TrackingTheWorld's OFT-210 Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker

According to the LaCrosse Tribune, a newly introduced Wisconsin bill is asking for GPS tracking devices for repeat offenders of protection orders issued through Wisconsin courts.  The GPS tracking bill stems from “Cindy’s Law”, an Illinois law requiring GPS tracking of repeat violators of protective orders, which was named in tribute to a woman killed by her boyfriend three  years ago.

Since Illinois enacted the GPS tracking legislation, other states have followed suit, including Minnesota and Indiana.  If the bill passes in Wisconsin, the GPS tracking services would be funded by the offenders themselves through a $200 surcharge for every violator of a protective order.

In the photo above, you’ll find TrackingTheWorld’s OFT- 210 GPS tracking ankle bracelet.  Ankle bracelet trackers are frequently used for GPS tracking of criminal offenders.


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