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Your pets become part of the family. You put so much time and effort into raising them, not to mention love. So, like any other family member, you would go above and beyond to protect them. Having a GPS tracking device to monitor them is important. Let’s look at a few reasons your pet should have one.

What Is A GPS Tracking Device?

Before you decide whether a GPS tracker is the right thing for your pet, you need to know what it is. When you use GPS tracking systems for your pets, you are given an easy way to find their location. For example, if they run away, a GPS tracker means you would know exactly where they are. This is done through a satellite or cell that picks up the signal submitted through the tracker you put on your pet’s collar.

Your Pet Gets Lost A Lot!

If you have a pet that you have to run around town looking for, a GPS online tracking device will be a good investment for you. These devices can pinpoint exactly where your pet is so you can easily find them to take them home. You’ll know where they are all the time.

Cats are the kind of pets that like to run off. Most of the time, they do come back home. However, if they are wearing a GPS, you will know where they are at all times.


Another way pets can get lost is during travel. When you are in an unfamiliar place that your pets are not accustomed to, they can start to get antsy. In all the excitement and anxiety, their instinct may be to run. What a GPS tracking device does is put a safety guard up for them so if they do end up getting away, you can track them down quickly.

Because Dogs Run After Things

In particular, dogs are animals that enjoy chasing after things. So, in the event they see a squirrel or something else, their hunting instinct may take over and they will run after their ‘prey’ like they would in the wild. Dogs are fast, and running a mile or two isn’t hard for them. A GPS tracker puts the need for hours of search efforts to rest.

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You Don’t Have To Implant Anything

There are alternatives to a GPS tracking device. One of them is inserting a microchip. This requires a surgical procedure to have the chip implanted into your pet. Not only is it somewhat expensive, but it also might not be the safest way to track your pet’s movements. There is a risk of a tumor developing around the soft tissue where the chip is implanted. Plus, like any surgery, there is the risk of infection.

Your pet wears the GPS device around its neck attached to a collar.  This is a safer way to know where your pets are.

Prevent Dog Theft With A Tracking Device

It is unfortunate, but the truth is some people would steal a dog that’s alone. Without a GPS, your dog’s location is left to your search attempts, leaving you with no way to tell where your dog was taken. Relying on your neighbors to recount everything they saw is one way, but what kind, if any, information would they give that would help find your dog? Bypass all of that by simply getting GPS tracking system set up for your dog.

Things Happen With Children

Here is an easy reason to get a GPS tracker for your pet: children. So many things can happen with children around. Having pets only adds to this scenario. Children don’t always understand what a job it is to take care of a pet. Leaving doors open to potentially let your pets escape can happen. It’s just easier to get a GPS tracker for those “just in case” moments that children have.

Tracking Your Pet’s Health

One of the best benefits of a GPS tracking system is the ability it has regarding your pet’s health. Dogs and cats cannot speak to you and tell you when things are wrong with them. It is up to you to decipher whether or not they need something or if they are not feeling well. Some GPS collars can monitor your pet’s vitals, which gives you a clue into what is going on with their health. They will even send updates when something doesn’t seem normal, such as a low heart rate or blood pressure spike.

Your pet is a member of the family. Keeping them safe is key and being able to track them using a GPS tracking system is a smart way to do this. There is no high-cost surgery, and you can make sure your pet stays in the best of health with the updates you’ll receive. Consider the benefits of a GPS tracker from Tracking the World and get peace of mind in knowing where your pet is all the time with a simple addition to their collar.

Investing in a GPS tracker for vehicles, assets, and employees can help a business to be more efficient, logistically proficient, and secure.

If you own a business with many moving parts, it’s a great idea to invest in a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker can help business owners track and manage their vehicle fleet, assets, and employees. Trackers help improve logistics, supply chain management, employee safety, asset security, and more! If you are interested in improving processes and security at your business, check out how a GPS tracker can help.

Vehicle Tracking

Many companies own a fleet of vehicles that they use in their daily business operations. For example, a transporting company typically has a large fleet of trucks. A maintenance/repair company has vehicles they drive to various homes and businesses. A taxicab company has a fleet of cars used to pick up and drop off customers. The goal of any business is to be as efficient as possible. Management often spends hours trying to figure out the best routes for their vehicles to take in order to save the most time. For example, did you know that UPS trucks rarely make left turns? By avoiding left-hand turns, the company saves millions of gallons of gas each year and reduces emissions equivalent to over 20,000 cars!

While eliminating left turns might not be in your business plan, tracking when and where your fleet is driving can magnify certain inefficient transportation areas. Invest in a GPS tracker for each vehicle in your fleet. Spend time tracking their daily movements and use that data to create better routes and practices.

Reckless Driving?

