GPS tracking device

GPS tracking devices are the perfect accessory for extreme athletes. Whether you rock climb or mountain bike, these devices help keep you safe.

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Outdoor endurance/extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular. These types of sports often involve all-day adventures in areas with extreme terrain. Often, family members worry about their loved ones while they are out doing what they love. This is completely understandable, and luckily, there is a solution. Invest in a GPS tracking device for your loved one to use while they are doing their sport. This will put your mind at ease as the tracker will allow you to track the location of the athlete in real time. In addition, you will be provided with various helpful alerts such as “person down.” Read on to learn about 4 types of athletes who could benefit from a GPS tracker.

GPS Tracking Device for Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is a fun and thrilling sport, but it does not come without risks. Between hiking out to a good spot and spending the day climbing up steep rocks, there are a lot of potential risks! It is important to be safe and carry a GPS tracking device so that a family member or friend can keep track of your whereabouts. The PT-301 GPS tracker is perfect for rock climbers because it has a “person down” alert. If the tracker senses that you have fallen, it will send out an alert to notify your loved one that you have fallen and might be injured.

The device also has an emergency call button so that if you do get hurt, you can easily call for help. In addition, the device stores 20 contacts that you can call and also includes inbound SMS services. This means that if your family sends you a worried text, you can quickly give them a call to let them know that all is well and that you are having a great time on your rock-climbing adventure.


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Ultra-running is the newest fad amongst runners. This sport is not for the faint of heart. It involves running incredibly long distances, often through the night, in the dark. Common ultra-races include 50-milers, 100-milers, and even 24-hour races! Some of the races are in the forest, some are in the desert, and some are through the mountains. As a family member, you might be concerned about your loved one doing these races. Common questions are, “What if they fall and get hurt?” “What if they get lost and wander off the race path?” “What if they need help and no one is around?” These are definitely valid questions!

Fortunately, a GPS tracking device is the perfect tool to keep these runners safe. The “person down” alert will notify loved ones if the runner has fallen. In addition, the SOS call button can be used if the runner feels they need help. Another awesome feature of these GPS trackers is the geo-fencing capability. Geo-fencing is a way to set “virtual” boundaries around where a person will be. If the person crosses over the boundary, family members can be alerted. This is the perfect feature for ultra-runners because they can set the boundaries around the racecourse. Family members will be able to tell immediately if their loved one has strayed from the course.

Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a thrilling sport, but it comes with its risks. First, bikers tend to go deep into the woods to find the best trails to ride on. While this is great for riding, it is not great if an injury occurs. With personal GPS tracking devices, loved ones will be notified if their biker has fallen. This gives family members a chance to check up on them and make sure they are ok.

Another risk with mountain biking is that these bikes can sometimes be damaged beyond repair. A simple issue like a leaking tire can easily be fixed on the trail. Something more serious, like failing brakes, may not be able to be fixed while out on an excursion. Bikers can use their GPS tracker to call a friend or family member for help from a list of 20 contacts. In addition, the SOS button can be used in case of an emergency.


For many, hiking is way more than just a fun weekend activity with their family. It becomes an adventure where they spend days – sometimes weeks or even months – out on the trail. Between hiking all day and camping all night, this sport is intense! Instead of saying, “Bye, see you in a month!” to your family members, invest in a GPS tracker instead so that they can keep track of your whereabouts. This is a good way for them to see where you are on your hiking journey. Also, the “person down” alert is helpful as it lets family members know about a potential injury. The SOS button is perfect for times when a hiker is seriously hurt or feels in danger.

A GPS tracking device is a must for the athlete in your family. These devices will help keep your athlete safe while they are away on their adventures. Family members can easily track the location of their loved one if they are feeling worried. The devices have “person down” alerts so that if the athlete falls, loved ones will be notified. The GPS trackers can also receive inbound SMS texts and make outbound calls to up to 20 phone numbers. The devices are equipped with SOS buttons to use in case of an emergency. They also have geo-fencing capabilities so that family members can see if their athlete has gone out of the area they are expected to be in.

These devices benefit all sorts of outdoor athletes, including rock climbers, ultra-runners, mountain bikers, and hikers. You never again have to worry about your athlete while they participate in their extreme sports! For more information about GPS trackers and their benefits for athletes, contact Tracking the World today.

GPS tracking device

Spring and summer are popular times to go on vacation. After being cooped up all winter, the idea of heading somewhere new and warm is very inviting. Whether you are traveling or just staying home and enjoying the warm weather, you need a GPS tracking device. These devices help you to keep track of your vehicles and family members. Read on for 4 ways to use a GPS tracking device this summer.

