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Many companies whose employees travel locally throughout the day are adopting GPS tracking. There are many different markets for GPS based technology. You may use your GPS tracking to make sure your salespeople are where they are supposed to be. Or maybe you use GPS tracking for keeping in contact with your vehicle fleet. No matter what you use your GPS tracking system for, you should know that there are GPS tracking regulations that will affect exactly how you use your GPS system. Here are just a few legal issues that come into play when using GPS tracking.


Privacy Issues

Your commercial company may use GPS systems to track and coordinate vehicles, untethered trailers, and other assets. When using GPS tracking in this way, it reduces operating costs and protects large inventories. However, privacy issues can arise whenever the company has the ability to know the precise location of a vehicle. While you are legally allowed to track vehicles that you own, there have been instances of tracking disputes taken to court as a violation of privacy. You should avoid such disputes by letting your employees know why you are tracking them. You should also make sure your employees are aware that you are tracking them.


Tracking Employees Outside Work Hours

Many courts of law would agree that tracking employees outside of work hours is inappropriate, unnecessary, and a breach of the employees’ privacy. Tracking an employee outside of business hours can lead to not only a breakdown in worker-company relations, but it could also result in legal action against you. You should be clear about when you are tracking your employees and keep records of your monitoring. This way, there will never be any question about tracking employees outside of work hours.


Clear Company Policy

When it comes to tracking either your employees or their vehicles, make sure to lay out clear terms. Most of the time, companies will lay out these terms in their company policy. If these terms are not laid out in your company policies, then you would have no hard proof if a case was brought against you. When it comes to laying out the terms of GPS tracking regulations, you should consult with a legal professional to ensure the terms are written correctly.


Reasons For Using GPS Tracking

You should never have a GPS tracking system for your company without a legitimate reason. Possible reasons can include monitoring and improving fleet efficiency, improving customer service, boosting worker productivity, and reducing fuel costs. If you are tracking an employee for other reasons, there may be some issues between you and your employee and you and the law. You should make sure that your reasoning for GPS tracking is legitimate.


Get Your GPS Tracker

Now that you are aware of the different issues and laws that affect GPS tracking regulations, it is time to find the right GPS tracker for your company. Tracking the World offers an assortment of personal, vehicle, and asset tracking devices. Check out all of our GPS tracking devices here.

GPS tracking devices have come a long way. They can be mounted to company vehicles to track employee movements or carried while hiking to ensure safety. Other people use them to monitor the movements of their children or pets. Whatever your purpose, the market for tracking devices is growing rapidly. Here are five of the top selling GPS tracking devices on the market today.

Enduro Plus 3G

The Enduro Plus 3G is lightweight enough to be carried on a keychain but powerful enough for multiple tracking needs. It features easy to access buttons for emergency alerts and motion sensing technology. It includes power saving technology and runs on DC power or battery. The Enduro Plus 3G can create a geofence around a particular area and alert you when the subject leaves that area. In addition, it is equipped with 3G technology, making the signal more powerful and reliable.


Tracking assets like your vehicle fleet is easy with this new technology. The device itself is small in size and easy to install. It uses multiple interfaces to monitor and track. The AVL-55 offers the option of real-time tracking or periodic tracking depending on the type of information you intend to gain. It can send emergency reports and alert you of geofence boundary crossings. It’s also equipped with driver behavior monitoring technology.  The AVL-55 is an excellent option for businesses that need to track multiple vehicles.

AVL-75 3G

This device is great for tracking smaller vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, or golf carts. It uses 3G technology to send tracking information back to the user. The AVL-75 is small, compact, and easy to install. The device is also waterproof to keep it safe from the elements. This device has low power consumption as well as a long-lasting internal battery. If you manage a fleet of smaller vehicles, this is the way to track their movements.


This powerful GPS tracker is designed for tracking assets such as machinery, inventory, or crates.  It is easy and covert to install. Once installed, you can set the GAT Pro to a schedule to wake up at predetermined times for tracking. Scheduling allows the battery life to last longer, as the device is not constantly sending back information. The GAT Pro can run autonomously for up to 1800 days.  It also features motion sensing technology and can warn you if your assets are being moved.