In addition to logistics, a vehicle tracker can also give an employer essential data about how their employees are driving. Have you ever seen a truck drive by with the words “Call this number to report reckless driving”? With a GPS tracker, there is no need for that! The tracker can provide information about speed and aggressive driving. You will know if your employee isn’t driving safely. Just knowing the vehicle is equipped with a tracking device will make your employees focus on safe driving practices. The vehicle GPS tracking devices also have a crash detection alert, which collects data during a car accident for later reconstruction and analysis.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are at Any Moment

Finally, a GPS tracker allows companies to keep track of all their vehicles to ensure that they are safe and sound. While we hope this never happens, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for vehicle theft. If you have a tracker on the vehicle and it gets stolen, the police will be able to get a live location of where the vehicle is located to get it back and catch the thief.

Asset Tracking

In addition to keeping track of your vehicles, you likely have assets that you want to track as well. Examples of trackable assets include containers, pallets, crates, machinery, inventories, and more. With so many assets, it can be nearly impossible to know if something gets stolen. By investing in GPS trackers, you will be able to track down your assets if, in fact, they are stolen. Some companies rent out things like machinery or equipment. A GPS tracker allows you to know where your equipment is.

Another benefit of asset tracking is that you can see where your assets are at any given time. If you are trying to track one container without a tracker, it could be a challenge. With a GPS tracker, you can see exactly where the container is located, whether it is in your warehouse storage facility or in transit on a truck.

Tracking assets can also help companies manage supply chain logistics by looking at idle time data. Through GPS tracker data, companies can analyze how their inventory moves and where processes can become more efficient.

Employee Tracking

Last but not least, personal GPS tracking devices help track employees. Many companies use trackers to increase employee safety. Do you have employees, such as security guards or network monitors, who work the night shift alone? A GPS tracker is perfect for helping to keep these lone workers safe. At any time, the employer can check on the location of the employee. In addition, if the employee feels unsafe, they can press a speed dial emergency call button.

A GPS tracking device is also helpful if any of your employees do high-risk work. Through the person-down alert feature, employees will know if an employee is hurt on the job.

GPS Tracker Features

At Tracking the World, our GPS trackers are durable so that they can handle any sort of situation. Features such as long battery life and the ability to operate at both low and high temperatures are extremely helpful. Various alerts, such as the person down alert or the crash detection alert, can help notify companies if there is an unsafe situation. Also, all of our devices are as lightweight and compact as possible, meaning they won’t get in the way.

If your company invests in GPS trackers, you are sure to see a return on your investment. The trackers can be used in many different facets of a business. From your fleet of vehicles to your assets and employees, a GPS tracking device helps ensure productivity, logistical efficiency, safety, and security. For more information about GPS tracking devices and how they can help your business, contact Tracking the World today.

GPS tracking

Over the last few decades, technology has made it easier to keep track of valuable people and property. GPS tracking provides plenty of opportunities for business owners to maintain an ongoing awareness of many aspects of the organization. With the rise of competition in transportation markets, the demand for GPS tracking devices has increased as well. Here are some things a beginner should know about GPS tracking for business in 2021.

What is GPS Tracking?

Businesses can use a global positioning system (GPS) tracking option to locate any equipped item anywhere in the world. Many businesses will use this technology to keep track of company property like vehicles and costly equipment. Managers can also use GPS to keep track of employees while on the clock. 

The great thing about GPS tracking systems is that you can use them just about anywhere. Imagine the benefits of using GPS to keep active oversight of people, property, and productivity from anywhere. Many GPS management suites provide the ability for leaders to actively track points of interests from the comfort of home after hours. This can also add peace of mind with respect to managing emergencies like accidents, injuries, or theft.

How Can GPS Manage Your Fleet of Vehicles, People, and Property?

A network of satellites actively monitors their movements. While the type of GPS tracking devices involved will function slightly differently, this network of space-based satellites provides accurate location information. Our primary focus is on three types of GPS trackers: vehicle-based, asset-based, and personal-based devices. Here’s a closer look at each of these types.

Vehicle-Based Trackers

The first type of GPS tracking device to consider adding to your current safety protocol is the vehicle tracker. While many newer vehicles come equipped with standard-issue tracking devices, adding advanced options can certainly assist in slightly different ways. For example, parents can use GPS tracking to monitor the driving patterns of new drivers and reinforce best practices for safety. From a fleet management perspective, business owners can use vehicle-based tracking devices to monitor driving patterns and location information to ensure employee safety and compliance.

Asset-Based Trackers

The second type of GPS tracking device to think about using is the asset-based tracker. This is similar to the vehicle tracker mentioned above, but involves the tracking of valuable tools and other equipment. This can be especially helpful when managing a large team of employees and equipment. Attaching a GPS tracker to an expensive item can verify that the item is only used at approved sites. It helps prevent these items from being stolen. Additionally, organizations can use asset-based tracking devices to keep up-to-the-minute records of who checked out the item last–thereby adding accountability for company property.

Personal Trackers

The third type of GPS tracking device to consider adding to your current plan is the personal tracker. Personal GPS trackers are portable. In many cases, you can integrate them with existing cellular phone technologies. While the main focus of this article is on business use, there is no discounting the value of using GPS technologies for tracking children, teenagers, and the elderly. Having a way to check their locations at a moment’s notice can provide reassurance to caregivers in any situation. Most personal GPS devices have an emergency button that can summon help or draw attention in the event of an urgent problem.

