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2024 is here, and with it comes amazing sales and price reductions in every industry. The tracking industry is no different. Here at Tracking the World, we are dedicated to bringing affordable prices on the latest and most cutting-edge tracking devices. We pair the most innovative technologies with durable, reliable, and compact devices for everyone’s needs. From our multi-purpose devices to specialized trackers, we have what you are seeking this year. Learn more about Tracking the World’s services and how we can help you by exploring our website or contacting us to speak with a friendly representative. In the meantime, here is a little more information on ringing in the New Year with amazing price reductions from Tracking the World.  

Savings for All Tracking Needs

When it comes to saving money, we try to make our tracking technology affordable and easy to access for all. That is why we offer specialized lines of tracking devices, so whatever your tracking needs or goals might be, we have a device for you. Many people seek tracking devices for safety purposes for themselves or loved ones, such as elderly parents or young children. Our devices are portable and compact and function well for these needs. 

Elderly parents who live on their own or far away could benefit from the security and peace of mind an affordable device provides. Our tracking devices come with security features like fall-down alerts and emergency call features. These features allow anyone to get help in case of emergency, especially if they are unable to move or get up. 

Pet Trackers & Tracking the World Prices

With Tracking the World prices, you can find the right tracking device for your furry friends. Many people seek a pet tracker to track their animals on a walk or running loose. Others want to keep tabs on their pets when they are away on vacation or just want to have that extra peace of mind. Whatever your reasons for seeking a pet tracker from Tracking the World, our affordable prices make it simple to find an investment that adds extra safety for your smallest family members. 

Business Devices & Tracking the World Prices

Business owners can also benefit from our affordable Tracking the World prices. Our business-grade devices are great for fleet and asset tracking. Ask us about which devices would be the best investment for your unique business model and review our current products page for more insights on each option. 

When it comes to businesses, many things can be critical to track, including your assets. Large machinery, shipping freight, and other valuables are all essential assets, and ensuring their safety 24/7 can be vital to your overall success. 

Furthermore, if you are in the shipping or fleet industry, tracking your fleet is imperative for safety, productivity, and customer assurance. Tracking is now easier and more efficient than ever before with specialized devices compatible with moving vehicles. You can collect valuable data for your business with ease. 

We are here to help at Tracking the World with our low prices for all.

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Simple Activation Guaranteed 

Another bonus of choosing Tracking the World for your next device is our simple activation process. We believe that activating your device should not be a hassle. Therefore, we make the process simple with an online outline of our step-by-step process. So, now in no time at all you can be using your GPS system to transmit valuable insights about your safety, travels, and business to your phone or laptop. If you run into any issues, just let us know – our troubleshooting team is happy to help anytime. 

Other Ways to Save on Tracking Technology

There are so many ways to save some money when it comes to affordable tracking devices. Our aim is to make tracking safe, affordable, and reliable for all. With over twelve years of industry experience, we are happy to help you begin your tracking journey in 2024! Another way you can save some money on tracking is to buy the device this is most suitable to your needs and upgrade down the road if needed. Watch for sales or price drops and stay in the know by following us online. 

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Contact us or visit our website to learn more. We share lots of resources on our blog. Posts range from the latest breakthroughs in the tracking industry to how to activate your tracking device. Furthermore, we are always updating our products page when our new devices launch so you can be sure to have the latest in the tracking technology world. For life’s adventures big and small, Tracking the World is here for them all!

GPS tracking device

There is nothing like the feeling of riding your motorcycle out on the open road. However, staying safe when riding is critical. Of course, there are many simple steps you can take to stay safe on a motorcycle. Adding a motorcycle GPS tracking device is just one way. With so many new types of technology on the market today, finding the right motorcycle tracking systems isn’t too difficult. Tracking the World is here to help with many options for motorcycle-friendly tracking devices. Here are three popular options for motorcycle GPS tracking systems. 

Tracking the World is one of the nation’s leading tracking device and software companies. Our wide selection includes specialized devices that are safe for moving vehicles, including motorcycle trackers. Whatever your needs for adventure on the open road might be, we can help with our motorcycle GPS tracking systems. Shop now and explore our website for more helpful resources in the tracking community. 

