GPS for Dementia

Debate Continues on GPS Tracking for Dementia Patients

We have blogged on multiple occasions about the increasing use of GPS tracking for dementia patients, and it looks like this is a conversation that will continue for some time.  According to Medical News Today, a recent report in the British Medical Journal has generated attention on the degree of usefulness for GPS tracking devices and protecting the safety of dementia patients.  While some experts recognize that, due to GPS trackers,  authorities are able to much more quickly locate a wandering individual, which greatly reduces the risk of harm or death, others are concerned that tracking devices for dementia are merely a “quick fix” for stressed caregivers.  Send us your thoughts.


GPS for pizza

GPS Stolen for Serious Pizza Craving

When you want pizza, well, you really want pizza.  According to My Suburban Life, such was the case for a Carol Stream, Illinois man who allegedly stole a GPS tracking device in order to find the nearest pizza restaurant. Now the man is charged with three counts of trespassing and one count of possession of stolen property.    We can understand the craving for a delicious pie, but surely there was a better way to go about this one.  And, we can’t help but wonder, did he get his pizza?



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