help at Tracking the World. Don’t wait – reach out to our team to begin your live demo tracking journey now. With our quick installation and start-up process, you can begin tracking your next adventures, big and small, in no time. Learn more and get started on our website right now!

Here is your guide to GPS tracking technology.

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When it comes to the world of tracking technology, there are so many options currently on the market. In fact, with the latest technology in tracking, you can now travel further and still enjoy excellent reliability. Tracking the World, one of the nation’s leading tracking companies, is here to help. You can learn more about what we have to offer on our website, including exploring features and technology with every tracking device we sell. 

Here are just three of the many things you should know about tracking technology before you choose your future GPS device. Shop our line of multipurpose or focused-function devices anytime to find the option that is suitable for your personal or business needs. 

Reasons to Learn About Tracking Technology 

There are many reasons to learn more about tracking technology. First, it can help you make the right choices when it comes to which tracking device to shop for. This is important since different devices offer different capacities, usages, and are applicable to different situations. For example, many of our tracking devices are a great resource for moving vehicles, but not all are recommended for the same applications. You might need a specific tracker, such as a motorcycle tracking device or an ankle tracker that can be used on lone worker sites or for pets. Whatever your needs, understanding some basic tracking technology can better help you make an informed choice in your investment. 

Second, tracking technology can have issues, and knowing the basics behind these systems makes troubleshooting a breeze. We also offer a customer support team that can help you troubleshoot issues if they arise. 

Motion Sensor Systems

When it comes to tracking technology, finding the right systems and software functions is critical. One feature of a reliable tracking device is its motion detection system. Motion sensors are an integral aspect of how GPS tracking devices operate because without motion detection, your device cannot accurately trace movement. 

Of course, a motion detection system has to work well with programmed software, device hardware, and satellite systems in orbit to continually pinpoint your exact location and transmit this data back to the device of your choosing. With newer tracking technology, the process of motion detection and data transmission has become so accurate that you can receive this information in real time on your laptop, phone, or other device of your choosing. 

Tracking Technology Is Always Evolving

Next, it’s important to note that tracking technology is not stagnant. In fact, this technology is always evolving as new systems, studies, and information flood the market. Luckily, we are up to date on the latest software, hardware, and technology systems at Tracking the World. It is part of our mission to bring our customers the best tracking systems possible. We do this by integrating streamlined tracking technology into every device we provide. You can learn more about some of the latest upgrades and changes within the tracking world on our website. 

Tracking Technology 3G and 4G Capabilities

Many people think that tracking devices are not updated as frequently as other types of technology on the market. This is simply not true. Most tracking devices have the same range of WiFi connection capacities as other types of devices. 

At Tracking the World, for example, we provide devices that are compatible with 3G and even 4G connections. When shopping for your next tracking device, you can review this information on each device on our website’s products page. Our 4G devices offer an even wider range of connections and 24/7 tracking capabilities for your adventures near and far. If you are unsure which device might be the best option for your needs, we urge you to contact us to speak with a representative. They can answer all of your questions. 

Tracking technology for all of your business needs.

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Features for Business & Asset Tracking

Furthermore, Tracking the World offers devices with features for asset or business tracking. When it comes to tracking technology, business tracking devices require a more robust software system. That is why we design durable, reliable, and sturdy tracking devices with the latest business tracking technology in place. 

We understand that a reliable tracking device for your asset tracking is more than just about knowing where your shipments or assets are at all times. It is about investing in the security of your employees, assets, and future as a corporation. Therefore, our business-grade tracking devices have a lot more detailed aspects. These aspects are required to offer clients the same level of tracking possibilities with extra durability and protection. 

Contact Tracking the World or Shop Our Website Today!

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Learn more about real-time tracking now.

Tracking devices are an important tool for getting both personal and business tasks done safely. However, waiting for tracking data results can put you behind schedule, create lag issues, and waste time all around. That is why it is smart to invest in a company that puts your needs first with real-time tracking.  

With Tracking the World, we offer a wide selection of tracking devices at an affordable cost. Even better, all of our devices come with the ability to set up real-time data collection. This allows you to review data live from a convenient device of your choosing after activation. Learn more about how we can help with our high-quality devices and software systems by visiting our website today. In the meantime, here is your crash course on how tracking works in real-time with our team. 

The Purpose of a GPS Device 

Understanding the purpose of a GPS device can help you begin real-time tracking. First, there are many reasons you might invest in a tracking device. For some people, tracking is a safety concern for young children, elderly parents, friends, family, and even pets. In other cases, there is an element of fun and adventure to being able to track all of your road trips, vacations, and daily commutes. 

Finally, business owners can actually benefit drastically from working with an expert tracking device company. Not only can they ensure the safety of themselves and their employees, but they can also improve daily operations. By streamlining the time it takes to complete basic tasks and cutting down work time, individuals are able to improve their business quickly by using real-time tracking information. 

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Learn more about real-time tracking now.

How Does Tracking Work?

So the question remains: how does a GPS tracking device make all of this possible? GPS devices work using triangulation technology bouncing off multiple satellites that are in orbit. As your positioning changes based on these satellites, precise longitude and latitude information is shared on a device of your choosing. 