Why You Need a Motorcycle GPS Tracking System

You might be wondering why you need a specialized tracker for your motorcycle adventures. In fact, there are many reasons to consider investing in a motorcycle tracking device, including convenience, safety, and portability. When it comes to your adventures on the road, safety should come first. Motorcycle trackers are portable and designed to fit on your moving vehicle. They can withstand all types of weather conditions and transmit real-time data back to the device of your choosing. This way, loved ones can keep an eye on each other when they are on the road. Furthermore, our trackers can be enabled for safety alerts and emergency call features. With these options in place, specialized motorcycle trackers are a smart investment in your safety, whether you ride everyday or just every once in a while. 

Our Line of Motorcycle Tracking Devices

When it comes to GPS tracking devices, we offer many types that can be used on moving vehicles. However, we also have certain trackers which we especially recommend for motorcyclists. Our line of motorcycle GPS tracking systems includes four principal devices. We are happy to speak with you to help you make the best choice for your needs. Our four principal motorcycle tracking devices include the MT-100, AVL-75 4G, the AVL-75, and the AVL-74 3G. We will look at three of these today in more depth, as they are our most popular investments for motorcyclists across the nation. 

The MT-100 Motorcycle GPS Tracking System

Diving into one of the most popular options we offer: the MT-100 system. The MT-100 system includes a quad-band GSM/GPRS software system. We designed these devices to handle low current drain for motorcycles; however, they are also useful for other types of vehicles, which makes this a versatile investment. The device provides multiple I/O monitoring and controls. Furthermore, like almost all of our moving vehicle-compatible devices, it is compact, water-resistant, and CE- and FCC-certified. With the MT-100 device, you receive a convenient, durable, and portable option.

Here is your guide to motorcycle GPS tracking systems.

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The AVL-75 4G Device

Our AVL-75 series provides both 3G and 4G options. The 3G option is a great investment, but the 4G offers a wider range of service and connectivity. We recommend any of our AVL series of motorcycle trackers for added safety features and emergency response systems. Some of the things the 4G system provides include GARMIN FMI multiple sensor support and CE and FCC certification. With our software and hardware behind all of your tracking adventures, you can’t get any better protection than a Tracking the World motorcycle GPS tracking system. 

The AVL-75 Motorcycle GPS Tracking Device

Of course, sometimes you want 4G EMTC bands connectivity with all of the same features as our AVL–75 4G device in a different model. That is where our AVL-75 device might be the better choice for you. This compact and portable choice boasts many of the same features as other options in our AVL series but also comes with Quad Band GSM/GPRS compatibility. Learn more about this and all of our device features on our website or by reaching out to one of our customer service representatives now!

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Enjoying the open road year-round doesn’t have to be dangerous with the help of motorcycle GPS tracking systems.  Tracking the World is eager to help you find the right GPS tracking device for your motorcycle adventures. Shop our selection today, contact us to learn more, and start enjoying the road safely now!

Learn more about tracking device features with our team.

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Tracking devices have so much to offer clients, from advanced real-time data collection to emergency alert services. Knowing which features to search for in your next GPS tracking device is important. Tracking device features vary among different types of devices and even from provider to provider. Therefore, beginning your search with a team you can trust, backed by reliable tracking device software, is key. 

This is where Tracking the World enters the picture. We have experience in the tracking industry with over a decade of knowledge and expertise for a better tracking experience. Whether you are a family, individual, or business owner, we are here to help with cutting-edge tracking technology and the best tracking device features on the market today. Learn more and get started by shopping on our website for the best device for your needs now!

Safety Features for Every Device User 

The first thing to look out for when shopping for your next tracking device is safety features. When it comes to tracking device features, added safety systems or elements are important for everyday and out-of-the-ordinary adventures alike. You never know when a dangerous situation might arise, from a hiking accident to a potential theft of your vehicle. 

Even minor accidents can be dangerous and remediation can happen quicker with the help of data collected from your tracking device systems. Real-time data collection is part of what makes implementing a cutting-edge device key for personal safety. However, it is the tracking device safety features that really add extra protection to your life at home, on the road, or at your workplace. 

Here is all you need to know about tracking device features.

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Common safety features included with most of our devices include fall-down alerts and emergency call service systems. Fall-down alerts can notify others of a sudden fall or injury where you might be unable to get up and receive help directly.

Similarly, emergency call services can be enabled on your tracking device. These systems automatically help you connect with local emergency personnel in case of an emergency with just the touch of a programmed button.

Furthermore, your GPS device can direct responders to your exact location with GPS technology, making it simple to get help fast when you need it most. 