How GPS Tracking Enhances Employee Satisfaction

There is more to be considered concerning the relationship between employees and leadership. All members of the organization can share information about statistics. Managers can view metrics on a higher level and use them to determine how to improve performance for individuals and the entire group. Additionally, employees can use digital tracking logs in place of paper logs. As a result, this reduces menial mileage and other pay reports.

How GPS Tracking Enhances Customer Experience

From the customer perspective, real-time order tracking allows purchasers to know when and where to expect their deliveries. Providing high-quality inventory management helps to enhance customer satisfaction and to increase repeat business. Satisfied customers will always sing your praises to others.

GPS Tracking in 2021: Continuing to Navigate COVID-19

As the Novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, pandemic continues to impact our world, adding GPS tracking technology to existing protection plans. Using GPS tracking systems can provide a wealth of information for users, business owners, and healthcare professionals to use for research purposes. This is due to the advanced technologies provided by COVID-19 tracking applications. Smartphone users can automatically track locations and receive push notifications to inform them of possible exposures to the virus.

Tracking the World: GPS Tracking For Beginners Made Easy

Now that you’ve seen some reasons to begin your GPS tracking protocol, there’s no better time to partner with us. At Tracking the World, our team of experts can customize a plan for the unique needs of your business. Don’t risk the safety, security, and success of your organization. We’re here to help–contact us right away!

gps tracking device

A GPS tracking device has a million uses that go beyond telling a traveler which direction to go on a trip.  Business owners have gained new incentives for adapting to advanced GPS technology. Up-to-the-moment asset tracking can keep tight control over business operations. Here are four different assets that can be protected by adding a GPS tracking device.

GPS Tracking Devices and Vehicles

If your business uses vehicles to make money, installing GPS devices in each vehicle will allow management to keep a constant eye on the vehicles at all times. Using these devices can protect valuable equipment from theft, loss, or other types of damage. GPS tracking information can help the police recover a stolen vehicle. Key stakeholders in your organization can also utilize GPS data to provide ongoing training, development, and coaching for other employees.

This is possible when you enable a GPS tracking device at all times. New employees can learn more about their job and improve their overall performance through carefully monitored performance. This is not to say that employers should micromanage, but being efficient can be a huge time- and money-saving process for the entire organization. Using driving efficiency as a KPI (or key performance indicator) allows the entire team of drivers to operate with confidence and professionalism at all times.

GPS Tracking Devices and Technology

Similar to vehicles that can deliver products, GPS tracking devices can keep an invisible eye on smaller inventory and work supplies. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and tools are at risk of walking away when there’s no clear way to track their movements. Installing GPS tracking applications and other covert tools can help maintain accountability for these expensive mobile items.

Electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be replaced, but the loss of sensitive information cannot be. Depending on the level of such a loss, there can be a lot of negative press. Many organizations, both large and small, have experienced data loss or theft that resulted in a loss of customer confidence. GPS technology protects sensitive information simply by tracking the location of equipment. Some IT organizations can secure these devices and even clear their hard drives remotely if the item cannot be found in time.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Devices and Health Monitoring

When it comes to important assets, there is no more unique asset than the human beings doing the work. GPS tracking devices can keep an invisible eye on your employees. This has never been as important as it has become in the face of COVID-19. Over the last year, COVID-19 has put some incredible challenges on our world. Due to the difficult nature of tracking and controlling the pandemic, using a GPS-enabled phone can allow employees and managers to proactively track health and wellness. 

Many compatible applications exist, including some that provide up-to-the-moment connection with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Built into these applications are ways that employees can record key metrics of their health and wellness, such as temperature. These, along with a checklist of symptoms of the Coronavirus, can aid decision-making. Tracking such data can also be incredibly helpful if the employee falls ill while at work.

GPS Tracking Devices and Inventory

The first three devices that we’ve discussed build to the most financially important one: inventory. For businesses that make their money through delivery systems, keeping an accurate accounting is essential to remaining solvent.  Keeping a firm grasp on this process will be complicated, even with advanced GPS tracking systems in place. Partnering with Tracking the World can make this process more efficient and easier to manage.

When you use a GPS tracking system, you can manage the inventory process from product creation clear through delivery. Devices can track access to doors, monitor movement of equipment, orders, tools, and batching of inventory. Management can use tracking reports to get a better understanding of productivity, to provide accountability documents, and to make changes.

Tracking the World

When it comes to adding greater safety and security to business assets, GPS tracking devices make the process easier. It adds another layer that can assist management in keeping things moving as needed. When you partner with Tracking the World, our experts will work on a plan to safeguard your business assets. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” situation. We will cater our GPS tracking device strategy to what your team needs to be safe, secure, and efficient. When you’re ready to learn more about the devices we offer and how we can assist you, contact us right away!

gps batteries

Purchasing a GPS device is an important step that adds safety, security, and peace of mind to users. Many users take the opportunity to explore new parts of their communities. What happens if you are traveling in an unfamiliar location and your GPS batteries die? How would you manage getting home safely? Let’s take a look at a few ways to keep your GPS battery in top condition for longer.

