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Some clever covert GPS tracking and a little public shaming is helping to reduce the big problem of bicycle theft in San Francisco. Plain clothed police officers are planting GPS equipped bicycles around the city, tracking bike thieves, and charging them.  A little public shame is part of the deal, with mugshots posted on Twitter under the hashtag #ThankYou4TakingOurBaitBike.  An estimated 4,000 bicycles have been stolen in San Francisco since 2012–triple the number of cell phones reported stolen for the same time period.



GPS Tracker Enduro Pro in Optional Hibernating Battery Pack

If you’ve ever been interested in starting your own GPS tracking business, you’ve probably wondered if you should market tracking devices to any and all consumers, or specialize in a specific market.  While many GPS dealers successfully launch businesses with no particular tracking market in mind, there are also successful and growing  niche market options.  And, one of the most profitable and growing markets within the GPS tracking industry is covert tracking.

Here are a few tips for getting started with a covert GPS tracking business:

Know your Customers

As with any growing business, it is important to understand who is interested in your products and why.  For covert GPS tracking, you will likely  find that law enforcement departments, government entities, military operations and private detectives comprise most of your customer list.  Since covert tracking usually involves vehicle tracking GPS trackers are widely used to save human resources by reducing the need for 24-7 human surveillance.

GPS Tracking Software for Covert Tracking 

As one of the most important features of any covert tracking operation, the quality and capabilities of the GPS tracking software used absolutely must meet the needs of the operation. For covert tracking needs, features such as detailed mapping options, geo-fencing, and automated emergency alert settings are essential.

Covert Tracking Hardware

GPS trackers used for covert operations must be equipped to meet the physical rigors of the task at hand.  For covert tracking needs, GPS trackers that are weather-resistant, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, and durable enough to tolerate continuous use are important.  Another deciding factor is the availability of an extended life battery pack to increase tracking time between charges, and other accessories.

For More Information

TrackingTheWorld exclusively specializes in GPS tracking devices and hardware.  If you’re interested in launching your own GPS tracking business in the market of covert GPS tracking or another area, please contact us today at 650-692-8100.

A New Jersey judge recently ruled that the use of GPS trackers in an effort to track a spouse suspected of infidelity is legal.  The specific case involved a woman who used a GPS tracking system placed in the glove box of her husband’s car to track his whereabouts upon the recommendation of a private investigator.  After 2-weeks of covert GPS tracking, the man’s car was tracked to another woman’s driveway, where he was leaving  with another woman in his car.

The judge in the appellate court case cited that the use of  GPS trackers in a family-owned vehicle does not constitute an invasion of privacy, and that the suspected spouse did not drive to a location where he had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

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Take a look at our magnetic hibernating battery pack–an optional accessory available for the Enduro and Enduro Pro GPS Trackers.   Shown here with the Enduro Pro GPS tracker, our battery pack is  housed in a tough Pelican brand protective case, and is easily installed with a quick magnetic mount.   Our 8-celll Lithium ion hybernating battery pack is waterproof, crushproof, and weather proof making it a versatile option for fleet tracking, law enforcement tracking, covert GPS tracking, and personal use.

Using our ultra-efficient Hybernating GPS Tracking Battery Pack with your Enduro or Enduro Pro GPS tracking system will allow you up to 6 months of continuous use on a single charge.     The GPS hybernating battery pack conserves battery power through a built in motion sensor, which automatically turns the GPS device on when motion is detected, and back off when motion stops.

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We’ve often written about the benefits of GPS trackers for construction companies, including tracking heavy equipment and building materials.   Here’s a story from Corpus Christi, Texas that is a great example of GPS tracking for construction companies, or any business:

According to KRIS-TV.COM, GPS tracking recently led to the recovery of both a stolen truck and building supplies (roofing shingles) with help from a GPS tracking device inside the truck.  According to the article, the suspect cut the chain link fence behind the construction business, stole the GPS equipped truck and shingles, and even painted over the truck’s business logo.

Police tracked the vehicle throughout the night, and ultimately recovered both the truck and the shingles.  A suspect is in custody.