Pet-Friendly Features 

Next up are some tracking device features for your pets. We all love our furry friends, and keeping them safe should be a top priority. Now it is easier than ever to keep a watchful eye on adventuring pets day and night with Tracking the World. Our pet-friendly devices connect comfortably right on your pet’s ankles, making it easy to track all of their adventures. 

From indoor pets to outdoor pets, tracking devices ensure added safety and protection. What if your pet were to be lost or stolen? Your GPS tracking device could make the difference in locating them quickly. Your device can even transmit real-time data to your chosen device so you are always in the know about your pet’s adventures, even if you are on vacation or out of town.

Tracking Device Features for Business Owners

As a business owner, you have a lot on your mind. Your responsibilities may include warehouse safety, maintenance, and merchandise flow. You might also oversee fleet tracking and distribution. All of these tasks can eat up precious time on your schedule, especially without streamlined systems in place to monitor different factors. Plus, general employee safety and productivity are major components of keeping your workplace running smoothly. 

Luckily, there are numerous options when it comes to GPS tracking devices and tracking device features that can make your job as a business owner easier. Examples include fleet tracking systems, data collection and analysis, and employee safety trackers. Shop our current line of tracking devices to find the one that is best suited to your business operations today!

Moving Vehicles of All Kinds

Finally, when it comes to tracking device features, moving-vehicle compatibility is key. Many people require a tracking device for their on-road and off-road adventures. Our tracking devices are durable. We design them to withstand all types of terrain and weather conditions. We also add long battery lives for your adventures. Tracking the World’s vehicle-compatible devices work well with most vehicles, from motorcycles to rollerblades, bikes, cars, trucks, boats, and beyond. Learn more about the right option for your moving vehicles today. 

Contact Tracking the World for More Information

Getting the help you need is simple when you have the right team by your side. When it comes to tracking systems, devices, and tracking device features, we are here to help at Tracking the World. As one of the nation’s leading tracking companies, we work around the clock to provide our clients with information to improve their daily lives. Let us help you – contact us to learn more or shop our current device selection today.

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It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to stay on track and safe throughout the seasons. How can you stay safe year-round? The answer is simple when you invest in our tracking devices from Tracking the World. We have provided clients with tracking devices, software systems, and data collection for over twelve years. Furthermore, we are always working to improve our tracking systems and services to help you, wherever your next adventure might take you. 

Therefore, as the new year gets into full swing, you can go online and shop our website’s wide selection of tracking devices. We have so many options to choose from that we guarantee the best solution for your personal or business operation needs. Get started today! Here are just some of our most popular tracking devices to help you ring in the new year at Tracking the World. 

Getting Started with the Right Options

The first step to finding your right GPS tracking device in 2023 is to visit our website and shop for the categories which are most suited to your needs. For instance, we offer pet tracking devices, vehicle trackers, personal tracking devices, and multi-purpose devices, among other popular categories. Knowing your needs will help you narrow down your search. However, you can also choose to reach out to our tracking device customer service team. Our professionals can answer your questions, troubleshoot issues you might be having with your device, and help you invest in the best solution for your needs. 

Track your business with our asset tracking devices.

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Multi-Purpose Tracking Devices 

Hands down our most popular category of tracking devices are our multi-purpose devices. Multi-purpose devices are a great investment that offer many functions bundled together in one neat package. Multi-purpose devices are also some of our more affordable options coming standard with capacities such as emergency call services, fall-down alerts, and 4G connections. Many of our multi-purpose devices are compatible with moving vehicles of all types and are also great for pets, families, elderly individuals, corporate tracking, and daily fleet tracking. Some of the most popular multi-purpose devices we currently offer include our Enduro Plus 4G, Enduro Plus 3G, Enduro Plus, and the Enduro Plus CDMA device. 

Ankle Trackers for Many Applications 

Another popular category is our ankle trackers. Law enforcement commonly use ankle trackers for parolees. However, they also are great for everyday individuals. You can use ankle trackers to track the adventures of your furry friends, ensuring their safety. Dogs and cats alike can safely use our tracking devices. They fit comfortably around pets’ ankles. With real-time tracking data for our ankle tracking devices, your loved ones, are always safe. 

Furthermore, our ankle trackers are a simple investment for lone workers or anyone who wants a small, compact, and easy-to-use device on the go. These devices are also commonly used for elderly patients with conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Their convenience makes them an easy solution for nursing homes. Popular ankle tracking devices offered at Tracking the World include the CAT-110, CAT-65 4G, and the CAT-200X 4G. 

