There is discussion lately about whether or not there is any benefit to having GPS tracking devices in company fleets.

We would all like to think that our employees will be honest and never try to cheat us out of money. We can all hope for the best, but the chances are you will have to do what it takes to keep your employees in check while on your time.

If you have ever managed people, you should know that employees will often find ways to improve their own situations at your expense. This could be in the form of theft, spending many hours surfing the internet or taking your company vehicles somewhere they should not.

It is a fact that companies lose a lot of money every year due to their employees being unproductive and stealing from the company. It has been said that 30% of workers in the United States will steal from their employer at some time.

The truth is that employees need supervision. The good thing about GPS tracking is that it can be used for tracking where your employees are and will help with fuel costs, route verification, mileage logging and more.

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