Vacation Destinations!

Traveling in the summer can be so much fun! Leave behind the cold winter days of being stuck inside and plan out the trip of a lifetime. These are some popular summer vacations:

  • Beach vacation
  • Escape to the mountains
  • Tour the city
  • Travel abroad!

All of these vacations are perfect for the whole family, but it is important that everyone stays safe. Personal GPS tracking devices can help with this. If a member of your family wanders off for a solo adventure, you don’t have to worry because you can track their location in real time to ensure they are safe. In addition, sometimes on vacation you have to park your car somewhere that is difficult to remember. For example, you parked your car at a random trailhead in the mountains and set out for a hike. A vehicle GPS tracking device will help you keep track of the location of your car if you happen to forget where it is parked. Check the location and hike safely back to the car.

Worried About Elderly Family Members?

Do you have an elderly family member who lives alone that you are constantly worrying about? Sometimes these worries can be heightened in the warmer months as your family member might be more active outdoors. Activities like walking around the neighborhood, walking to the nearby coffee shop, or venturing out to the community garden are popular spring and summer activities. Give your family member a personal GPS tracking device. This lets you keep track of their movements and make sure that they end up home safely. This is especially important if your family member has memory loss issues.

Track Those College Kids!

College kids love to be adventurous! They love to hike, bike, take road trips, and rock climb! Invest in a personal GPS tracking device for your college kids while they are home this summer. Keep track of them as they scale mountains and conquer rivers. In addition, a vehicle tracker in their car can help you monitor their driving. You will receive alerts about driving behavior and incident reports.

Don’t Lose Your Pet

According to the American Humane Association, 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point in their lifetime. This is a huge number! Protect your pet this summer by investing in an ankle GPS tracker to put on them during travel. When you travel with your pet, they are more likely to run off because they are in a new environment and may be feeling some stress and anxiety.

Overall, a GPS tracking device is a great thing to invest in this summer. Whether you use it for traveling, your college kids, an elderly family member, or a pet, these devices will keep your mind at ease. For more information, contact Tracking the World today.

A GPS tracking device is very helpful for tracking workers, vehicles, assets, and bikes. Check out the Enduro line by Tracking the World.

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Multi-purpose GPS tracking devices are perfect for many different situations. They can be used to track employees, vehicles, assets, bikes, and more! Each device tracks both periodically and in real-time. Also, all trackers are water-resistant. At Tracking the World, we provide four different multi-purpose trackers to meet your needs. Read on to learn more about our Enduro series of trackers.

Enduro Plus 4G

This high-tech 4G LTE tracking device has multi-constellation GNSS. It supports GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou. It runs on the B2, B4, B12, and B13 eMTC bands. The device has a built-in GNSS receiver that is highly sensitive and has a fast time to first fix. The Enduro Plus 4G is perfect for situations where a rapid emergency alert or quick geo-fencing are needed. The device is also FCC, PTCRB, AT&T, and Verizon certified.

Enduro Plus 3G

This device is similar to the Enduro Plus 4G, but it runs on 3G triple band frequencies. The location of this device can be checked in real time or periodically. This model also has emergency and geo-fence crossing alerts available. The device is CE and FCC certified.

Enduro Plus

The Enduro Plus operates on a 2G quad band GSM/GPRS. This device has multiple GNSS support with a u-blox M8 chipset. The Enduro Plus can be used to report emergency alerts and geo-fence boundaries. The device is also CE and FCC certified.

Enduro Plus CDMA

The Enduro Plus CDMA operates on a dual band CDMA2000. It also has real-time and periodic tracking. The device has embedded full features @Track protocol and also offers internal CDMA/GPS antennas. The Enduro Plus CDMA is also FCC and Verizon certified.

Each GPS tracking device in the Enduro product line has the ability to provide both real-time and periodic tracking to protect workers, vehicles, assets, and more. The devices all have emergency alerting and geo-fencing capabilities. Each device conserves power via motion detection and can connect to DC power or an external battery. The main difference is the network that each model operates on (ex: 4G, 3G). The other significant difference is based on who has certified the device (ex: CE, FCC, cell phone networks). For more information about multi-purpose GPS trackers and the pros and cons of each model, contact Tracking the World today.

GPS tracking device

A motorcycle GPS tracking device is the perfect way for motorcycle owners to keep track of their bikes. It is also a great way to keep track of loved ones on a motorcycle adventure. Motorcycle GPS trackers have many great features, such as real-time location monitoring, geo-fencing capabilities, and a 3-axis accelerometer. These features help provide users with numerous data points about the motorcycle. Read on to learn who needs a motorcycle GPS tracker.

Personal Motorcycle Owners

It is a good idea for personal motorcycle owners to invest in a motorcycle GPS tracking device. The GPS tracker is an ideal safety feature. Owners can track down their bike in case it is stolen. In addition, if the owner allows any family members or friends to borrow their bike, they can track where that person is located and whether they are driving safely. Geo-fence boundaries can also be set if you want the person borrowing your bike to stay within a certain area. Owners will be alerted if the rider crosses over the boundaries.

Motorcycle Renters or Leasers

If you or your company rents or leases motorcycles, it is crucial to have a motorcycle GPS tracker. A motorcycle is a very important asset. Owners need to be able to track their bike at any time. The GPS tracker allows you to see the real-time location of the vehicle. Also, the internal 3-axis accelerometer allows for driver behavior monitoring. This helps owners know their motorcycle is safe.

Motorcycle Sports

Some motorcycle riders have an adventurous streak and love to take their bikes out on excursions. This can include hitting the trails and biking over all sorts of obstacles. While it’s fun for the rider, this can be very stressful for families as they sit at home and worry. Fortunately, with a GPS tracker, loved ones can track the location of their rider. They can also see if they are still moving and thus know that the rider is safe.

A GPS tracking device is a great investment for motorcycle owners. A GPS tracker provides many benefits from security to ensuring the safety of the rider. These devices offer real-time location monitoring and use an accelerometer to help monitor driver behavior. They also have geo-fencing capabilities. For more information about a motorcycle GPS tracker, contact Tracking the World today.


A personal GPS tracking device has many features that help keep people like lone workers, elderly people, and hikers safe.

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A personal GPS tracker is a great resource. It can help people, such as lone workers, the elderly, hikers, and new teenage drivers to stay safe. If you or a loved one falls into one of these categories, it is time to think about investing in a personal GPS tracking device. These devices have many different features to keep people safe in times when they may be alone. Here are four ways a personal GPS tracker keeps you safe.

Geo-fence Boundaries

Geo-fence boundaries are digital boundaries that can be set on the GPS tracker. They are basically an invisible fence around a defined area. If the person crosses over this boundary, then loved ones will be alerted. This way, they know that the person they are tracking has gone somewhere unexpected. This is helpful for hikers because it ensures that they are staying on the trail and not lost.

Person Down Alert

A personal GPS tracking device will alert loved ones if the user has fallen. This is helpful if you have an elderly family member who lives alone. The alert gives families a chance to go check on their loved one or call an ambulance if necessary. This feature is also beneficial for hikers. Rest assured that your hiker is safe on difficult terrain and that they have not fallen down.

Scheduled GPS Position

The personal GPS trackers have scheduled GPS positions with cell-ID reporting. These scheduled positions will help you know where your loved one is and evaluate whether they are safe or not.

Emergency Call Button

Personal GPS trackers are equipped with an emergency call button. If anything happens, this button can be used to call emergency services. This is helpful in many situations, including when an elderly person falls. It is also good for when a hiker falls or when a lone worker feels unsafe in the middle of the night. It is very reassuring for loved ones to know that you can easily reach 911 and that they will know your exact location.

A personal GPS tracker is designed to keep people safe in situations where they are alone and could potentially need help. Features such as geo-fence boundaries, person down alerts, scheduled GPS positions, and an emergency call button provide users with the safety they need. For more information about the features of a personal GPS tracking device, contact Tracking the World today.



A GPS tracking device can be very helpful to tracking a company's assets. It will help protect from theft and can improve supply chain efficiency.

If you are part of a business that owns and transports many important assets, it will be beneficial for you to invest in a GPS tracking device. A GPS tracker will help you make sure that your assets are where they should be. In addition, in the worst-case scenario where an asset is stolen, you can easily track its real-time location. Here are 5 important assets that should be tracked.

GPS Tracking Device for Containers

If your company is in the business of shipping cargo in containers, you will want to track these. The containers can have very valuable items inside, so it is crucial to ensure that you know the real-time location of all of your containers, whether they are in a truck, on a ship, or in a warehouse.


Pallets are also used to move cargo. Similar to the containers, attaching a GPS tracking device to pallets allows business owners to keep track of where their inventory is at any given time.


As with containers and pallets, shipping in crates should necessitate GPS asset tracking. In addition to making sure assets are safe and protected, a GPS tracker can also help with shipping efficiency. Your business can track the assets and how long they are taking to reach their end locations. This can help improve supply chain efficiency.


Many businesses have important and expensive machinery, such as tractors, automobiles, or cranes. It is essential to attach an asset tracker to these devices to make sure they are not stolen. With the asset tracker, geo-fence boundaries can also be set. If the machinery is taken out of the set boundary, then the user will receive an alert.


Business owners with expensive inventory may want to consider tracking these assets with a GPS tracker. This helps protect the business as the device can track potentially stolen inventory. Also, this could be useful for businesses that sell large, high-priced items like cars, boats, or furniture.

A GPS tracking device can be very helpful as businesses keep track of their assets. The tracker allows users to see the location of things like containers, pallets, crates, machinery, and inventory. It assures owners that their items are safe and have not been stolen. In addition, an asset tracker can improve a company’s supply chain. It can give real-time data about the duration of time between leaving the warehouse and reaching the final destination. For more information about how an asset GPS tracker could be useful for your business, contact Tracking the World today.

A vehicle GPS tracking device is an important item to invest in. It will monitor stolen cars and help keep track of new teen drivers.

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Many cars today have a built-in GPS navigation system. A GPS helps car owners navigate the streets without getting lost. Most car owners would not even think to invest in a separate GPS tracking device for their car. There are many benefits to purchasing a GPS tracker for your car. Read on to learn more about these benefits.  Also, learn about the differences between a standard navigation GPS and a GPS tracking device.

Car GPS Navigation System

We are all used to the GPS system that comes in cars or on our phones. Simply enter a destination and the GPS will give you turn-by-turn directions until you arrive. The GPS helps drivers to take new routes and go to new places without getting lost. This is a great feature to have when traveling or if you have a new driver in the family. The GPS will typically show and say directions so that it can be used hands-free. A GPS is also helpful when exploring an unknown area and looking for certain places. Use the GPS to find nearby gas stations, restaurants, banks, and more.

GPS Tracking Device

A GPS tracking device is an important item that every car owner should think about purchasing. A GPS tracking device allows car owners to track down the location of their vehicle at all times. This could be helpful if the vehicle is stolen or simply if the owner forgot which parking garage they parked in. A GPS tracking device can also be helpful if you have a new teen driver in the house and you are worried about them. The GPS tracker will help you see if your child got to school safely or if they are where they are supposed to be. A GPS vehicle tracker can also inform you if the driver is safe. It can pick up on things like frequent braking to let you know if your child is driving safely.

When people think of GPS, they often think of the navigation system that comes on phones and in cars. A navigation system is a great thing to have in a vehicle, but it is also important to invest in a GPS tracking device as well. This will help you monitor your car in case it is stolen or to simply monitor its parked location or where your teen driver is located. For more information about GPS vehicle trackers, contact Tracking the World today.





A GPS tracking device with geo-fencing technology is very helpful when tracking solo hikers, senior citizens, or teenagers.

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Geo-fencing is a technology within GPS tracking devices. It allows users to set boundaries, almost like digital fences. If the tracker senses that the wearer has exited the designated boundaries, it will send out an alert. Geo-fencing technology is very helpful for many different types of people. Here are three people that can benefit from a GPS tracking device with geo-fence capabilities.


Solo hikers can benefit from a GPS tracker with geo-fencing technology. Hiking alone can be dangerous. If you fall or get lost, there is no one around to help.  Fortunately, geo-fencing technology can keep solo hikers safe. Before the hike, set boundaries where you expect to go. Once the hike begins, your family members can get alerts if you cross these pre-set boundaries. Family members will have the peace of mind that you are on track and not lost or hurt.


Senior citizens can also benefit from geo-fencing. Elderly people who live alone should carry a GPS tracker with geo-fencing capabilities. Family members worry about their elderly loved ones living alone. With a GPS tracker, they can set certain boundaries, such as around the neighborhood or to include the local shopping center. This gives your loved one freedom to roam but alerts you if they have gone out of the zone.  In addition, it allows family members to know that their elderly loved one is safe. Geo-fencing is especially important if your loved one has memory loss.


If you are always worried about the location of your teenager, get them a GPS tracking device. Discuss with them what their geo-boundaries will be. For example, maybe you want them to avoid certain parts of the city because they’re dangerous. Additionally, you might want to know that they are safely on the road driving back to college. Whatever the reason is, you will receive an alert if they pass over the pre-designated boundaries. This feature allows parents to rest assured that their kids are where they should be and aren’t getting into any trouble or dangerous situations.