Understanding Your Batteries

Before looking at how to conserve battery life, it’s important to understand the type of battery that your GPS device utilizes. While most GPS devices are rechargeable, some are powered exclusively by batteries. Take a closer look at your user manual to determine what kind of battery you will use. The majority of GPS devices use lithium ion batteries. These batteries have been formulated to hold power for the longest periods of time–even in extremely cold weather. Once you understand the battery being used in your device, consider conducting a battery range test.

Battery Range Testing

Conducting a battery range test on your device is a simple concept. It is designed to determine how you can best use your GPS unit. Much like your smartphone, some activities and settings are powerful but can quickly drain your battery power. When it’s time to optimize your GPS battery, it’s a great time to start the range testing. The process itself is easy: turn on every setting in your device and use it. Keep your GPS tracker on until it dies. 

At the beginning of the test, record the time that you started using the device. When the battery dies, make note of the time before you begin to charge the battery again. While this test may not provide the most accurate results, it can help to guide you to more conservative usage. To achieve better battery life, do the opposite once the battery has recharged. Disable all settings in the device and only active the items that are actively needed. You will want to allow the battery to die again. This will allow you to see how long your battery will last in a best-case scenario.

Stay Off the Map As Much As Possible

While mapping your location is a key aspect of your GPS device, it takes a lot of battery power for it to constantly update. A simple way to improve your overall battery life is to keep your device off the map screen. Allow other settings like the compass to guide your journey. Once you know that you’re on the right pathway, take the adventurous pathway. One aspect of having a GPS device involves having a safety net. If you want to explore a new area, consider turning your GPS device off or limiting usage of it. You might be surprised at what you find in your travels. As always, be sure to do it safely. Trust your instincts and be careful.

Check Your Backlight and Your Screen Time

As we’ve already mentioned above, the amount of active screen time will reduce the overall power of your GPS unit. When using your GPS during the day, turn off the backlight feature. If you can see the screen without added power, don’t waste the battery life. Similarly, the timeout time is a setting that can help to maintain stronger batteries in your GPS unit. Much like a smartphone, the amount of time that it takes for your GPS to be idle before the screen turns off is a huge factor in how long the battery will last. Consider lowering this setting to the lowest allowable level for you–no more than five minutes is best, but the lower the better.

Enabling Battery Saving Modes and WAAS

Similarly, finding reasons to limit heavy battery-using activities can help to maintain battery life on your GPS device. Battery save mode is designed to turn the display off completely. Be mindful that you might also lose access to the WAAS system when going into battery save mode. If you want to use this feature, be sure that you can do it with a low battery usage mode. WAAS (otherwise known as Wide Area Augmentation System) is a mode that uses satellites and other stations to provide greater accuracy in location, but it does require more battery usage.

Limiting Camera App and Touchscreen Use

Depending on the model of GPS tracker you have, a camera can be a fun feature added to document and geocache your journey. As with WAAS and other modes, the camera will drain your battery. Closing out the camera app completely will help to maintain power for other parts of your trip. Similarly, turning down touch sensitivity will allow ease of use with heavier gloves, but it can be a drain to activate your battery at a feather’s touch. Turning up the touch sensitivity will make the GPS screen activate only on intentional touches–which saves battery life.

Tracking the World: Making Maintaining GPS Batteries Easy

With the tips discussed in today’s post, you can maintain your GPS batteries for even longer. If you are in need of an upgraded GPS device or are looking to purchase your first device, contact Tracking the World. Our team of skilled professionals understands the importance of keeping you and your family safe. When you put your trust in us, we can work together to design a custom solution to meet your needs. Safety, security, and peace of mind are essential to satisfaction. When you’re ready to move forward, contact us right away!

A personal GPS tracking device is a great piece of technology for many different types of people. From the lone security worker to the hiker, a personal GPS tracker provides a sense of security and safety to people in situations where they are alone. A good GPS tracker should have a variety of different features to keep people safe. These features include scheduled GPS positioning, geofencing capabilities, person-down alert, an emergency call button, and a long battery life. At Tracking the World, our personal PT-301 GPS tracker has all of these features and more! Check out more information about these features and how a tracker can be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Scheduled GPS Position (with cell ID reporting)

A feature that every good personal GPS tracking device should have is scheduled GPS positions. This allows loved ones to track your location any time they need to by viewing the scheduled reports. The timing of the position reports is preset by the user. Also, the device has scheduled GPS position updates as well as cell ID reporting. The cell ID reporting makes the position even more accurate. In addition, the PT-301 personal GPS tracker has a position accuracy (CEP) of <2.5m autonomous and <2.0m SBAS. The device works on GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It also has the ability to do a real-time location query.

Geofencing Capabilities

You can think of a geofence as an invisible digital fence. GPS users can set a geofence boundary around the area they are supposed to be in. For example, a geofence could be a boundary around a neighborhood, a hiking area, a warehouse, etc. The idea is that if the person crosses over the boundary, there is an alert. This allows loved ones to make sure the person they are tracking is safe and has not wandered off somewhere that might put them in danger.

