We’ve often written about the benefits of GPS trackers for construction companies, including tracking heavy equipment and building materials.   Here’s a story from Corpus Christi, Texas that is a great example of GPS tracking for construction companies, or any business:

According to KRIS-TV.COM, GPS tracking recently led to the recovery of both a stolen truck and building supplies (roofing shingles) with help from a GPS tracking device inside the truck.  According to the article, the suspect cut the chain link fence behind the construction business, stole the GPS equipped truck and shingles, and even painted over the truck’s business logo.

Police tracked the vehicle throughout the night, and ultimately recovered both the truck and the shingles.  A suspect is in custody.

Source: http://www.kristv.com/news/gps-device-helps-police-track-down-stolen-truck-and-building-supplies/


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