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No More Lost Luggage?

Did you know that an average of 4 pieces of luggage are lost on every Boeing 747 flight?  That’s a lot of suitcases and it adds up to billions of dollars every year.  The Daily Mail Reports that Airbus has developed new smart luggage which includes a built-in satellite GPS tracker and a barcode display to both locate the luggage if lost, and identify the owners.  The system works with a smart phone app, which involves passengers sending their flight information to the airline, and the airline responding with a unique bar code for every piece of luggage–which then shows on the bar code display.


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Cemetery Robber Caught on Video

After visitors began complaining to a Sandusky, Ohio cemetery about items such as flowers, vases, and plants missing from graves, the Sandusky Police set a trap for the thieves by placing a GPS tracking device in a potted tree.  After about a week of surveillance, the thief was spotted on video stealing the tree.  Using the tracker and GPS tracking software, police were led to a home where multiple items such as urns, vases, and plants were found.





Here Kitty, Kitty

Ever wonder what your cat is up to when you’re away?  The BBC recently requested a study using GPS tracking collars and cameras to track the movements of 50 cats.  Results from the one week project showed that cats can be pretty sneaky, including one cat who entered his neighbor’s home through the cat door to steal cat food.



In the US alone, ground transportation represents a multi-billion dollar industry largely responsible for connecting consumers with the food, clothing, and goods Americans use every day.  In an industry where efficiency can mean the difference between success and failure, transportation providers depend on GPS tracking systems for effective fleet management. Below, we’ve outlined some of the ways tracking devices and GPS tracking software help transportation providers remain on the move.

Safety First

Perhaps one of the most costly components of the transportation industry, accidents and increasing insurance costs can take a big bite out of profits for any provider.   Fleet management with GPS tracking software allows dispatchers to monitor drivers for exhaustion and excessive speed.  In addition to protecting drivers, GPS trackers help transportation providers minimize accidents and, as a result, unnecessary insurance claims.

Customer Satisfaction

In a digital world, customers expect on-demand updates in just about every area of their lives from work to play. With GPS tracking software, transportation providers are able to provide to- the-minute updates for their customers, including estimated arrival times, possible delays, and more.

Fuel Savings

For a transportation providers, rising fuel costs represent a serious threat to profitability, and minimizing fuel consumption is paramount to success.  Tracking devices, and GPS tracking software give transportation providers the edge they need to get ahead of fuel costs, including monitoring driving habits and idle time, and establishing more efficient routes of travel.

GPS tracking for business

In today’s very competitive marketplace, the ability to operate efficiently can make a significant difference in any business’s ability to be successful.  As one of the most effective business tools available, GPS tracking software provides business owners added efficiency in a number ways.

Their Time Equals Your Money

The more your business can achieve in fewer hours, the more profitable and competitive it will be.  With GPS tracking software, dispatchers can easily save time and dollars by having the ability to see where every vehicle in your fleet is at any time—speeding up response times, and optimizing travel routes. Especially for service providers, the ability to make more calls in less time can greatly improve the productivity level of every work day.

Reporting Made Easy

GPS tracking software offers automated reporting options to both speed the pace of business and help you analyze where your money is going.  These reporting options include mileage tracking, monitoring idle time, and route playback.

Asset Protection

As mentioned in our previous post on GPS tracking for loss prevention, GPS tracking devices can greatly improve the chances of recovering stolen property without damage.   The devices, used with GPS tracking software, allow business owners to see the location of their assets, and notify authorities.


GPS Tracking Bracelet

The New Jersey Herald reports that Sussex County authorities are testing the use of GPS tracking ankle bracelets on screened non-violent offenders in an early release program as an effort to reduce costs such as housing and medical care for inmates.  According to the article, a second inmate is soon to be released on the program.  Using GPS tracking software authorities can monitor participants who are confined to their homes and immediate areas.  Authorities are testing the GPS tracking program in hopes that it will reduce the cost of housing inmates and providing medical care.


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A Kentucky van owner was recently able to direct authorities to the exact location of his stolen van and the ultimate recovery of thousands of dollars in stolen goods.   On Tuesday, April 2 Carrol County, Kentucky authorities were alerted that the van was missing.  With a GPS tracking device installed on the vehicle, the owner was able to utilize GPS tracking software to point authorities to its exact location–a nearby gas station.

The van was found to contain approximately $35,000 in stolen property, mostly items from a medical transportation company.  In addition to recovering the van and the stolen goods, two suspects were arrested.  Through the use of GPS tracking, not only did the owner recover his vehicle intact, the stolen goods will likely be returned to their owner.  Source:

GPS trackers and GPS tracking software offer business owners and individuals an affordable option for tracking the exact location of their assets, including fleet vehicles, personal vehicles, retail shipments and more.   For more information on GPS tracking software, including starting your own GPS tracking software business with unlimited earning potential, visit or call 650-692-8100.





In the past we’ve written about GPS tracking for elderly individuals, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Not only do GPS trackers offer peace of mind for family members, but most importantly they offer a greater level of security for the loved one.  With GPS tracking software, it’s possible to know the exact location of the person wearing the GPS tracker at any time–day or night.

Today, we’d like to remind our readers that GPS trackers and GPS tracking software also provide added safety for children- especially those with disabilities.  While some parents choose GPS trackers that can be tossed in a backpack or worn on the waist, another option, particularly for at risk children, is a GPS tracker enclosed in an ankle case.  Discreetly hidden under the pants leg, an ankle bracelet GPS tracker is more likely to remain with the child at all times rather than a tracker stashed in a backpack.  In the event of an emergency, parents could track the exact location of their child using GPS tracking software, or even set up automated cell phone alerts when the tracker crosses a specific boundary.

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Here’s another example of GPS tracking technology used to quickly return stolen property.  A woman vacationing in Florida recently used the GPS tracking app on her iPad to find it after it was allegedly stolen by an employee at the hotel where she was staying.

The GPS tracking app located the iPad and emailed its location to the iPad owner.  After contacting police, the iPad was quickly retrieved unharmed from the posession of a hotel employee who claims she took the iPad home with her because it was too valuable a device to leave at the front desk.  The employee is charged with grand theft.

In addition to GPS tracking apps, GPS trackers offer a sensible solution for protecting personal property, including GPS trackers for vehicles, machinery, and personal protection.


We’ve written several times in the last year about cities around the world utilizing GPS tracking devices to improve their public transportation systems.

Our latest news find on the topic details a GPS tracking initiative for public transportation GPS trackers in Pullman, WA as a result of a stimulus grant which will also fund the purchase of a camera for each bus.

The GPS tracking system is currently in testing, and is expected to be available to patrons in 2012.



GPS Tracking Software

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