This is a very helpful feature for elderly family members. The device gives them freedom to do things like go on walks or visit a neighborhood friend, but if they go further than they should, family will be alerted. It is also helpful for those going on hiking or camping adventures. Loved ones can make sure their hiker doesn’t wander away from the trail/route they are supposed to be on. In addition, the PT-301 has the capability to support up to five internal geo-fence regions.

Person-Down Alert

The person-down alert is an extremely important feature for a personal GPS device to have. Using an internal 3-axis accelerometer and a motion detection feature, the PT-301 can determine if a person has fallen. In other words, this is another great feature for elderly people. Loved ones often worry about whether their family member has fallen within their home and is unable to get up and call for help. With this feature, you will be alerted as soon as the device detects a fall. In addition, the person-down alert is a good feature for those adventurous family members who enjoy hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. These activities are fun – but don’t come without risks. The person-down alert will let you know if your loved one has fallen, meaning they could potentially be injured and need help.

Emergency Call Button

All personal GPS trackers should have an emergency call button. The purpose of this button is that a person can easily press it in case of an emergency to get help ASAP. The PT-301 device has one configurable emergency call button. In addition, it has 4 configurable speed dial buttons so that the user can call other preset numbers as well. The device also has an SOS button, which will sound an emergency alarm.

Long Battery Life

Another important GPS feature is battery life. It is crucial that a personal GPS tracker has a long battery life. What is the point of having a tracker that is always dying? The PT-301 uses an Li-ion 1000 mAh internal battery. Without reporting, the device has a standby time of 480 hours (that’s 20 days!) As a result, users won’t have to worry about having to charge it every day.

Who Can Benefit from a Personal GPS Tracking Device?

A good GPS tracking device should have many different features to keep your loved on safe. Check out our PT-301 personal GPS tracker.

There are many situations where a personal GPS tracker is a great idea to keep a loved one safe. Here are some people/situations where a personal GPS tracking device is helpful:

  • Elderly people living alone
  • Night shift security guards
  • Hikers
  • Campers
  • Rock climbers
  • Mountain bikers
  • Runners
  • Teenagers venturing off by themselves for the first time
  • Family members on vacation to prevent getting separated
  • Family member at a nursing home
  • Lone workers

As you can see, the list is full of people who would benefit from these trackers. Therefore, consider purchasing a few for your family; that way, you can use them whenever a situation arises where a tracker would be helpful.

A personal GPS tracking device is more than just a helpful piece of technology. It can be a lifesaving tool. Imagine your elderly mother falling alone in her home, only to be found thanks to the person-down alert and the emergency call button on her personal tracking device. Consider your spouse, hiking remote trails on the weekend and getting lost, only to be found by scheduled GPS reporting from his personal device. A personal tracker gives loved ones a moment to breathe and rest easy, knowing that this piece of technology provides endless safety features. From a long battery life to geofencing capabilities, it is important that the GPS tracking device you choose is full of important safety features.

At Tracking the World, we have created the PT-301 personal GPS tracker to keep your loved ones safe even in their most vulnerable moments. For more information about this tracker and how it can help you and your family, contact us today.



The use of global positioning systems (or GPS) has been expanding substantially over the last several years. With the use of cellular phones, the limitations of location have been greatly reduced. There are many industries that would benefit from adding GPS tracking systems to a business model. Here’s a closer look at these five groups that might surprise you.

GPS Tracking System Industry #1: Colleges and Universities

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, one of the most impacted industries has been education. While K-12 institutions have control over how students will behave when on school grounds, the same cannot be said for colleges and universities. In some cases, institutions of higher learning have remained in virtual teaching models. However, many others have begun shifting back to fully or partially face-to-face teaching. The usage of GPS tracking systems can go beyond location services. In the case of college students, smartphone applications can be used to trace contacts on campus.

Colleges and universities can use the data collected from GPS devices to develop response plans quickly. When students, faculty, or staff are asked to quarantine due to illness, access to campus services can be continued with low-risk, low-contact usage. For example, quarantined students can place orders for meals to be delivered by dining services. Notifications can be shared with applicable campus personnel to update them confidentially about status.

GPS Tracking System Industry #2: Retirement Communities

Similarly, retirement communities have experienced an incredibly difficult period. GPS tracking systems can be used to monitor overall health and wellness, encourage healthy choices, and provide guidance in the event of illness or injury. In many retirement communities, more intensive care is provided to residents who suffer from Alzheimers, dementia, and other conditions that require around-the-clock monitoring. With enhanced GPS monitoring, caregivers can establish boundaries that will provide alerts for any residents in restricted areas quickly, preventing injury or death. Additionally, the data collected by GPS devices can be shared with family members to prepare them for upcoming visits. 

GPS Tracking System Industry #3: Courier Services

Courier services have seen a significant rise in activity for customers with the advancement of smartphones. It is hard to imagine how courier services, otherwise known as “gig economy” jobs, could exist without GPS tracking tools. Gig economy companies like Uber, DoorDash, and others provide instant gratification for customers. They also provide instant money-making opportunities for the couriers. In this industry, GPS provides the customer with up-to-the-moment updates on their orders. Additionally, the worker is provided job offers, navigation, and a security net in the event of a dangerous situation.

