GPS Tracking and Kids

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As we have mentioned before, the GPS tracking industry continues to grow rapidly.  We just found a new CBS report that profiles some of the ways individuals and businesses are using tracking devices and GPS tracking software to their advantage.   Here are just a few mentioned in the article, plus some of our own:

Read the entire CBS report on GPS tracking.

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Correctional  News is reporting an increase in the number of paroled SC offenders tracked via GPS.  Numbers are up from 400 tracked offenders in 2011 to 600 tracked offenders in 2013, all of whom must pay a weekly $40 fee for tracking.  The report states that most of South Carolina’s tracked parolees are sex offenders, citing the state’s passing of Jessica’s Law in 2006 which mandates GPS tracking of specified sex offenders based on their crimes against minors.  The state employs 160 individuals to monitor the tracking devices via GPS tracking software, respond to violations, and make home visits if necessary.

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Teachers in one Texas school district will soon be receiving GPS tracking necklaces in an initiative aimed at improving school safety, according Dallas Observer blog.  According to the report, Carroll ISD teachers will receive GPS tracking devices equipped with panic buttons allowing them to more quickly summon help in the event of an emergency.  The district ordered 100 of the GPS trackers which are programmed to alert help with the location and a photo of the wearer when the emergency feature is activated.

In the past we’ve written about GPS tracking for elderly individuals, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Not only do GPS trackers offer peace of mind for family members, but most importantly they offer a greater level of security for the loved one.  With GPS tracking software, it’s possible to know the exact location of the person wearing the GPS tracker at any time–day or night.

Today, we’d like to remind our readers that GPS trackers and GPS tracking software also provide added safety for children- especially those with disabilities.  While some parents choose GPS trackers that can be tossed in a backpack or worn on the waist, another option, particularly for at risk children, is a GPS tracker enclosed in an ankle case.  Discreetly hidden under the pants leg, an ankle bracelet GPS tracker is more likely to remain with the child at all times rather than a tracker stashed in a backpack.  In the event of an emergency, parents could track the exact location of their child using GPS tracking software, or even set up automated cell phone alerts when the tracker crosses a specific boundary.

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Looks like Willy Wonka has abandoned golden tickets in favor of GPS trackers.  Nestle has randomly placed GPS devices in chocolate bars distributed in the UK to locate prize winners, including a grand prize of approximately $16,000. 

With possible placements in Kit-Kat, Yorkie and Aero bars, the GPS tracking chips are programmed to activate when the packages are opened.   Upon activation, the winner will be located and awarded his or her prize.  

According to some reports, contest progress and results can be tracked via smart phone using NFC and QR codes.  For the full story, and a look at a commercial spot for the GPS tracking candy promotion, check out the following source:

GPS tracking via ankle bracelets is now in use in Yakima, Washington to track juvenile offenders.   According to a recent report, GPS tracking of juvenile offenders costs  around $5 per day while housing the juveniles in a space-limited facility costs around $160.  In addition, officials don’t want to let juveniles off the hook due to limited space in  holding facilities.  Currently 6 GPS tracker ankle bracelet devices are in use.  Officials report plans to purchase additional GPS tracking units based on the results of the first 6.


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Increased traffic and the overall safety of children on Halloween night is always a challenge for parents,  but can be dramatically improved through the use of a GPS tracker.  Tossing a GPS tracking device in any Trick-or-Treat bag coupled with the use of GPS tracking software gives parents the abilitiy to set boundaries for their older Trick-or-Treaters and pinpoint their exact locations at any time.

For younger ghouls and goblins, GPS tracking systems act as an additional safety measure in case  parents become accidentally separated from their child, and can be programmed to send an alert if  a child leaves a predetermined area.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Does GPS tracking teenage drivers really make them better drivers?  According to a recent study, the answer is YES.  While some parents may feel awkward  using GPS tracking to monitor their child’s driving habits, it
turns out that use of GPS tracking devices do, in fact, improve teen driving habits–especially if the teenage driver is aware that there is a GPS tracker in his or her vehicle.

A new study released by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety showed that
when teens know that their driving was being monitored by their parents they
perform better behind the wheel than their non-monitored counterparts.


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Here on our GPS tracking blog, we’ve often discussed the benefits of GPS tracking systems for kids, including GPS tracking for teenage drivers, GPS tracking for school buses, and GPS tracking systems for child security.  According to a recent news article, daycares in Sweden are now utilizing GPS tracker devices for keeping track of students on outings.

Some of the GPS trackers used in Swededn are incorporated into special vests worn over each child’s clothing. The GPS tracking vests allow teachers to view all students on one screen and quickly be aware of students tempted to wander away from the group.

While some parents and other cite concerns of GPS tracking devices replacing staff members, daycares insist the GPS trackers are used as an added measure of security implemented in the best interest of the children.


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GPS tracking systems are used for a variety of personal and business uses. Here are just a few ideas for taking advandage of today’s GPS tracking technology.

1. Outdoor Sports–  What a better way to safely enjoy the beauty
of the outdoors than with the security of a GPS tracking system?  Allow family members to track your hiking or
biking excursion with GPS tracking software, and rest assured knowing that you
can be easily located in the event of an emergency.

2. Impress Your Customers– In today’s world of e-commerce and wireless technology,
consumers have come to expect instant access to the information they want and
need.  GPS tracking systems used to track your customers’ deliveries can help you provide them with better customer
service, and keep them coming back time and time again.

3. Track a Teen
Want to know if “Junior” is really “studying at the library”?  Parents are using GPS tracking devices to
monitor the driving speeds, and location of their teenagers.

4. Catch a Thief

Protect your business or home by attaching GPS tracking systems to your valuables such
as heavy equipment, lawn mowers, and automobiles.

5. Track Employees
Want to know if your drivers are effectively managing their time, obeying the
rules of the road, or abusing the use of company vehicles?  A GPS tracking system and GPS tracking
software can quickly give you the answers you need to operate your business as
efficiently as possible.

6. Protect a Child- Portable GPS tracking devices are
widely used as an added safety measure for quickly locating children in the
event of an emergency, and prevent them from becoming the targets of crime.