GPS tracking businesses

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Attaching a simple GPS asset tracking device to your valuables such as heavy equipment and shipping containers will allow you to  defend yourself against costly theft and aid law enforcement in the arrest and capture of export and commerce thieves. Some good examples of this  include protecting a crate of trade show computers, often left unattended on loading docks between destinations, or shipments of medical supplies bound for US distributors left in warehouses or  shipping and receiving rooms.
If you have experience in the import/export business you have probably experienced some level of theft. Be smart, be proactive,  and prevent future theft loss with a simple GPS tracking solution from Tracking the World.
Tracking the World offers a 3-year GPS tracking device that is simple to install and use. With a GPS asset tracker from Tracking the can track your  shipments across the country and around the world, follow shipments that deviate from delivery destinations,  and recover stolen shipments with ease.