The OFT-210 GPS Tracker

The OFT-210 GPS Tracker

One of TrackingTheWorld’s latest GPS tracking devices is the OFT-210, an ankle bracelet GPS tracking device.  With the release of this GPS tracker, we’d like to inform our readers on how ankle bracelet GPS trackers like the OFT-210 are successfully put to use every day.

GPS Tracking for Home-Based Corrections

Considered a  more cost effective alternative to already overcrowded jails and prisons,  community-based corrections and in-house arrest programs are becoming a necessary choice for many localities. Attaching ankle bracelet GPS tracking devices to each offender allows program administrators to simultaneously  monitor a large numbers of offenders via GPS tracking software.  The GPS tracking devices can be programmed to alert authorities when the bracelet leaves a specific area, to assure that an offender leaves and returns from work at designated times, and to monitor the individual’s daily free time, if applicable.

Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracking for Elderly Loved Ones

Nursing homes and families are turning to GPS tracking ankle bracelets to track the location of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, who might otherwise be at risk for wandering away, becoming lost, or taken advantage of.

The ankle bracelet GPS tracking units can be programmed to alert caregivers and family members when the wearer leaves a specific area, such as their home, their neighborhood, or their care facility.  This allows the individual to have as much freedom as possible while assuring their safety.  In addition, modern GPS ankle bracelets are small in size, and are easily hidden by the wearer’s pants to provide as much dignity as possible.

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