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No More Lost Luggage?

Did you know that an average of 4 pieces of luggage are lost on every Boeing 747 flight?  That’s a lot of suitcases and it adds up to billions of dollars every year.  The Daily Mail Reports that Airbus has developed new smart luggage which includes a built-in satellite GPS tracker and a barcode display to both locate the luggage if lost, and identify the owners.  The system works with a smart phone app, which involves passengers sending their flight information to the airline, and the airline responding with a unique bar code for every piece of luggage–which then shows on the bar code display.


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Cemetery Robber Caught on Video

After visitors began complaining to a Sandusky, Ohio cemetery about items such as flowers, vases, and plants missing from graves, the Sandusky Police set a trap for the thieves by placing a GPS tracking device in a potted tree.  After about a week of surveillance, the thief was spotted on video stealing the tree.  Using the tracker and GPS tracking software, police were led to a home where multiple items such as urns, vases, and plants were found.





Here Kitty, Kitty

Ever wonder what your cat is up to when you’re away?  The BBC recently requested a study using GPS tracking collars and cameras to track the movements of 50 cats.  Results from the one week project showed that cats can be pretty sneaky, including one cat who entered his neighbor’s home through the cat door to steal cat food.


Here’s a great GPS tracking news story for Friday…  A Michigan Rite Aid Clerk managed to slip a GPS tracking device into the pillow case a robber was using as a loot bag.  As she filled the pillow case with $5,000 in cash from the store’s safe at the robber’s demand, the clerk dropped the device into the bag.  Shortly after leaving the store, the GPS unit was activated, leading authorities to the suspect and his alleged getaway driver. Both were arrested, and cash totaling $4900 was recovered.


Here’s another GPS tracking news story from our archives: Tracking Eagles with GPS tracking software.




GPS tracking systems are proving to be beneficial to the environment through their help in exposing and preventing  illegal garbage dumping.  The following details GPS tracking systems installed in garbage trucks in Abu Dhabi.

About 85-percent of garbage collection trucks in Abu Dhabi emirate are equipped with GPS tracking transmitters. It seems that the simple addition of a GPS tracking systems has resulted in  radical, and much improved, changes in
the amount of waste that is dumped at improper locations.

Before the installation of the GPS tracking systems,  illegal
dumping was a serious issue, including complaints about collection trucks dumping sewage water into deserts in the
Western Region.  This dumping was a serious problem, as it was contaminating local farms.

It is reported that the GPS tracking systems have significantly recucedthe number of complaints within the area.


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TrackingTheWorld's OFT-210 GPS Tracking System

OFT-210 Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracking System

 It’s time for the May issue of GPS Tracking in the News!  As always, we’ve been looking for great news stories about how GPS tracking systems are being used everyday by businesses, municipalities, and individuals around the world.   Here are our top choices for May 2011.

GPS Tracking Devices for Domestic Violence Prevention:  High Tech Alternative to a Restraining order?

Dutchess County New York is launching a test plan to utilize GPS trackers as a tool in preventing domestic violence.   Repeat offenders and their victims will receive courtesy GPS trackers to track their movements.   When the offender reaches a point deemed to be too close to the victim, both the victim and police are notified.  The county implemented the program as a result of experiencing 4 domestic violence related homicides in less than a year.  We’re wondering if the offenders will wear ankle bracelet GPS trackers similar to our OFT-210 tracker.  Source:

Offender Removes Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker

Police in Bakersfield, CA have alerted the public that a convicted sex offender has removed her GPS tracking ankle bracelet in an apparent attempt to flee.  For situations involving home-based detainees, TrackingTheWorld recommends the OFT-210 anklet GPS tracker.  It uses fiber optics to prevent false connections, comes equipped with a backup battery, and is equipped with an automated tampering alert. Source:

Michigan Kids Launch Weather Balloon Equipped with GPS Tracking Phone and Camera: 

Twin brothers in Michigan managed to get their whole school involved in a weather balloon launch designed to track and view the balloon’s journey through the use of a GPS tracker and a video camera mounted on the bottom of the balloon.  After some trial and error, the balloon was launched and later found in a field.  Source:

Warrantless GPS Tracking Debate Continues

The Obama administration is pushing  for warrantless GPS tracking by law enforcement, and has asked the Supreme Court to review the case of an individual whose case was thrown out of court due to warrantless GPS tracking. Proponents of warrantless GPS tracking are carefully following this legal development.  Source:

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