CDMA trackers

Whether you are managing a business, utilizing tracking for covert operations, or just looking for a way to keep everyone safe, 3G GPS tracking technology can be very valuable. The technology behind 3G tracking has moved far beyond maps and real-time directions. Today’s 3G trackers offer superior coverage in otherwise hard to reach areas, and get you ahead of the game, considering many carriers are phasing out 2G service within the next year.

If you are in the market for 3G real-time tracking , there are a few key features you need to look for:

Take a close look at the mapping and reporting capability of any GPS tracker you are considering. The best units can report real-time information to your smartphone, tablet or computer, along with pinpointed locations.

When equipping a vehicle with a GPS tracker in anticipation of monitoring driver behavior, be sure the unit can provide the reports you need, including speed, harsh driving detection, and more.

Look for a 3G tracker that is easy to use.  The best 3G tracking units include intuitive interfaces and user-friendly designs.

Take a look at the EnduroPro 3G for a smart and affordable real time tracking option.

One Response to 3G Tracking Devices: Find the One You Need

  • Mark connor:

    I am looking for a basic tracking device tha alerts me when the vieichal leaves and give me its location . & battery life of about a week, it will also be mounted out side the Car.