Geo-fencing is a great technology that helps people to feel safe. It allows people to track their loved ones and know if they have crossed the pre-set digital boundaries. While geo-fencing can be beneficial to many types of people, it is especially helpful to keep track of solo hikers, senior citizens (especially those with memory issues), and teenagers. If you are interested in investing in a GPS tracking device with geo-fencing technology, contact Tracking the World today to learn more about our products.

Geo-fencing is a technology embedded within a GPS tracking device. It allows users to create virtual boundaries and get alerts of boundary crossings.

Geo-fencing is an incredible technology that is available in a GPS tracking device. With geo-fencing, the benefits are numerous. The technology can be used to help many different members of the family. Here is some information about geo-fencing and how it can help you and your family.

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is the creation of virtual boundaries. If a device crosses out of these boundaries, then the users are alerted. For example, a driver could put a GPS tracking device in their kid’s car. The boundaries could be set to a 20-mile radius around the house. If the child crosses over the boundaries with the car, then the parents will be alerted. Geo-fencing in relation to GPS tracking provides users with the peace of mind that the person they are tracking is safe.

Family Members Who Can Benefit from Geo-fencing

Many different family members can benefit from geo-fencing. As mentioned above, it is perfect for a new driver. In addition, it works well with the adventurous members of your family.  Geo-fences could be set in a park where your husband hikes, or around a river where your son goes whitewater rafting. This gives family members comfort knowing that if their loved ones cross the designated boundaries and are perhaps in trouble, they will be alerted.

This is also a great feature for elderly people with memory issues. Give your loved one a personal GPS tracking device and create geo-fences around their neighborhood. Rest assured that an alert will come if they have wandered further than they should. Lastly, this can be used with pets. Send your dog out for playtime in the yard equipped with a personal GPS tracker attached to their collar. Before setting your dog free, create the geo-fence boundaries using the borders of your property. If the dog leaves the property, you and your family will be alerted.

Pick a GPS Tracking Device with Geo-fencing Capabilities

There are many different types of GPS trackers with geo-fencing capabilities. A vehicle, motorcycle, and asset tracker are all designed to track things. In contrast, personal and ankle trackers are designed to track people. Determine which type of tracker you need and invest in the proper one. Some families may even find that they need multiple trackers to cover all their needs.

While geo-fencing might be a new concept to you, it will surely provide many positive benefits to you and your family. After purchasing a GPS tracking device, set the geo-fence boundaries based on your needs. Feel safe and comfortable knowing that you can easily track your family members and assets and will be immediately alerted if either cross the set boundaries. For more information about geo-fencing technology, contact Tracking the World.



A GPS tracking device and a GPS navigation system sound similar but they have very different purposes. The tracker is designed to locate people, animals, vehicles, or assets. The navigation system is designed to give users directions.

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Frequently the words GPS tracking device and GPS navigating system are used interchangeably. In fact, they are very different. Each device has a unique purpose as well as pros and cons. Before purchasing either device, it is important to do research and figure out which one works best with your needs. Here are the differences between a GPS tracker and a GPS navigating system.

GPS Tracking Device 

A GPS tracker has the purpose of keeping track of someone or something. It uses GPS to determine location and then reports back to the user. A GPS tracking device is great for elderly patients with memory loss, lone workers, hikers, pets, or parolees. It also can be used to track assets and vehicles. The device also gives users important notifications such as if the person being tracked passes a geo-fence boundary or if there is a “man down” alert. If you are interested in keeping track of a person or object, then a GPS tracker is the device for you. Tracking the World specializes in GPS trackers and offers many different devices to track people, pets, assets, and vehicles.

GPS Navigating System

A GPS navigating system has a different purpose. It still uses GPS but to navigate directions. People may find themselves needing a GPS navigation system for a variety of reasons. For example, a family taking a road trip could use a vehicle GPS to give them directions. A hiker or a hunter could use a handheld GPS to stay on track with their planned route. A navigation system is also crucial for someone who drives a lot for their job such as a taxi driver or a repairman. GPS navigation systems are frequently used in the car. Drivers can buy a portable or built-in system for their vehicle.  Garmin is a very popular GPS navigation system brand.

As you determine which GPS system to buy, think about your needs and ask yourself important questions. Are you tracking a person or pet? Do you want to quickly locate your vehicle or assets? Do you need directions while you are driving? Are you in need of directions while exploring the great outdoors? Depending on your answers, these questions will guide you to one device over the other. Tracking the World specializes in GPS trackers. There are many options available based on your needs. Contact Tracking the World today to learn more details about investing in a GPS tracking device.