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Are you brainstorming fun ways to enjoy the beautiful weather? Does the idea of embarking on an adventure come to mind? Did you answer yes to both of these questions? If so, then you might want to consider taking a motorcycle trip this summer. Of course, any journey comes with an obligation to come prepared, and a motorcycle journey is certainly no exception. Before hopping on your bike and hitting the road, here are four things you need to bring with you on a summer motorcycle trip.

GPS Tracker

The most crucial must-have for all motorcycle trips is a GPS tracker. Given a motorcycle’s exposure to the weather, paper maps are nearly impossible to use. Although there are countless smartphone applications and global positioning system (GPS) units to direct you to your destination, motorcycle trips require some extra safety considerations that smartphone applications do not account for.  

In order to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to operate a motorcycle over a long distance, you should purchase and use a GPS tracker that is specifically designed for motorcycle travel. Why does this matter? First and foremost, following directions on a motorcycle can be noisy, distracting, and inconvenient. Riders need to consider how varying temperature ranges, humidity levels, and shock levels can influence their travel. Any of these elements can cause discomfort, which distracts the rider from traveling on a safe path.  These characteristics of a motorcycle journey make an efficient GPS system that much more important.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Options

Motorcycle GPS trackers are advantageous because their systems and processes are specifically designed for a motorcycle. Built-in features to accommodate wind, noise, and visibility on a motorcycle work together to make following directions as effortless as possible. Motorcycle riders who use a GPS tracker that’s not targeted for motorcycle travel might, on the other hand, have to work twice as hard to get to their destination.

For those looking for a top-notch motorcycle GPS system, TrackingtheWorld offers three GPS trackers. These three GPS trackers contain also contain waterproof, CE and FCC certified, and 1P67 complaint options.

Bluetooth Communicator

GPS tracker

Another technology tool you should bring on a motorcycle trip is a Bluetooth communicator. A Bluetooth communicator can be synced to your motorcycle GPS tracker to provide turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, and weather forecasts. Similar to a car’s Bluetooth function, a motorcycle’s Bluetooth communicator also enables phone calls with friends and family while you’re on the road. If you are traveling alone, it is recommended to use your Bluetooth communicator to queue up some entertainment, such as music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Using your Bluetooth to plan your entertainment ahead of time will help you stay alert and attentive on long solo rides. 

When purchasing a Bluetooth communicator, be on the lookout for boomless technology. Boomless technology functions when a microphone boom is not in front of a person’s mouth in order to record speech. This gives riders the freedom to give verbal commands to their Bluetooth communicator without having to wear a microphone too close to your face. The boom in a headset is typically the easiest piece of a microphone to break. As a result, a boom can be a dangerous distraction for motorcycle riders. Many helmets, therefore, offer boomless technology features that combine the benefits of Bluetooth communication with rider safety.

Tire Plug Kit

A tire plug kit is essential for any summer motorcycle excursion. For long journeys, it’s vital to expect the unexpected. A tire plug kit is an “in case of emergency” item. If you run into tire trouble, this kit will guarantee your ability to arrive safely at your destination. Buying the right tire plug kit does not have to come at a heavy expense to your wallet. Tire plug kits typically price between $25 and $50. The more expensive options include additional plugs, tools, and tire-specific options. 

During a tire crisis, buyers should beware that tire plug kits are not always a “be all and end all” solution. For example, many car service businesses refuse to fix tires with rips on their sides. This makes tire plug kits extra important to bring along on a summer motorcycle trip.


Adding a windshield to your motorcycle is a necessity before embarking on a long-distance summer trip. Windshields disperse oncoming wind around your motorcycle and its riders. This helps ensures a smoother ride to your destination and also reduces noise. Overall, keep in mind that different windshields offer different advantages. For example, a wider windshield helps push the wind around the rider’s sides. As a result, this reduces the force against the chest and shoulders. Diverting the wind also works against other wind-related issues, such as helmet buffeting.

A windshield reduces the effects of a perceived drop in temperature. It also creates a barrier to the brutal heat under the summer sun. During a rainstorm, a large windshield will divert the rain around the motorcycle and away from your chest and shoulders. A windshield also helps keep your technology safely in place. Attaching a motorcycle GPS tracker to your dash or handlebars puts the electronics in harm’s way. You might find the tracker damaged due to debris, rocks, and bugs. Many windshields also include mounting options to place your GPS right in front at eye level. For the easily-distracted riders, this appealing feature offers stronger directional guidance.

Find Your GPS Tracker From TrackingTheWorld

TrackingtheWorld exclusively specializes in GPS tracking products. We are a premier industry expert and one of the first mainstream providers of civilian global positioning systems. Henri Maramis, TrackingtheWorld’s President and CEO, offers an extensive product engineering and electronic development background to this company. His leadership prioritizes a commitment to offering the highest-grade GPS tracking equipment software and services on the market. We work with clients in both the private and public sectors, including law enforcement agencies and military entities.

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