Data can be used from GPS tracking devices to enhance the overall performance of the courier and the service as a whole. GPS data can be used to provide in-the-moment feedback to each gig economy worker. Using location information to update routes and best practices can prove incredibly fruitful on all sides.

GPS Tracking System Industry #4: Fine Arts Organizations

Fine arts organizations, like museums and other public cultural institutions, have untapped potential with respect to GPS tracking. From a logistical perspective, tracking devices can be utilized to protect priceless artifacts and other elements of the facility. Adding an ongoing ability to have instantaneous location information can assist if an item is stolen or misplaced. Many fine arts museums will purchase, trade, loan, or otherwise traffic items between institutions. Having an added safety net to protect against loss or theft can lower the overall costs of insurance and facility operations.

Additionally, using GPS tracking for patron traffic can be used to increase revenue and provide a richer engagement with the facility itself. When museums are looking for ways to develop new educational and financial streams, adding audio and video narration can enhance patron engagement. GPS devices can be issued or rented to each patron for use in the museum. As they visit a particular area, the patron can learn about the work. This will also allow employees to use it effectively without being bombarded with the same questions repeatedly.

GPS Tracking System Industry #5: Parents of Young Drivers

Parents of young drivers are always looking for new ways to ensure their safety. Installing a GPS device in the vehicle itself or on the teenager’s phone can provide that added level of support. Using GPS tracking software will maintain an ongoing log of activities that can also be used to train and reinforce good driving practices.

Many insurance companies can lower the premiums paid by young drivers using GPS data. An ongoing record of driving actions such as braking, use of devices, and maintaining a good adherence to speed limits, can be kept. Providing a foundation for responsible decisions behind the wheel can set drivers up for a lifetime of successful driving.

Tracking the World: GPS Tracking Systems Going Above and Beyond

Now that you’ve seen a few of the industries that can benefit from the use of GPS, why waste another moment? At Tracking the World, our experts actively look for new ways to keep people safe, secure, and on the move. While every business is different, we believe that enhancing your current protocols can benefit all parties involved. When you’re ready to add GPS tracking to your best practices, contact us right away!

GPS online tracking software is the means of communicating with GPS tracking devices. A GPS device holds a wealth of information. And GPS tracking software processes and translates that information to the user. Additionally, the software is how the user manages the GPS tracking device remotely.  

GPS online tracking software helps manager at computer

TrackingTheWorld offers versatile and feature-rich GPS tracking software. Our software enables users to receive the most benefit from their GPS tracking devices. 

GPS Online Tracking Software Maps and Bread Crumbs

TrackingTheWorld’s GPS software supports Google and Bing Maps, as well as MapQuest. In addition, our software integrates with Google Earth. 

GPS tracking software allows users to remotely view the location of a GPS device ID on the online map systems. The software shows how long it’s been since the device last reported. And it even shows the device’s battery level. 

GPS online software displays colored dots or “bread crumbs” that show the GPS device has reported data or an event at a set interval. On Bing Maps, hovering over the bread crumb also shows the speed and course of the device. 

The software provides crucial information for anyone managing a fleet of vehicles remotely. 

GPS Online Tracking Software and Geo-Fences

A geo-fence is a virtual fence that is pre-set with GPS online tracking software. When a GPS tracking device either enters or leaves the geo-fence, the software sends an email or text alert. 

Geo-fences are helpful in a variety of situations. First, they keep managers assured that field teams are in place. This is an important function when managing the logistics of multiple deliveries. Geo-fencing is also valuable for tracking security or law enforcement personnel. 

Another application for GPS tracking devices is to help the elderly. For example, a geo-fence can be set up to notify a family member if their loved one has wandered off. GPS devices and software provide a safety net to allow seniors to remain in their homes longer.

GPS Software and Device Polling Options

Polling is an optional feature with TrackingTheWorld GPS online software. It provides advanced management functions. Polling allows a user to send basic commands to the device, such as a reboot or reporting change. Polling also provides the location of the GPS tracking device.  

GPS Online Software Provides Detailed Vehicle Reports

GPS online tracking and fleet of company vans

With GPS software, a user can pull a CSV file report. The CSV file includes the following information about the GPS device: altitude, longitude, latitude, date/time, speed, and battery levels. 

The software provides reports showing daily events for a device. Another report shows fuel usage and efficiency. Companies save money with this information. If a vehicle shows a drop in fuel efficiency, a service or repair is often warranted. Having this information allows companies to maintain an efficiently operating fleet. 

Another cost savings is using a year-end fuel report to make purchasing decisions for future vehicles. GPS tracking software pays for itself and the devices by saving money. In that case, companies receive the best return on their investment. 

GPS Software and Driver and Lone Worker Reports

Another report type provided by GPS online software is driving records. Examples of how companies use this information are to track deliveries, potentially resolving customer issues. Another benefit of this report is in monitoring a driver’s performance. Liability risks are reduced when those operating company vehicles do so safely. 