The final piece to the puzzle lies in the software and hardware systems integrated into your GPS tracking device. These systems are fueled and powered by the team at Tracking the World. With all of these elements working together, it’s a breeze to begin real-time tracking for personal and business usage anytime. 

GPS Tracking Devices and Real-Time Data Collection 

You might be wondering why real-time tracking is so critical. After all, having the information at your fingertips instantaneously might not always be necessary, but it sure can be useful at times. Everyone’s needs will vary. The advantage of real-time data collection is knowing right away if there is an issue or emergency situation with one of your tracking devices. For example, say you purchased a device for your teenager, who is just learning to drive. A real-time device can help you stay at ease with the ability to track their whereabouts and safety 24/7. It can offer you the peace of mind and simplicity that many people need to reduce stress and anxiety in daily life. We are happy to hook you up with our real-time systems anytime. Just give us a quick phone call or submit an inquiry to our technical support team. 

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If you are ready to begin, we invite you to shop our wide selection of tracking devices now. We offer multi-purpose tracking devices and devices like ankle trackers, pet trackers, motorcycle trackers, and business-grade tracking for fleet services. For everyone’s needs, Tracking the World has the right solution. Tracking devices can even make great gifts by bringing family together with safety and support in mind. 

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You can make an investment in your own health and well-being. Your safety should be a top priority when it comes to working with a team of experts in the tracking industry. We are happy to help at Tracking the World with over a dozen years of experience under our belts. Meet all of our helpful devices and get started with our technical support professionals today on our website. With our quick installation and start-up process, you can begin tracking your next adventures, big and small, in no time. Learn more and start on our website right now!

Learn more with these GPS tracking facts.

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Using a GPS tracking device is a great way to get things done safely. It is also a simple investment you can make in your safety, wellbeing, and fun adventures. GPS devices are good for summer vacation, business tracking needs, pets, lone workers, parents of young children, teenagers, elderly individuals, and many others. Knowing some basic GPS tracking facts can help you in your search for your next tracking device. With optimal software and hardware tracking systems in place from your team at Tracking the World, you can get started with better tracking technology today.

At Tracking the World, it is part of our mission to provide reliable, affordable, and comfortable tracking devices for the average citizen. We make tracking easy to fit in the palm of your hand, attach to moving vehicles, or even put on a pet’s collar. Whatever your tracking needs, we are here to help with a 24/7 support phone system where you can troubleshoot issues or speak with a representative for help. Learn more about all we have to offer and basic GPS tracking facts on our website today. And to begin, here are just three interesting facts about GPS tracking to start your tracking journey. 

How GPS Tracking Devices Operate

Learning the basics behind how GPS tracking devices and systems operate is a good place to begin your tracking journey. GPS is an acronym that stands for Global Positioning System. These days, people use GPS systems for a wide range of applications, from navigation systems to military tracking and everyday safety. And with new advances, technology, studies, and breakthroughs on the horizon, tracking systems have really developed in the past decade. 

GPS trackers operate by working with satellites in orbit to position a user’s location. Multiple satellites work together to pinpoint your location and then transmit this data back to your device for collection. Your device collects a precise longitude and latitude. This is the most precise method of determining someone’s location. This information can then be accessed in a tracking device portal. In fact, you can use your computer or phone to review this data. This helps determine the precise latitude, longitude, and time of a user’s movement and can even show topographic info like elevation. 

GPS Tracking Facts: Tracking Is About Safety & Fun 

While tracking technology used to be an essential part of government and business sectors only, today it is also an integral aspect of life for the everyday American citizen. Everyone can benefit from GPS tracking systems, from young children to those living in assisted living communities. 

One of the most overlooked GPS tracking facts is that tracking devices are necessary for both safety and fun. GPS trackers can help everyday users keep track of the whereabouts of loved ones, young children, pets, and elderly family members who might need an extra eye on them. Furthermore, they also come standard with emergency features such as fall-down alerts and emergency call services, which kick in when there’s an emergency.  

On the other hand, fun is also essential when choosing a GPS tracking device. Your device can make family trips and solo adventures alike a blast – safely. Now, you can review past journeys, plan future trips more efficiently, and find new avenues to travel year-round with Tracking the World. 

Here is your guide to GPS tracking facts.

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GPS Tracking Facts: Different Tracking Configuration Options

The third GPS tracking fact is that tracking devices can also be provided in multiple configurations. There are usually two main options. You can review data after the fact using a computer system in one configuration. This is a passive collection of data. As a result, we refer to these as passive trackers. They are usually less pricey but are just as reliable an option for most individuals to use. However, if you want real-time data collection and analysis, then you should consider investing in an active tracking device. Active trackers use real-time global positioning movement to transmit information to your device 24/7. As a result, both are valuable assets to consider. The team at Tracking the World is always happy to help you make the right choice for your needs. 

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We hope that learning a few facts about GPS tracking devices has helped you on your tracking journey. With so many trackers available, there is a device for everyone’s needs. Meet with our team to learn more about our devices anytime. Tracking the World is also easy to reach via our online contact form or by phone at 650-692-8100. We look forward to helping you get your future on track now!