GPS Tracking Systems for Everyone

GPS tracking systems can be  unexplored territory for those who are just getting started in the GPS tracking business, or those who have just purchased a GPS tracker.  We’ve posted the three following links as objective sources of GPS tracking information for those who may need it.

Vehicle Tracking: Here’s a wiki article on vehicle tracking.  It explains the difference between active GPS trackers, passive GPS trackers, and explains AVL technology.

GPS Tracking Overview: Here’s an eHow article on the basics of GPS tracking and GPS tracking systems.  Simply written, and easy to understand, this GPS tracking informational piece is a good starting point for information on GPS tracking systems.

Global Positioning Systems–GPS: Here’s another wiki article which provides a quick overview of GPS tracking, its history and connection to the Defense Department, along with the many uses for GPS trackers and GPS tracking technology.

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Global Positioning System or GPS started becoming available to the general public back in the 1980’s. In the beginning, the GPS tracking system was developed by the US Department of Defense for exclusive use by the military. Eventually it became a common, widespread, and easy to implement technology for both commercial and non-commercial uses.

This technology paved the way for using GPS fleet tracking for transportation, freight and other companies who own a large number of fleet vehicles like trucking companies and taxi services. These companies use GPS tracking devices to track where their drivers and vehicles are located at any given time.

Aside from monitoring their drivers and their vehicles, companies use GPS as a safety precaution just in case any of their vehicles gets stolen. The GPS can also be used by drivers to call for help during emergencies and having a reliable GPS tracking system makes it easier for companies to find the location of the vehicle in question.

One of the most well known consumer uses of GPS tracking devices are the popular dashboard-mounted navigation systems. These are great tools for people in need of digital mapping to their desired destinations. Another popular use of GPS technology comes in the form of personal GPS tracking devices. These can be used for everything from personal safety to teen or spouse tracking to asset management.

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