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Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that New York’s top court has decided in favor of limited GPS tracking government employees.   But the decision to allow some use of tracking devices, related to a 2008 misconduct case against a Labor Department official, didn’t come without clarification of what the court considers to be overstepping employee privacy.  Drawing a fine line between acceptable and excessive, the court ruled that while the government can utilize vehicle tracking during hours they claim to be working, after hours and vacation time are off limits. With the court citing that employees have a “reasonable expectation” of privacy, and that government employers should exhaust other options before resorting to GPS tracking, the decision is considered significant in it’s challenge to the government’s previous stance that around-the-clock GPS tracking was acceptable.  Tell us what you think about this decision!

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Most of us work hard to earn the extra “toys” we enjoy, such as four wheelers, boats, snow mobiles, and other sports vehicles.   Are you worried about protecting your hard investment in your sports vehicle?

Consider the TrackingTheWorld’s Enduro Pro GPS tracking system for your sports vehicles.  With its compact design, optional extended life battery pack, and all-weather durability, the Enduro Pro GPS tracker is a smart choice for sports vehicles, including  ATVs, RVs, and more.

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GPS tracking systems can be  unexplored territory for those who are just getting started in the GPS tracking business, or those who have just purchased a GPS tracker.  We’ve posted the three following links as objective sources of GPS tracking information for those who may need it.

Vehicle Tracking: Here’s a wiki article on vehicle tracking.  It explains the difference between active GPS trackers, passive GPS trackers, and explains AVL technology.

GPS Tracking Overview: Here’s an eHow article on the basics of GPS tracking and GPS tracking systems.  Simply written, and easy to understand, this GPS tracking informational piece is a good starting point for information on GPS tracking systems.

Global Positioning Systems–GPS: Here’s another wiki article which provides a quick overview of GPS tracking, its history and connection to the Defense Department, along with the many uses for GPS trackers and GPS tracking technology.

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GPS tracking for city buses

The use of GPS tracking for city bus systems is certainly on the rise.  City bus users in St. Albert in Alberta, Canada  now have the ability to monitor their city buses in real time via any electronic device with access to the Internet. The vehicle tracking technology allows users to view the location of their bus on a map through GPS tracking devices installed on every bus in the fleet.

The new GPS tracking system is designed to prevent long wait times, making the public transit system more friendly, and ultimately increase the number of patrons choosing to use public transportation.  Considering the popularity of smart phones, it estimated that nearly half of bus patrons will take advantage of the new real-time GPS tracking system.

The cost of adding customer-accessed real-time GPS tracking capabilities to the buses’ existing GPS tracking devices was approximately $100,000.  St. Albert is the sixth municipality in Canada to offer customers real time GPS tracking for a public transportation system.

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GPS tracking teenage drivers

Want to know exactly when, where, and how fast your teenage son or daughter is driving the family car? With the safety of your child in the balance as well as the financial liability of having a teenager behind the wheel, this information could prove to be priceless for the safety and security of your family.

 Many parents now use GPS tracking devices to monitor the driving speeds and location of their teenagers. These GPS tracking devices are small, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install and operate. With a GPS tracker and your smart phone or laptop computer, you’ll have the ability to access real-time, detailed analysis of speed, location, and historical data, and receive instant alerts on deviation from specified routes, and crossing a specified perimeter.

 The value of tracking your teenage driver via GPS is immeasurable. With all the parental concerns that come with new drivers, knowing where they are and how they are driving is a sensible and smart parenting decision.

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