A New Jersey judge recently ruled that the use of GPS trackers in an effort to track a spouse suspected of infidelity is legal.  The specific case involved a woman who used a GPS tracking system placed in the glove box of her husband’s car to track his whereabouts upon the recommendation of a private investigator.  After 2-weeks of covert GPS tracking, the man’s car was tracked to another woman’s driveway, where he was leaving  with another woman in his car.

The judge in the appellate court case cited that the use of  GPS trackers in a family-owned vehicle does not constitute an invasion of privacy, and that the suspected spouse did not drive to a location where he had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

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Source:  http://gizmodo.com/5819340/you-can-legally-use-gps-to-track-your-cheating-spouse-now

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