If the idea of being tracked by big brother makes you uneasy, then what about the
idea of being tracked by someone who is much closer to home…your husband or wife! The NJ state
appellate court has recently ruled in favor of allowing one spouse to utilize GPS tracking systems
to track his spouse.

The case that started this curious ruling revolves around one Mr. Kenneth Villanova
and his ex-wife’s sneaking suspicious that he was stepping out with another
lady. With the help of a private detective, and the GPS tracker unit he implanted in
their shared vehicle, Mrs. Villanova was able to obtain the proof that he was
less than faithful.

Mr. Villanova’s suit again his now ex-wife, for breach of privacy in use of the GPS tracking systems, was dismissed as
having no grounds, as he had no expectations of privacy on public streets.
Source:  http://uspolitics.einnews.com/247pr/235886

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