GPS tracking devices are the perfect accessory for extreme athletes. Whether you rock climb or mountain bike, these devices help keep you safe.

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Outdoor endurance/extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular. These types of sports often involve all-day adventures in areas with extreme terrain. Often, family members worry about their loved ones while they are out doing what they love. This is completely understandable, and luckily, there is a solution. Invest in a GPS tracking device for your loved one to use while they are doing their sport. This will put your mind at ease as the tracker will allow you to track the location of the athlete in real time. In addition, you will be provided with various helpful alerts such as “person down.” Read on to learn about 4 types of athletes who could benefit from a GPS tracker.

GPS Tracking Device for Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is a fun and thrilling sport, but it does not come without risks. Between hiking out to a good spot and spending the day climbing up steep rocks, there are a lot of potential risks! It is important to be safe and carry a GPS tracking device so that a family member or friend can keep track of your whereabouts. The PT-301 GPS tracker is perfect for rock climbers because it has a “person down” alert. If the tracker senses that you have fallen, it will send out an alert to notify your loved one that you have fallen and might be injured.

The device also has an emergency call button so that if you do get hurt, you can easily call for help. In addition, the device stores 20 contacts that you can call and also includes inbound SMS services. This means that if your family sends you a worried text, you can quickly give them a call to let them know that all is well and that you are having a great time on your rock-climbing adventure.


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Ultra-running is the newest fad amongst runners. This sport is not for the faint of heart. It involves running incredibly long distances, often through the night, in the dark. Common ultra-races include 50-milers, 100-milers, and even 24-hour races! Some of the races are in the forest, some are in the desert, and some are through the mountains. As a family member, you might be concerned about your loved one doing these races. Common questions are, “What if they fall and get hurt?” “What if they get lost and wander off the race path?” “What if they need help and no one is around?” These are definitely valid questions!

Fortunately, a GPS tracking device is the perfect tool to keep these runners safe. The “person down” alert will notify loved ones if the runner has fallen. In addition, the SOS call button can be used if the runner feels they need help. Another awesome feature of these GPS trackers is the geo-fencing capability. Geo-fencing is a way to set “virtual” boundaries around where a person will be. If the person crosses over the boundary, family members can be alerted. This is the perfect feature for ultra-runners because they can set the boundaries around the racecourse. Family members will be able to tell immediately if their loved one has strayed from the course.

Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a thrilling sport, but it comes with its risks. First, bikers tend to go deep into the woods to find the best trails to ride on. While this is great for riding, it is not great if an injury occurs. With personal GPS tracking devices, loved ones will be notified if their biker has fallen. This gives family members a chance to check up on them and make sure they are ok.

Another risk with mountain biking is that these bikes can sometimes be damaged beyond repair. A simple issue like a leaking tire can easily be fixed on the trail. Something more serious, like failing brakes, may not be able to be fixed while out on an excursion. Bikers can use their GPS tracker to call a friend or family member for help from a list of 20 contacts. In addition, the SOS button can be used in case of an emergency.


For many, hiking is way more than just a fun weekend activity with their family. It becomes an adventure where they spend days – sometimes weeks or even months – out on the trail. Between hiking all day and camping all night, this sport is intense! Instead of saying, “Bye, see you in a month!” to your family members, invest in a GPS tracker instead so that they can keep track of your whereabouts. This is a good way for them to see where you are on your hiking journey. Also, the “person down” alert is helpful as it lets family members know about a potential injury. The SOS button is perfect for times when a hiker is seriously hurt or feels in danger.

A GPS tracking device is a must for the athlete in your family. These devices will help keep your athlete safe while they are away on their adventures. Family members can easily track the location of their loved one if they are feeling worried. The devices have “person down” alerts so that if the athlete falls, loved ones will be notified. The GPS trackers can also receive inbound SMS texts and make outbound calls to up to 20 phone numbers. The devices are equipped with SOS buttons to use in case of an emergency. They also have geo-fencing capabilities so that family members can see if their athlete has gone out of the area they are expected to be in.

These devices benefit all sorts of outdoor athletes, including rock climbers, ultra-runners, mountain bikers, and hikers. You never again have to worry about your athlete while they participate in their extreme sports! For more information about GPS trackers and their benefits for athletes, contact Tracking the World today.

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