Similarly, these reports are helpful when used for lone workers with GPS devices. Lone workers are those in the field who work alone without direct supervision. GPS tracking devices and software assist in managing them and supporting their safety remotely. 

How Does GPS Tracking and GPS Online Software Benefit Companies?

To show how integral GPS software is to GPS devices, consider a stereo receiver. A stereo receiver is a waste without speakers, because the speakers translate information from the receiver to the listener’s ear. 

Similarly, GPS online software is a transmission tool for information from the GPS device. It makes the GPS information accessible to the user. 

GPS software and GPS devices are management assets for organizations with fleet vehicles or remote workers in the field. Not only does the software provide a host of monitoring and reporting tools, but it also saves money in the long run. 

GPS systems reduce some of the risks associated with fleet vehicles. If an accident does occur, the software provides hard data that is helpful for insurance claims. It also provides information that might be beneficial if an accident claim leads to a personal injury case. 

In addition to helping companies, GPS software provides valuable information to help ensure the safety of seniors or other family members. The geo-fencing software feature is a prime example. 

TrackingTheWorld GPS Online Software

GPS software is critical to receiving the benefits GPS devices offer. TrackingTheWorld offers superior devices and robust GPS software. Our software is loaded with features designed with the user in mind. The software’s interface is also simple and easy to use. 

TrackingTheWorld is a company with 12 years of GPS experience. Our experience allows us to provide a superior level of technical support. In addition, when you work with us you receive the same high-level GPS systems used by law enforcement and the military. 

We are currently seeking partnerships with GPS dealers and distributors. Our GPS tracking software offers great revenue sharing potential. 

Please visit our website for more information on our GPS software, devices, and solutions. 


GPS tracking device

The PT-301 is a GPS tracking device designed for seniors, family members, and lone workers. The PT-301 also functions as a simple phone and receives SMS messages. It includes the potentially life-saving Person Down Alert.

What is a Person Down Alert?

When the device detects a fall, it sends an alert. If the person down doesn’t respond to the alert right away indicating they are fine, emergency services are contacted and dispatched. Senior organizations like AARP recommend medical alert systems. A Person Down Alert System enhances the quality of life for seniors. The best solution for a senior is often to age in place at home. A Person Down Alert provides an element of safety so that they can enjoy life in their own home.

However, seniors aren’t the only individuals who can benefit from a Person Down Alert. The Person Down Alert is also applicable for other members of the family, including young children. It is also designed as part of the PT-301 for lone workers. People living alone at any age benefit from the safety of the Person Down Alert.

How Does a Person Down Alert Work on a Personal GPS Tracking Device?

The PT-301 Person Down Alert uses detection sensors to determine if a person has fallen. These sensors are accelerometers and processors that are constantly monitoring the person’s activity level. With this information, the device is able to tell the difference between normal activity and a fall.

Because the PT-301 is a personal GPS tracking device, responders are able to pinpoint the potentially injured person’s location when receiving a person down alert.

How the PT-301 Person Down Alert is a Lifesaver

One-third of seniors over age 65 experience a fall every year. And falls are the leading cause of death for seniors, according to the CDC. Falls for elderly people are increasing every year. Predictions state that by 2030, seven elderly people will die from a fall every hour.

Considering that many seniors live alone, the Person Down Alert is the only way they receive help if unconscious. Receiving emergency assistance quickly when the personal GPS device sends a Person Down Alert results in saved lives.

How a Person Down Alert Helps a Variety of People

The PT-301 Person Down Alert is for lone workers as well. The definition of a lone worker is an individual who performs their job functions in isolation from others. Examples of lone worker job categories are utility workers, forest rangers, research scientists, custodians, and security guards. Anyone working alone without direct supervision is at risk if they fall or become injured.

A GPS tracking device with a Person Down Alert keeps these workers safe. It also decreases liability risks to the employer.

Anyone living alone is at risk for a fall or injury, regardless of age. For example, a healthy middle-aged female carries the PT-301 because she lives alone without close neighbors. While painting her living room she falls off the ladder and is knocked unconscious. Paramedics are on the way within minutes because of the Person Down Alert notification. She receives treatment that prevents the injury from causing lasting effects.

The PT-310 GPS tracker is an option for parents with young children. If a child is not yet old enough for a cell phone, the PT-310 is a safe substitute. Carrying the GPS device in a backpack is helpful to check if a child was picked up from daycare, for example. And when young children begin exploring their boundaries, the Person Down Alert makes sure they receive care if injured. It also provides parents with peace of mind.

GPS tracking devices

A Real-Life Example of How a GPS Tracking Device is Essential

Finally, the importance of a person down alert and GPS Tracking Device is illustrated in the true story of 76-year-old Robert Bennett. Mr. Bennett went on a hike in Northern California, which was not unusual for him. However, it was unusual and very concerning when he didn’t return for four days.

Mr. Bennett’s concerned family members contacted the authorities. Then, the authorities initiated a massive search of the area.

