GPS tracking software yacht

Coast Guard Warns Mariners About GPS Jammers

The coast guard recently cautioned mariners of the possible risks of GPS jamming devices, noting cases where vessels were without GPS tracking navigation for some time.  In the absence of GPS tracking software, mariners rely on terrestrial navigation, and magnet compass information.



GPS tracking for vultures

Peru Cleaning Up Trash with Help of GPS Tracking Equipped Vultures

GPS tracking is for the birds in Lima, Peru where officials have declared war on trash dumping, and are relying on GPS equipped vultures to lead them to problem dumping sites.  Future plans also include outfitting the feathered environmental monitors with cameras.




GPS WORLD Reports 8-Million GPS Tracking Devices Used for Fleet Tracking

If you’ve ever doubted the critical role GPS tracking software plays in today’s business world: According to a study released by C.J. Driscoll and Associates, GPS World reports that a staggering  8M GPS trackers and wireless devices are in use for fleet management applications.  By 2019, this number is expected to reach 14 million units, with service revenues projected to reach $4.7 Billion.


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