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Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing

TrackingTheWorld is Looking for Partnerships with GPS Dealers and Distributors

Revenue Sharing and Tech Support Services for Your Customers

TrackingTheWorld offers 12-years of exclusive GPS experience plus knowledgeable and personalized tech support services for your customers through our revenue sharing program.  We offer the option to answer phone lines in your business name and provide your customers with the professional assistance they need while you earn generous recurring profits.  No per asset fees.  Revenue sharing agreements are determined on an individual basis, depending on the specific needs of your business.   Call 650-692-8100 or email sales@trackingtheworld.com for more information.

Examples of Your UNLIMITED Profit Sharing Potential
with TrackingTheWorld

A profit sharing partner charging $59.95 per month for 500 tracking devices would earn approximately $10,990.00 in residual income every month!

$131,880.00 per year!

A profit sharing partner charging $39.95 per month for 1,500 activated devices would earn approximately $20,970 per month.

$251,640.00 per year!

Number of Subscriptions Profit
10-49 25%
50-99 30%
100-199 35%
200+ 40%

Get Started as a Profit Sharing Partner:

Call:  650.692.8100
Email:  sales@trackingtheworld.com