Start a GPS Tracking Business

TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking software offers versatility and reliability for both businesses and individuals.  Here are three favorite features of our GPS tracking software:

Detailed Satellite Mapping: TTW GPS tracking software is compatible with multiple mapping applications including Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Google Earth.   The software provides several viewing options, including 3-D mapping, bird’s eye view, and sattelite view.  TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking software also allows users to incorporate their own customized maps.

Geo-Fencing: TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking software allows users to set virtual boundaries for tracking both people and assets, including vehicles and equipment.  When a virtual boundary is crossed, the geo-fencing feature of the GPS tracking software immediately alerts selected cell phones.

Historical Data: TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking software provides historical data options, allowing users to generate customized reports based on the data reported by their GPS trackers.  This feature offers business owners greater efficiency in their daily business routines and reporting requirements.

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