This personal tracking device is the perfect option for protecting the people you care about. Essentially an emergency phone, it is a great device for seniors or youngsters, traveling family, or people working in remote areas. There is a general alert button in the event of an emergency. It also has four preset speed dial buttons and the ability to store up to twenty phone numbers. The screen displays inbound messages via SMS, great for weather alerts or other emergency updates. 


There are many factors to consider when looking into GPS tracking devices. Depending on who or what you are trying to protect, the type of device you need will vary. TrackingTheWorld can set you up with the tracking technology that best fits your personal needs. Contact us at 650-692-8100 or

Keeping in contact with your family is difficult when you lead an active lifestyle. You never want to experience a situation where a member of your group is lost or missing. If you are a parent, that is a nightmare that keeps you up at night. Emergency plans can be in place and you can discuss them with your children, but if a child is lost the feeling of helplessness is sickening. With spring break season and summer on the horizon, it’s a good time to discuss how to keep all members of your family safe. In this technological age, we have the ability to remain in control. You can rest easier with some planning and a small investment in wearable GPS devices.

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Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Wearable GPS Devices

Technology advances now include GPS devices that can be worn or placed in small spaces. These wearable devices communicate location usually through an app on a cell phone. The technology that makes each device works a little different depending on the brand you choose. Prices are equally varied from under $100 to $200. Generally, the device communicates your location at certain intervals through GPS to a website that tracks your location. Some devices are the size of a credit card.

Take Care

The devices on the market are made to take wear and tear, but they are not indestructible. One of the biggest ways that such a device would fail is if it were to get lost. Make sure that the device is properly synced and in working order prior to going on your adventure for the day. Assuming that it works the same as when you checked it at home before you left could prove dangerous.

Who Can Use It

Wearable GPS devices can be helpful for everyone. The safety of your loved ones is the most important thing to consider. Children are the first thought when looking at GPS devices. Parents use them as peace of mind against kidnapping. Some adults choose to use a wearable device while hiking, backcountry skiing, or boating. Others even use these devices to track lost or stolen animals.

Don’t let an emergency ruin your spring break. There is no reason that the emergency has to be because of a lost child in a busy area. Wearable GPS devices have proven to be helpful, not only if the emergency occurs, but to keep your mind at ease so you can enjoy the time with your family.

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Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a navigation system that is utilized worldwide. The goal of GPS is to figure out exactly where something is. Whether that be someone’s house, a fast food restaurant, or your current location, GPS trackers use satellites to give a specific location. While GPS technology has been around for a while, many people don’t understand the basics of how it works. Here is how GPS trackers work. 

The Satellites

GPS trackers work by using several Earth-orbiting satellites. These satellites continuously move around Earth and send signals down to the GPS trackers. These GPS trackers then convert the information from the satellite so that it can estimate real-time position, velocity, and time. This is accomplished with GPS receivers. GPS receivers and satellites are in constant communication to give the most accurate information possible.

Passive vs. Active

There are essentially two types of GPS tracking systems: passive and active. A passive GPS system will monitor location and store trip data based on certain types of events. The data is then typically stored on an internal drive and can be downloaded onto a computer for analysis at a later date. An active GPS system is sometimes referred to as a real-time system. This type of GPS tracking system sends information automatically to a central tracking portal. Active GPS systems are typically the better option for commercial vehicles and allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle at any given moment. This can be especially helpful to law enforcement when it comes to recovering stolen vehicles.

GPS Trackers on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have well surpassed simple communication. With GPS trackers, you can find the exact location of virtually anyone or anything. GPS trackers can locate your friend or the nearest coffee house within seconds. GPS tracking systems in mobile devices work because cell phones are constantly broadcasting radio signals, even when you aren’t calling anyone. While cell phone companies have used this signal to triangulate cell phone locations for years before the arrival of GPS technology, modern tech has made this location much more accurate. Basically, if you are carrying a smartphone, you can find virtually anyone and anything or send someone your location.

