GPS tracking for kids

GPS tracking autism

The US federal government has recently released funding to aid in purchasing GPS trackers for autistic children at high risk for wandering away and becoming lost.  The average cost of GPS tracker for a child ranges from $80-$100 before the addition of data costs/subscriptions for monthly GPS tracking software service.

The release of federal GPS tracking funding comes on the heels of incidents where children have become lost by leaving their homes or their schools.  While some children are eventually found unharmed, other incidents have resulted in the deaths of children.  Autistic children can be easily sidetracked with curiosity or panic quickly in a new situation.  GPS tracking systems do not replace parental supervision but are a valuable extra layer of security when needed.

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Here on our GPS tracking blog, we’ve often discussed the benefits of GPS tracking systems for kids, including GPS tracking for teenage drivers, GPS tracking for school buses, and GPS tracking systems for child security.  According to a recent news article, daycares in Sweden are now utilizing GPS tracker devices for keeping track of students on outings.

Some of the GPS trackers used in Swededn are incorporated into special vests worn over each child’s clothing. The GPS tracking vests allow teachers to view all students on one screen and quickly be aware of students tempted to wander away from the group.

While some parents and other cite concerns of GPS tracking devices replacing staff members, daycares insist the GPS trackers are used as an added measure of security implemented in the best interest of the children.


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