A police dog discovered Mr. Bennett. Having suffered a stroke during his hike, he fell and hit his head. When he regained consciousness, he was disoriented and unable to find his way back. After being rescued, Mr. Bennett recovered in the hospital from his ordeal. Fortunately, this story resulted in a happy ending.

However, with a GPS Tracking device and Person Down Alert Mr. Bennett’s life-threatening ordeal would have been less harrowing. A Person Down Alert would have brought help guided by the GPS tracking device.

Additional Benefits of the PT-301 Personal GPS Tracking Device

The PT-301 acts as a very simple emergency phone. The son or daughter of an elderly parent programs their cell phone number in the PT-301’s speed dial memory. The speed dial allows up to 4 numbers. When the son or daughter checks in on the parent, their call is automatically answered when a parent doesn’t pick up. The unit’s speaker and microphone are activated when the adult child checks on the parent.

When the call is terminated, a text is sent to the adult child’s number listing the GPS coordinates of the parent’s location. The SOS button stores an additional number that is dialed when the elderly parent presses the button for help. And the GPS tracking device’s location is accessible on a website 24/7.

Another great safety feature of the PT-301 is geofencing. Geofencing sends an alert to a preset number if the device leaves specified GPS coordinates.

The PT-301 GPS Tracker is a valuable tool for the safety of many types of individuals. And it provides peace of mind for many others. Click here for more information on this amazing device.

wearable gps devices photo

GPS trackers have a variety of uses for home and the office. Since their initial creation, GPS technologies have expanded beyond simply monitoring locations. Today’s GPS trackers are significantly more versatile and the software used is adaptable to the unique needs of any user. Partnering with the team at Tracking the World can help your organization develop a GPS tracking program. It’s our goal to meet or exceed your expectations for efficiency.

Here are four ways that your company can use GPS tracking to improve overall operations.

GPS Trackers and Business #1: Reporting Hours Worked

As businesses continue to move forward with technological advantages, employees will have flexibility to work in new ways. 2020 has been a clear indicator that working remotely is possible and has a lot of benefits. The novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has presented some unique challenges for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and organizational structures. One of the struggles that has arisen amidst the pandemic has been tracking time and attendance with remote working.

By integrating a GPS tracking program, your leadership team can observe how employees work in their own homes or smaller offices. Requiring a clock-in and clock-out using the device can verify when employees are doing work and when they are addressing other needs. 2020 has made it more complicated for employees to work and for families to function. Using GPS tracker technology to ensure employees are working will allow for adaptability as business needs dictate. On a legal level, using ongoing tracking as a performance metric can help adapt human resources policies.

GPS Trackers and Business #2: Managing Fuel Costs and Safety

Some businesses cannot slow down because they keep the world moving. In these kinds of businesses, fuel costs account for a large amount of their regular expenses. While many employees drive company vehicles honestly, a small percentage of drivers will cause problems. GPS tracking devices provide ways of actively monitoring driving patterns and costs in real time. New-hire employees will often benefit from coaching and corrections done in the moment.

Pinpointing key metrics can help your management team understand how things move on an ongoing basis. Driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking, and idling are reported at any moment in time. Using these ongoing reports can assist in reducing the level of waste–eight gallons of fuel can be saved for every vehicle on a monthly basis. Additionally, real-time reporting on employee actions can alert employers to potential problems with routes or damage to vehicles. 

GPS Trackers and Business #3: Increasing Accountability

Using the concepts above, all members of your organization can increase their own accountability to the entire team. Many businesses possess a lot of expensive equipment like trucks, machinery, and other valuables. You can create a tracking program using GPS tracking devices. Using GPS trackers for managing inventory can improve employee accountability. They also provide clues to leadership about how to make improvements to the overall process of getting operations completed more smoothly.

In addition, GPS tracking systems can also provide opportunities to reduce waste, mitigate unnecessary wear and tear on equipment, and better streamline processes. With GPS as an added job aid, stakeholders can get a clearer picture of what is happening at any moment without being on the property. Finding places that can lead to stronger earnings and lowered expenses has become vital as the ways that businesses operate have shifted significantly over the last several years, with or without a pandemic in play.

GPS Trackers and Business #4: Growth Opportunities For Employees

As we take the first three ways into account, it’s important to consider how companies stay in business. Happy employees will take pride in their work, and they will want to work hard to help the company to grow. Using GPS tracking and the accompanying reporting, managers and employees can work together to develop plans for both company and individual employee growth. Understanding the metrics that make your business run efficiently can keep things moving smoothly. If an employee is meeting or exceeding expectations, this can help by finding ways to support their growth into a promotable position.

Using peer mentoring and coaching will provide more leadership opportunities and ways for members of your team to become stronger. When your team members feel comfortable working with each other, it will free up your leadership team to handle more pressing issues.

Tracking The World: Providing GPS Options Since 2008

Now that you’ve seen a few ways that your company can improve operations, it’s time to work with us. Our team has years of expertise in designing personal and business strategies to meet your needs. Asset management, personal security, and cost-saving methods are the easiest ways to maximize income and minimize costs. When you’re in the market for added GPS tracking tools, contact us right away!