When it comes to GPS tracking devices, Tracking the World has the latest and best. We offer a wide variety of GPS tracking systems to fit anyone’s needs. We are experts when it comes to GPS trackers and we guarantee that you are set up with the right system. Whether you are using GPS tracking for commercial or personal use, we have the right tech for you. For more information or to see what GPS tracking systems we have in stock, visit our website today.


GPS trackers have changed the way people stay safe and keep track of loved ones. There are many ways to use them, so their popularity has increased in recent years. However, some people are skeptical about their uses and if they really keep people safer. Keep reading this article to find out the answer.

Photo by magnezis magnestic on Unsplash

Photo by magnezis magnestic on Unsplash

Do GPS Trackers Keep People Safe?

If you are asking if GPS trackers keep people safe, the answer is yes — and no. This is because, no matter how hard you try or how much you track someone, accidents do happen. You never know what could happen, but GPS trackers can help you do your best to keep your loved ones safe and secure. You will know where they are and can help them if they are in trouble or in an accident. But you still need to take precautions when using them with your kids, the elderly, and yourself to avoid anything from happening. For example, giving your kids GPS trackers for when they ride the bus home and are alone in the house is a great way to keep them safe. But you still need to warn them to pay attention to their surroundings, to not talk to strangers, and to not let anyone in the house besides certain people you can trust.

How GPS Trackers Keep People Safe

While it is true that accidents happen, GPS trackers can help you avoid getting into some dangerous scenarios. Some of the best ways these devices can help to keep people safe are below:

  • Know where to send help: If your child, spouse, or another family member gets into an accident or into trouble, you can know where they are. This means that you can advise the police and direct an ambulance of where they need to go.
  • Track kids if you lose them in a crowd: If you are at an amusement park or some big event, it is easy to lose sight of your kids. You can make sure they are safe by calling them or checking the location of the GPS trackers.

While GPS trackers can help you stay safe, you still need to take precautions when using them. They can be very helpful in crisis situations and in times of distress. No matter how chaotic your life is, GPS trackers can help you to stay safe.


GPS tracking systems have been helping people for years. They have kept families safe and have kept track of assets, fleets, and even animals. But there is a lot that most people don’t know about them and what they can actually do. In this article, you will learn what you need to know about GPS tracking systems.

Photo by Linda Söndergaard on Unsplash

Photo by Linda Söndergaard on Unsplash

View Live Tracking Data Anywhere

You can view live tracking data on any device no matter how far away you are. This means that you can always know when your kids are leaving the house or are safe at home. It also means you can track when your assets are being moved and where they are being moved to. No matter what you are tracking, you can view the data on any smartphone or tablet while you are away.

Use Geo-Fences for Live GPS Tracking Systems

Live GPS tracking systems have an interesting feature available. They have something called Geo-Fences, where you can set up a “fence” on a map. Then, when the trackers enter or leave that area, you will receive an alert via text message or email. This is useful in myriad ways. For example, when your teen leaves school you can get a text message letting you know when he or she has arrived home safely.

Keep Your Customers Happy

If you are utilizing GPS tracking systems for your company’s vehicle fleet, you can use the systems to keep your customers happy. Most companies that require an employee to visit a customer’s home give the customer a time window, requiring the customer to wait around for hours. But with GPS tracking systems, you can track your fleet and give the customer an actual time when your employee will arrive to help solve their problem. This will improve the customer’s experience and overall view of your company and its brand.

Save Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

When you have GPS tracking systems installed in your vehicle, you can keep it safer than you ever thought was possible. If the unfortunate event of your car being stolen happens, you can keep track of it. You can even show the live updates via your smartphone to the police to make sure your vehicle gets back to you safe and unharmed.

Remember that you can view live tracking data anywhere and set geo-fences to alert you. Also, remember that you can keep your customer happier and save your vehicle from being stolen or damaged. GPS tracking systems have many uses. They can keep you and your family safe, as well as your assets, and make your business better. No matter what you need to protect, when you have GPS tracking systems, you know everything will be protected and easy to monitor. In the end, GPS tracking systems make your life easier.