GPS trackers for Construction Companies

Businesses and organizations of every type and size use GPS tracking systems everyday.  Here are a few of the most common industries using GPS trackers to improve the way they do business.

Law Enforcement and Private Investigators:  GPS tracking for law enforcement and private investigations provides a cost-effective method of vehicle tracking without the need for around-the-clock human surveilance.  GPS tracking systems with motion sensors alert law enforcement officers and private investigators when a target vehicle moves.  Using GPS tracking software, agencies have the capability to follow the tracked vehicle with great accuracy.

Construction Companies: With both heavy equipment, and expensive items such as air conditioners, appliances, and more at stake, construction companies use GPS tracking devices to protect the costly items they store on construction sites.   GPS trackers can be placed on items such as dump trucks and bulldozers, as well as central air conditioning units and refrigerators. In the event of theft, these items are much more likely to be quickly recovered.   In some cases, insurance companies offer premium discounts for items equipped with GPS.

Home Services:  Business which provide in-home services, such as medical supply companies, contractors, plumbers, HVAC companies, and more often use GPS tracking devices for fleet tracking.  With GPS tracking software, fleet managers have the ability to determine efficient routes, and know exactly where every vehicle is at any time of day.



CNN recently featured our newest GPS tracker, the WorldTracker Enduro Pro, on a segment of CNN Newsroom. Describing the Enduro Pro as “about the size of a pack of Tic Tacs”, and “what the real private eyes use”, the segment discussed the versatility of the GPS tracker as both a vehicle tracker and a tracking device that can easily be worn on the person.   As shown in the CNN video, the Enduro Pro GPS tracker works with GPS tracking software to provide real time GPS tracking via satellite mapping.

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More Specs on the Enduro Pro GPS Tracking Device.




GPS tracking

Nineteen people in Detroit are suspects in a nationwide theft ring, partly attributed to the use of  covert GPS tracking devices.  According to police, the suspects targeted specific jewelry shops and watch stores, often asking to view high-end jewelry and watches before running out the door and jumping into a getaway car without paying for the merchandise.

The theft ring appears to have been somewhat sophisticated in that the stolen merchandise was often tossed into a second car shortly after the theft to prevent it from being found  in the vehicle seen leaving the scene.  With covert GPS tracking devices, officers were able to confirm the location of multiple cars in each operation,  thereby linking the suspects to the stolen items. The case involves 19 Detroit individuals in robberies spanning 22 states over a five year timeframe.

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Covert GPS Trackers are a Cost-Effective Tool for Law Enforcement

Covert GPS Trackers are a Cost-Effective Tool for Law Enforcement

Covert GPS tracking for law enforcement and private investigators has proven time after time to be a money and time saver for police departments and private investigations companies around the world.  This post will provide you with more information on how GPS tracking is a helpful, smart investment for law enforcement agencies.

How are Covert GPS Tracking Units Used by Law Enforcement and Private Investigators?

Perhaps the most common use for GPS trackers in law enforcement is covert vehicle tracking.  This entails undetectably equipping a vehicle with a GPS tracking device.  Often the vehicle belongs to a suspect in a crime, or is a bait vehicle designed to catch car thieves.

In addition, law enforcement agencies often use covert GPS tracking devices to track large shipments of electronics or other valuable items at risk for theft.  With a small covert GPS tracker tucked into a single box within a shipment, authorities have the ability to track the shipment, and be aware of its location at all times.

How Covert Tracking Saves Money for Law Enforcement Agencies

The most significant fiscal advantage of covert GPS tracking for law enforcement is that it reduces the amount of human resources necessary to complete an operation.  For example, officers may no longer be required to spend an entire shift “staking out” a vehicle to locate a suspect, or waiting on a car thief to to make his move on a bait car.  Instead, officers are now able to increase patrol time, and meet other obligations, because they rely on covert GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software to alert them only when the tracked vehicle changes locations. Then, using the software, officers can immediately begin tracking the location of the vehicle, its speed, and direction of travel.

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