GPS tracking for city buses

The use of GPS tracking for city bus systems is certainly on the rise.  City bus users in St. Albert in Alberta, Canada  now have the ability to monitor their city buses in real time via any electronic device with access to the Internet. The vehicle tracking technology allows users to view the location of their bus on a map through GPS tracking devices installed on every bus in the fleet.

The new GPS tracking system is designed to prevent long wait times, making the public transit system more friendly, and ultimately increase the number of patrons choosing to use public transportation.  Considering the popularity of smart phones, it estimated that nearly half of bus patrons will take advantage of the new real-time GPS tracking system.

The cost of adding customer-accessed real-time GPS tracking capabilities to the buses’ existing GPS tracking devices was approximately $100,000.  St. Albert is the sixth municipality in Canada to offer customers real time GPS tracking for a public transportation system.

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