GPS tracking devices have helped many families stay safe for years. Some people feel weird about GPS tracking. However, when it comes to your family, there is no reason to feel weird. This could be the matter of life and death. From knowing your kids are safe at home after school to keeping tabs on family members. In this article, you will learn about how to keep your family safe with GPS tracking.

Keep your Children Safe

Statistics on missing children are shocking. Every 40 seconds a child will become missing or abducted in the US. That’s approximately 800,000 kids per year. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found in a recent study that most abductions occur during the hours of 2:00 -7:00 p.m. This is usually the time frame children are coming home from school and are home alone. Even more shocking – More than 200,000 children were abducted by family members in that recent study. These statistics mean that any child is susceptible to go missing. Keep your child safe with a GPS tracking device designed to make you aware of your child’s location at all times. Give them a GPS tracking device, it can fit inconspicuously inside their backpack. There are GSM/GPS tracking safety phones you can give your kids so they can always be contacted and tracked. They also have a low battery consumption and can hold phone numbers so that the person doesn’t have to dial the number themselves.

Alzheimer’s Patients

Do you have a family member who is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease? Unfortunately, this is something many families deal with. The disease, the most common form of dementia, is gradual, unbeatable so far and ultimately fatal. It afflicts 1 in 9 people older than 65, and according to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 6 of every 10 people with dementia will wander and some will never be found. With those statistics, I wouldn’t want to take a chance on potentially losing a family member forever, and neither should you. You can purchase a GPS tracking ankle bracelet for Alzheimer’s patients that are waterproof and even keep a log when there is no GSM signal. That way, if your family member wanders off you can still keep track of them.


Making sure your family is safe is no joking matter. Now you know about GPS tracking and how to keep your family safe. Remember that more than 6 of every 10 people who have dementia will wander off. Also, remember that every 40 seconds a child will become missing or abducted in the US and More than 200,000 children were abducted by family members. If that was your family what would you do? Act before something happens and put a plan in place. Give your family members a GPS tracking device to keep in their pocket, backpack, or wear as an ankle bracelet. You may think they won’t ever need it, and hopefully, they won’t. But if they ever do need help, they will have the GPS tracking device and be safe.


