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While almost everyone has heard of GPS tracking systems, some may be wondering how the units are actually used.  Ranging from wilderness hiking to improved customer service, here are five of the most popular ways people are using GPS tracking systems today.

Outdoor Sports

GPS tracking devices are often utilized as an added measure of security for enjoying outdoor sports.  Not only do the units allow family members to track excursions using GPS tracking software, they also provide invaluable location information in case of an emergency situation. Some GPS tracking devices feature panic buttons which activate a rapid series of location updates and automatically alert specified cell phone numbers.

Improved Customer Service

Ask anyone in the service industry, and they’ll tell you that today’s digital age consumers expect instant and reliable access to the information they want.  From real time tracking of shipments and deliveries, to knowing if public transportation is running late, GPS tracking allows management to deliver in-demand information on a silver platter.

Teenager Tracking

 Oh, the parental worries that seem to arrive hand-in-hand with every child’s teenage years! Any teen driving a car, dating, and having the freedom to come and go is enough to make any reasonable parent nervous.  As a result, parents are now using tracking devices and GPS tracking software to monitor teens’ driving habits, including speed and idle time.

Asset Protection

Construction contractors, business owners and individuals use GPS tracking to protect valuable assets such as heavy equipment, tractors, lawn mowers, vehicles and central air conditioning units.  In addition to allowing for speedy recovery of stolen items, GPS tracking may also qualify users for an insurance discount depending on the provider.

Employee Tracking

 One of the most painful and hidden costs of doing business is waste caused by unscrupulous employees. Administrators are now using GPS trackers and software to determine if employees are effectively managing their time, obeying the rules of the road, or abusing the use of company vehicles.  GPS tracking software quickly provides the answers employers need to operate their businesses as efficiently as possible.

From tracking teenage drivers to identifying sources of financial waste in business, the use of GPS trackers has increased exponentially over the last decade.  And, as technology continues to advance, we can only expect that GPS tracking will be used in an ever-increasing number of ways.  How could you use GPS in your business or home life?

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