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As car accidents remain the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, TrackingTheWorld is reminding parents of the benefits of GPS tracking devices to monitor teenage driving habits for both safety and peace of mind during prom and graduation season.

“Real time vehicle trackers allow parents to know where their teen’s vehicle is at all times, how fast it is moving, and even alert them to harsh driving such as sudden braking,” said Gilbert Walz, CEO of TrackingTheWorld, a firm exclusively specializing in tracking devices and GPS tracking software for more than 11-years.

For monitoring teenage drivers, TrackingTheWorld recommends its EnduroPro tracker, a compact real time tracking device which is easy to install and operate. The device can simply be placed in the vehicle’s glove compartment or under a seat, and can be magnetically mounted using TrackingTheWorld’s affordable MiniMag case.

With GPS tracking software services and an Internet connection, the EnduroPro also allows parents to create geo-fences, a set of pre-determined boundaries, for their teen.  If the vehicle moves outside of the boundary, the tracker will immediately transmit an alert notifying the parents via programmed cell phone numbers.  As added safety feature, the EnduroPro also comes equipped with a panic button which, when pressed, will automatically alert parents or other family members through a rapid series of location alerts, indicating that the teen needs emergency assistance.

Founded in 2003, TrackingTheWorld is based in Burlingame, California, and offers a broad selection of GPS tracking devices and accessories and tracking services.  For more information about GPS tracking systems for teenage drivers, or to purchase GPS trackers directly from TrackingTheWorld distributors, visit


GPS tracking teenage drivers

Want to know exactly when, where, and how fast your teenage son or daughter is driving the family car? With the safety of your child in the balance as well as the financial liability of having a teenager behind the wheel, this information could prove to be priceless for the safety and security of your family.

 Many parents now use GPS tracking devices to monitor the driving speeds and location of their teenagers. These GPS tracking devices are small, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install and operate. With a GPS tracker and your smart phone or laptop computer, you’ll have the ability to access real-time, detailed analysis of speed, location, and historical data, and receive instant alerts on deviation from specified routes, and crossing a specified perimeter.

 The value of tracking your teenage driver via GPS is immeasurable. With all the parental concerns that come with new drivers, knowing where they are and how they are driving is a sensible and smart parenting decision.

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