  • In this modern age, traditional locks and security measures are simply not enough to protect
    your motorcycle. And that is why it is good to have a GPS tracker. Because when all else fails,
    you still want to be able to get your motorcycle back. To understand why traditional security is
    not enough, we need to understand why it fails, how criminals attack your motorcycle’s security,
    and what to look for in a GPS tracker. Once we understand those elements, you will know why
    every motorcycle owner should use a GPS tracker.
    Lift Off
    In times of desperation, or when you find yourself unprepared, your motorcycle has to go
    without a lock. This may be a result of the lock not being in the gear bag, an unforeseen issue
    with the lock, nothing sturdy to chain the bike too, etc. Needless to say, there will be times
    where your motorcycle is receiving less than perfect protection. Without a solid anchor point,
    motorcycle criminals won’t have touch any part of your security. Even with disk brake locks,
    criminals can still get away with your ride.
    This is because, the motorcycle can be lifted into the bed of a truck, or the back of a van. This
    attack is usually done with a team, where the bike is lifted so that it rolls on the wheel without a
    lock on the disk brake onto a ramp. However, in some cases, the team will lift the motorcycle
    unto a dolly of some kind, or even just lift it straight into their vehicle. Only a GPS tracker is
    effective in these cases. The tracker will always be there. Once it is installed, it is protecting your
    motorcycle no matter the situation. With no way to forget this means of protection, your bike
    always has a way of being found.
    Locks Aren’t Enough
    A lock is not enough to protect your bike. As we learned above, a lock on your disk brake is not
    going to do much in the way of protecting your motorcycle, but every lock has weaknesses. Of
    course, all motorcycles should use high-quality locks and even chains, but this alone is not
    enough. Even the best locks and the strongest chains can be cut with an angle grinder. Most
    can be cut in under a minute. Though this type of attack may be noisy and attract attention, an
    experienced thief knows how fast they can get away.
    Once the locks, chains, etc. come off, your motorcycle has no security. That is unless you use a
    GPS tracker. No matter how much someone wants your motorcycle, once they steal it, you will
    have a way of getting it back. Where most security focuses on keeping you from losing what you
    have, a GPS does the work of getting it back. The security offers peace of mind, and the
    resources to ensure that a criminal never truly steals your ride.
    Simple Ignition Cylinders
  • On most vintage motorcycles, and even many of the contemporary models, there is an issue
    with the simplicity of the vehicle’s ignition cylinder. Without a transponder chip in the key, and a
    transceiver in the cylinder, a motorcycle is very easy to start. There are products like tryout keys
    which will turn in many ignitions as if they were the actual key. These “skeleton keys” are very
    easy to purchase, and allow a criminal to ride away on your motorcycle.
    Even if you were to get an auto locksmith to replace your ignition cylinder, there are still ways to
    circumvent the cylinder and hot wire the bike. The steering lock is simple enough to break on
    most motorcycles, and then the thief is free to take off. It would be a better to install a GPS
    tracker on the bike, so that no matter where the criminal ends up, the police can find the
    What You Need in a Motorcycle GPS Tracker
    Firstly, you need a product that is built with motorcycle GPS tracking in mind. This means the
    product should be waterproof so that weathering during use and unforeseen storage issues do
    not leave you with a malfunctioning or broken tracker. You are also looking for a GPS tracker
    with superior receiver sensitivity, as fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) is crucial for security.
    The TTFF is the measurement of how long it takes before the GPS receiver can locate a signal
    and navigation data from a satellite. The faster the TTFF, the quicker you will know the
    calculated “position solution” (aka Fix). Once your motorcycle GPS tracker finds the “Fix” it will
    need a way of being monitored. Monitoring is left up to the individual’s needs, based on their
    perceived security risks, but it is good to have the option between real-time and periodic
    Using GPS technology to protect your motorcycle is really the only way to get proper peace of
    mind. With third party devices, a criminal will not think to check for this security. That means all
    of their preparation still won’t allow them to get away. As it is so hard to properly safeguard a
    motorcycle reliably and in every situation, take the necessary precautions to assure that you can
    always know where your vehicle is


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DoD Certifies GPS OCX Program to Congress

The Air Force next generation operational control system, known as OCX, recently breach the limit for cost over-run. Thanks to early engagement with Raytheon (OCX contractor) to resolve the program issues, the program recently received certification to continue its activities. The program capability supports military forces, civil, commercial and scientific uses. However, the future of OCX program still depends on Ratheon’s ability to deliver needed capabilities to Air Force at acceptable cost and within acceptable time.


Additional info on OCX:


GPS tracking handcuffs

Memphis Police Using GPS Tracking to Fight Domestic Violence

Memphis is in investing $900-thousand dollars in the fight against domestic violence. The funds will be used to purchase around 800 tracking devices to help the police track offenders and protect would-be or former victims. With around 18-percent of the city’s murders attributed to domestic violence, the hope is that the use of GPS tracking devices will reduce the overall number of homicides in the city.



GPS Tracking Reveals Seagull Habits

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.19.13 PM

We’re always looking for unusual and creative use of GPS tracking devices, and happened across this.  A British study utilized GPS trackers and GPS tracking software to monitor the movement of seagulls in St. Ives resort.  What’s interesting is that the results showed that all 4 seagulls tracked had very different habits– with some flying out to sea, and others foraging for food on nearby farmland.  The tracking devices tracked the seagulls for a combined total of more than 20,000 miles.



Air Force Fixes Control System for GPS III


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.32.33 PM


Next year, and the launch of the first of more than 30 GPS III satellites marks the beginning of GPS III.  The new satellites boast increased security and better tracking. Perhaps one of the most impressive features is “spot beaming”, a way of creating a localized area of increased power for military use.