Track Your Assets with Tracking the World Devices 

Keeping track of your assets is very important. From expensive machinery pieces to pallets, vehicles, inventory and so much more, our tracking devices can help. We offer a wide selection of asset trackers. All asset trackers have real-time data collection submitted to the device of your choosing 24/7. 

As business owners, asset trackers can keep track of shipments, warehouse inventory, in-store inventory, and the movement of goods. As a homeowner, you can also use asset trackers to track your valuables at storage units, on your property, etc. Whatever your need for a reliable asset tracker is, we have you covered. 

We design our asset trackers to last with sturdy and reliable materials. They can even withstand different weather conditions. Therefore, you can count on them to keep your assets on track day and night. Shop now for options such as our GAT-PRO 4G, the AVL-600W Series, and the GAT-PRO. 

Shop Tracking The World Tracking Devices This Year 

Starting your year off strong is simple when you have the right tools at your fingertips. A new tracking device from Tracking the World can make all the difference in your day-to-day life. From safety features that keep a watchful eye over loved ones to business asset tracking to streamline your operations, tracking devices are smart investments. In 2023, you can get ahead of the game by shopping our tracking device inventory. From car trackers to pet and asset trackers, our software backs your data up in a secure and easily accessible format. Learn more and get started by reaching out to us today! 

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Finding the right GPS tracking device for your individual needs is important. At Tracking the World, we want to help you make the right decision quickly. From pet trackers to one of our bestsellers, the Enduro Plus 4G, our GPS tracking devices can help people in all situations. People who could benefit from a tracking device include local business owners, owners of shipping fleets, everyday stay-at-home families, college students, elderly individuals, pets, and even young children. 

Our mission is to help people nationwide stay safe and on track with our multipurpose tracking device selection. With affordable prices and a wide selection currently available to shop live on our website, we have a device suitable for everybody’s needs. Plus, our expert customer service team is always happy to speak with you to help you find the right device for the right price.

Learn more and get started by exploring our website today or contacting us anytime. In the meantime, here is some information about the Enduro Plus 4G device, one of our top sellers. This device has so much to offer when it comes to amazing tracking capabilities. 

A Word on Multipurpose Tracking Devices 

Multipurpose devices are some of the most common options since they can be used for a wider range of tracking capabilities. Our multipurpose devices are specially crafted and supported by the latest tracking software, which allows them to be used for business and personal purposes alike. We even have devices that are great for surveillance and covert tracking needs.

Other common applications of our multipurpose devices include sports tracking, asset tracking, vacation, everyday safety, and pet tracking. Our devices are also compatible with moving vehicles of all types. This makes them perfect for on-the-go tracking in real time. Finally, our multipurpose selection of devices comes equipped with numerous features including emergency call services, real-time data reporting, and easy clip-on functions. 

The Enduro Plus 4G Basic Features

Our Enduro Plus 4G device is a top-selling multipurpose tracking device at Tracking the World. It is supported by 4G LTE tracking and the latest and most cutting-edge technology. 

Some of the device’s biggest features include its real-time and periodic tracking via back-end server systems. Others include water resistance and its ability to connect to a DC power outlet or external battery. The battery has a capacity of up to 2600 mAh. 

The device also is FCC, PTCRB, AT&T, and Verizon certified. A final unique feature of the Enduro Plus 4G is its motion-detection battery conservation mode that helps save battery usage over time, especially when you are on the go. 

The Enduro Plus 4G is perfect for any adventure.

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Additional Highlights of the Enduro Plus 4G

While all of those basic features probably sound like a great investment when it comes to choosing the right multipurpose tracking device, there is still more!

The additional highlights of the Enduro Plus 4G are other functional features that will make your tracking adventures even better. For instance, this model uses less power consumption. This is made possible with long standby time in the internal battery. Using less power also contributes to a long period between charging. This saves you time and stress over worrying about low batteries. 

Other highlights of the Enduro Plus 4G include multi-constellation CNSS supporting the GPS and GLONASS and Beidou systems. We also offer a thumb-size feedback button that allows emergency alerts or instant geo-fence settings to be activated. The Enduro Plus 4G model also has an optional internal Bluetooth version for those wanting to easily connect to other devices.

Shop the Enduro Plus 4G and Other Trackers Today!

Finding the right tracking device for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. With Tracking the World, we make it easy to find the right device with all the features you need at an affordable price. Learn more and start today by visiting our website and reaching out to our professional team of tracking experts. As one of our most popular devices, the Enduro Plus 4G has much to offer interested individuals. We hope that this device can help you achieve all of your personal and business tasks efficiently. Furthermore, the device can help ensure your safety. Shop the device live on our website today!

Tracking the World trackers

GPS tracking devices are the best resource for business owners, families, and individuals across the nation to stay safe and track their journeys. When it comes to any type of tracking need, there are so many tracking device options to choose from on the market today. Knowing which tracking device is the right choice is simple when you contact Tracking the World. Our customer service representatives can help pair you with an affordable option that will meet your needs. 

At Tracking the World, we aim to help individuals and business owners alike invest in the right tracking solutions without breaking the bank. We offer numerous highly-rated tracking devices on our website. Shop now to find your future tracking device. Here is a brief overview of some of our most popular trackers!

Types of GPS Trackers 

First, let’s take a look at some of the different types of tracking devices available for your needs. Tracking devices often come in two main configurations. Data can be reviewed after the fact through a connected computer system, which is called a passive tracking device. They are generally less expensive than active trackers, which are used in real-time to track movement with precise global positioning technology. 

When it comes to reliable tracking devices supported by the latest cutting-edge tracking software, we have you covered. We make it possible for you to invest in streamlined management tracking software systems that offer you better capabilities for all your tracking needs. 

Multi-Purpose Tracking Devices 

Our multi-purpose tracking devices are one of our most popular configurations at Tracking the World for a wide variety of applications. These options allow personal and employee safety tracking, as well as covert and surveillance tracking. Most of our multi-purpose trackers are a great investment because they can also be used on moving vehicles. 

Finally, multi-purpose trackers can be used to track assets, at sporting-related events, and during other recreational activities of your choosing. With a multi-purpose tracking device, you get more applications in one device, making this a great investment for anyone’s needs. 

Our latest Enduro Plus 4G employs even faster connections than previous models with the same tracking capabilities. Other multi-purpose trackers available include our Enduro Plus, Enduro Plus 3G, and Enduro Plus CDMA options. 

Tracking the World trackers are a wise investment for everyone's needs.

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Ankle Trackers 

Tracking the World trackers also include popular ankle tracking devices. These are sometimes used in the criminal field to track parolees. However, they are also common for elderly and Alzheimer’s patients. Furthermore, if you are a solo worker, an ankle tracking device is a good way to stay safe on your own. Another use for our ankle tracking devices is to keep a watchful eye on your beloved pets. These devices comfortably fit around pets’ ankles to track their movements when you are at home and on the road. Tracking the World ankle trackers include our CAT-65 4G, CAT-110, CAT-200X 4G, and CAT-200X. 

Tracking the World Trackers for Motorcycles

Our Tracking the World motorcycle-compatible devices are a popular investment for individuals and rental companies alike. In the world of motorsports, for instance, our tracking devices are a useful tool to track the routes and mileage on rented motorsport vehicles. We currently offer four main motorcycle-compatible tracking devices at Tracking the World, each with unique functions that can be customized to your needs. Devices include the MT-100, AVL-75 4G, AVL-75 3G, and AVL-75. 

Meet the PT-301 Personal Tracking Device 

One of our most popular trackers is the PT-301 personal tracking device. Generally, people purchase this device for family and senior citizen tracking needs. However, anyone can benefit from its numerous features. This device supports GSM/GPRS quad-band and is designed for personal tracking and usage as a safety phone. You can program it for personal fall-down alerts and emergency speed-dial buttons. It can display inbound SMS messaging and is CE certified. 

Business Assets Tracking Devices 

Finally, we provide Tracking the World tracking devices for business assets. These devices are compact and perfect for tracking all your assets in containers, pallets, crates, inventories, and machinery. We offer three options currently: the AVL-600W Series, the GAT-PRO 4G, and the GAT-PRO. Each device is suited to business tracking purposes of any scope or scale. Learn more by speaking with our experts at Tracking the World. They will help you find which option is the best solution for your company’s needs. 

GPS Trackers Available With Tracking the World

When it comes to finding the right tracking devices for your needs, we have you covered with our Tracking the World trackers. Tracking the World trackers offer a wide selection of fine-tuned tracking devices using the latest GPS technology on the market today. Shop some of our most popular options by category, function, or size today. You can also learn more about our cutting-edge GPS tracking devices by visiting our website.