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Jun. 9, 2014TrackingTheWorld, a world leader in GPS tracking, is now accepting applications for the firm’s distributor program which offers a generous profit sharing program for US-based GPS tracking distributors based on software subscription signups. The profit sharing offer is in addition to profits earned from selling GPS tracking hardware.

Profit sharing for distributors begins when the distributor reaches 10 activated GPS tracking software subscriptions– qualifying the distributor to receive 25% of subscription sales revenue. Distributors have the opportunity to earn increasingly higher profit percentages as their number of activated software accounts grows.  For example, U.S. distributors earn 30% percent profit for 50-99 activated subscriptions, 35% profit for 100-199 software subscriptions, and 40% profit for distributors reaching 200 or more activated devices on TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking software system. “Our profit sharing program offers the potential for distributors to earn and grow monthly recurring income in addition to their hardware sales,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of Tracking the World.

Becoming a distributor of TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking devices requires no cash investment and distributors are guaranteed to receive the lowest prices available on GPS tracking devices. TrackingTheWorld also offers drop shipping services for an additional fee.

Those interested in becoming a distributor of GPS tracking devices are required to submit a 1-minute application available on the company’s website at… Upon receipt of the application, potential distributors will be contacted by a TrackingTheWorld representative.  “We encourage anyone interested in starting a business or adding to an existing business to apply.  Beginners are welcome,” said Walz.

Established in 2003, TrackingTheWorld exclusively specializes in GPS tracking software and tracking devices.   For more information on becoming a distributor, licensing the firm’s white label GPS tracking software, or to view GPS tracking devices, visit , email, or call 650-692-8100.  For a direct link to TrackingTheWorld’s distributor application, visit:

TrackingTheWorld recently launched a GPS tracking profit sharing program which allows GPS distributors to earn up to 40% profit on software subscriptions for GPS tracking devices.   With no cash investment, and earnings beginning with just 10 activated trackers, the new profit sharing program is a great way to begin 2012 with unlimited earning potential.

The first step for participation in TrackingTheWorld’s profit sharing program is to become a distributor of TrackingTheWorld GPS trackers and accessories.  To apply, click here:

For more details on our new profit sharing program for GPS tracking software subscriptions, click here:

For additional assistance, email

GPS Tracking Software

TrackingTheWorld, the World’s leader in GPS tracking, is currently seeking partnerships with vendors and distributors for the firm’s new profit sharing program which provides generous monthly recurring income opportunities based on activated software subscriptions. No cash investment is required.

The  plan begins with 25% profit sharing when a distributor reaches 10 activated  subscriptions, followed by 30% profits for distributors reaching 50-99 subscriptions,  35% profits for distributors reaching 100-199 subscriptions, and 40% profits for distributors reaching 200 or more activated subscriptions on TrackingTheWorld’s GPS tracking software platform.

All distributors have the opportunity to earn additional profit from GPS tracking hardware sales. Participants are not required to maintain a stock of GPS tracking devices.  Free drop shipping service is available for TrackingTheWorld hardware (actual shipping fees are the responsibility of the distributor), and white labeling options are available for qualified distributors.

TrackingTheWorld’s profit sharing program is also open to existing distributors and businesses desiring to earn more than their current profit sharing program offers.

The first step to qualify for TrackingTheWorld profit sharing is to submit a distributor application through the company’s website at Requirements for becoming a distributor include an approved website for selling GPS tracking equipment or other consumer electronics, and credit card processing capabilities.  Profit sharing is available only to U.S. distributors.

TrackingTheWorld maintains two subscription pricing options for distributors to offer their customers.  Subscriptions are priced at $39.95 per month and $59.95 per month, and continue until the customer cancels.  Subscriptions are billed in advance in three, six, or twelve month intervals.  Additional incentives are available for customers who wish to subscribe for longer periods.

Two Examples of Earning Potential with Profit Sharing from TrackingTheWorld:

A distributor with 1,500 activated trackers charging $39.95 per month for subscriptions would earn 40 percent profit, a total of $20,970 per month, or $251,640 per year.

Now, compare the same profit sharing example using our $59.95 subscription price:

A distributor with 1,500 activated trackers charging $59.95 per month for subscriptions would earn 40-percent profit, a total of $32,970 per month, or $395,640 per year.

For more information, visit, email, or call 650-692-8100.  Established in 2003, TrackingTheWorld is the World’s leader in GPS tracking equipment and software.   With an exclusive focus on GPS tracking, the company is globally-recognized as a foremost resource for GPS tracking solutions.  For a direct link to TrackingTheWorld’s Distributor Application, visit: