A vehicle GPS tracker is a great thing to put in the car of a new teen driver. Read on to learn how to convince them to want to use a tracker.

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New teen drivers are typically incredibly excited to get out and start driving on their own. They have paid their dues of driving around with their parents while they had their learner’s permit. Now, they are ready to be independent drivers! While this is exciting for teens, it can be terrifying for parents. Having a new teen driver can make parents worry about their children on a whole new level. Luckily, a GPS tracker can be placed in the car to help keep new teen drivers safe while easing their parents’ fears. The biggest battle to get through is figuring out how to convince your teenage driver to put a vehicle GPS tracking device in their car. Read on to learn about 4 ways to get your teen driver to agree to use a GPS tracker.

Make it A Requirement to Drive

A vehicle GPS tracker allows parents to track the location of the car in real time. It also allows notifications in case of an accident. In addition, it monitors driving behavior and can notify users if the driver is being aggressive or speeding. While all these features sound well and good to parents, how do you get your teen driver to agree to using the tracker? Plain and simple: tell your teen driver that in order to drive the car independently, they must use a GPS tracker. Your teen may not be happy with this stipulation. However, it’s almost certain that they would rather have access to a car and drive independently with a tracker than sit at home and not be driving. Your teen may try to put up a fight, but don’t back down. If this is important to you, maintain your ground.

Use it to Reward Good Driving Behavior

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Another way you can convince your teen to put a vehicle GPS tracker in their car is to tell them this is a way to track driving behavior. Beyond that, you will actually reward them for good driving behavior. Discuss with your teen what they would like their reward to be and the stipulations of the deal. For example, if you don’t receive any aggressive driving alerts for a month, you will get them a new video game they have been wanting. Or maybe if they exhibit good driving behavior all week, you’ll extend their curfew by an hour on Saturday. Pick something that works for your kid and will encourage them to driving safely.

At Tracking the World, our vehicle GPS trackers provide users with aggressive driving behavior detection. Harsh braking and acceleration are some examples. The trackers can also detect speeding. A speed alarm will go off if the driver is going too fast. A GPS tracker is a great way for parents to know that their child is following safe driving practices. It is also a good way to keep your teen honest about their driving. It is difficult for them to lie about how they drive when they know that you can keep track of it. While your teen might not be thrilled about you tracking their driving, they will be a lot more willing to use the GPS tracker if there is a reward at the end.

Keeps Their Vehicle Safe

Whether it is a new or used car, your teen will love their car. It will quickly become their baby! Use their feelings toward their car to suggest installing a GPS tracker to keep the vehicle safe. Explain the benefits of the tracker to your teen to help them understand why it is important to use. First, the car can be tracked in real time. This is helpful in case the car is ever stolen. Police can easily track the location of the car thanks to the GPS tracker. The tracker will also sound an alarm any time the car is moving but the ignition is off. This is a further level of security. As a new teen driver excited about their car, all of these security features will be reassuring.

Accident Data Collection

Another way to get your teen on board with a vehicle GPS tracking device is to tell them about the accident data collection feature. In the case of an accident, the tracker collects data that can then be reconstructed for analysis. While hopefully this feature never has to be used, it can be extremely helpful. As a teen driver, it is easy to be blamed for accidents even when it is not their fault. The tracker can help provide police and insurance companies with evidence that can help clear their name in the case of an accident where another driver is at fault. This GPS tracker feature will help keep your teen’s mind at ease knowing that if there is an accident, the tracker will be collecting data the whole time so that they will not be unfairly blamed.

Being a new teen driver is so exciting. Everyone remembers the day they got their license and the freedom they felt finally driving by themselves. While it’s exciting for teens, it can be extremely stressful for parents. Fortunately, a vehicle GPS tracker is a device that can help keep parents’ minds at ease. The tough part is getting your teen to agree to put this tracker in their car. Making the tracker a requirement in order to drive and using it to reward good driving habits are two ways to convince your teen to use the tracker. In addition, they will love that the device provides an added layer of security for their car and also collects data in case of an accident. For more information about a vehicle GPS tracking device and how it can help your teen driver, contact Tracking the World today.




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